"What a child doesn’t receive, he can seldom later give"

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My beloved son was born on 6th of January 2011.

This is how it usually goes: When people see two individuals get together and enjoy being together, they ask when is the big day. You get married, and people ask when you're going to complete the family. You get one, they ask when you would have another.

I take BabyMoo as a gift, given that we weren't planning for a baby and we were not in a rush to have one. When he unexpectedly popped by, it was a period of transition, of discovery, and of joy.

I've never been the most maternal of women, and somehow, unlike most other women, I've never hankered for marriage, complete with an X number of kids to complete the house and home. I've always been content to live each day as it comes, and enjoy every second of what life has to offer.

It all changed when BabyMoo came into our lives.

8 days old

I worried about being a good mother. I wondered about parenting methods. I thought long and hard about how best to complete the experience. Most of all, I wanted the best for him. My life, slowly but surely, changed. It wasn't so much of changing to accomodate baby, changes just happen as we work our way around the new addition.

Sure... I had my meltdown moments, when his incessant wailing drove me to the edge - not knowing what to do, how to handle it, and how to make him stop. I had my proud Mummy moments, when I discovered that he's able to do something new each passing day. I had weird arguments with the husband, holding onto a crying baby refusing to calm down. But I've never felt more blessed... for in this crazy world, for all the wrongs I've done, I must have done something right to deserve my son.

5 months old

After some time, I stopped worrying about milestones, and of trying to do everything right. I discovered that I have so much to give... and my baby learns from me. When I stopped worrying about developmental milestones and accepted that he will do everything in his own time, I could concentrate on being a better parent.

We sing together... off-key, but always rewarded with a loud, guttural laugh
from a bemused baby.
We dance together... at shopping malls, stores, and restaurants with music,
creating amused smiles from everyone around us.
We talk to each other... me in my grown up way, and BabyMoo in his Unhs... and Arrrghs.
We sleep wrapped in each other's arms, they way he (and I) like it.

He reaches out to me when he needs comfort, needs food, needs milk, or is sleepy. He looks for Daddy when he wants to play big boy games. He turns to Grandma(s) when Daddy scolds him for being naughty... and always looks forward to playing with other kids. He's a sociable boy, but an extremely sensitive, mellow soul.

Undoubtedly, there will be problems he would face in life, and I hope that if and when that time comes, I will be able to still give him the measure of comfort and solace that he turns to me for now.

Every day since hecame into our lives, I am constantly amazed at the little person who has filled our lives with so much fun, and taken us on a roller coaster journey that only parents will understand.

One year old!

I won't aspire to be the best parent there is, and I don't need to have a son who goes ahead of his peers in everything that he does. I don't care for a child who is a super achiever, yet is insensitive to the situations and people around him. I wouldn't push him to like things which he doesn't take a fancy to, just because it's 'important' to have a well-rounded lifestyle.

But I will teach him LOVE.
Of which there are all kinds, and is the most complex of human emotions.

I pray that his life will be filled with joy, love and meaning... and through his trial and tribulations, he will always remember to give others what we try so hard to give him.

I feel gratitude for these 13 months since our little family became 3, and I await with joyful anticipation for more happiness to come.

To our little boy, thank you for making our lives complete.


  1. Love the sweet notes:), the joy realisation of a mother:).

  2. Eh what's this? WHAT. IS. THIS?! Who say you can look so glam while having a baby carrier strapped to your waist? Who!? It's not allowed!

    (This is Adora, from the year 2014 by the way)

    1. HA!! Adora from the year 2014 - you are too kind! Must live up to the image mah! :D

  3. Hihi! Here's popping by from the future. Helloo! Beautiful and lovely child! May you continue to go in stature and abundant love ;)



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