1520mm x 1900mm

Saturday, 25 February 2012

That's the size of my Queen-sized Sealy.

I was glad my Mum insisted that we spend that little bit extra on a Sealy posturepedic mattress, for ever since I had the mattress changed, I woke up fresh, with a painless back, neck and generally recharged. (Unless I was out drinking the night before, the after effects would not be erased by any type of sleeping mode!)

Prior to knowing DaddyMoo, getting hitched and becoming a family, I thought having a sunken bed with a platform around it is the best solution to my laziness. It eliminates the need for a bedside table, and it gives me space to place my laptop on flat ground, space for current books being read, steaming mugs of tea, and containers filled with titbits, chips and gummies.

When we got married, the extra 50cm of platform round the bed was shared by two. I bemoaned was more than happy to give up half of the space for his Macbook, gadgets, mugs and containers of bak kwa.

We watched the entire 6 seasons of NCIS in 5 nights on the laptop perched on that platform, sprawled on our stomachs, huddled together, until my back almost gave out. It was also an additional resting place for our legs (DaddyMoo and I aren't very short people, so an additional bed space is always welcome!). I daresay that it also saved me from falling on the granite floor, on numerous occasions when used as I was to having the entire bed all to myself, whilst I was doing my 'sleep cartwheels' round the bed, I had to manoeuvre my sleeping self to an unoccupied space.

It's also proven to come in extremely handy, now that our little 'King' is intent on taking over our Queen.

With the amount of cartwheeling, fist slamming and kungfu kicks at ungodly hours... we contemplated getting a larger mattress - only that the platform (which has served me well!) is boxed and made to fit only a Queen sized one. Dismantling the platform will involve an entire overhaul of half the room.

The next logical thing to do, is to move BabyMoo to his own cot, just next to our bed...
But that's another story altogether.

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