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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This post is inspired by Emily over at Our Little Smarties

It's been said that we can almost always tell a person's character simply by looking into the items in their bags. Our bags can be extensions of ourselves, and reflect on our personalities and preferences, documented in the things we choose to carry. I've seen messy bags, organised ones, a mini pharmacy / office / stationery shop / cosmetics counter / convenience store in a bag carried by individuals who are true to form.

I've never liked to carry bags; be it handbags, sling bags, backpacks or pouches. I find it a hassle, and on weekends, I used to just bring some cash, one debit card (so that I can also withdraw cash in emergencies), mobile and my trusty Nivea Lip Balm in my pockets. If I'm wearing a dress without any pockets, my then boyfriend (now long suffering husband) will usually be tasked to carry the bare necessities.

When I really have to carry a bag, chances are it will be my 20cm x 15cm sling bag - which will conveniently be shoved into a shopping bag if I purchase anything. Needless to say, cocktail bags are practically useless to me, and I chose to not carry any since the one time when I forgot to retrieve it off the counter at the ladies!

Then I became a full-fledged Auntie Mummy. So... like it or not, carrying a bag became more a necessity than a requirement. However, I still managed to get away with not carrying a bag on weekends because everything goes into a backpack diaper bag, which of course the husband carries - since I carry the bub, and I'm of the weaker sex :)

I do carry an every day bag now, though - because I discovered that I suddenly needed to carry more 'necessities' daily (just in case!), which does not involve baby's stuff. My bag has also increased in size to accommodate these items, but I still don't carry a lot of things that most women have in their bags as their barest essentials.

8 Things in My Bag

(As Emily mentioned, the people who are featured in The Straits Times' Urban page '8 Things In His / Her Bag' are celebrities and models, and since I'm none of those - I'll just feature myself here.)

8 things in my bag.

The hubs purchased this "Frida" bag from Furla for me almost 2 years ago, to celebrate our pregnancy. I love that the hobo keeps its shape with 2 items or 20 items in it. It also goes with casual or semi-formal wear, and its' python skin design is unique. I don't really dig monogram bags - and prefer to have my bags very simple and understated.

8 Things in my bag, de-constructed.

1. James Patterson's "Now You See Her"

My current read, purchased last Saturday, which I have yet to start on because I am always busy drawing something during my free time now :D I've always been an avid reader, and would prefer getting books instead of toys. I still remember Mum refused to get me more books after the 3rd bookcase, nagging at me to go to the library instead. I hated library books in those days - because they were dog-eared, dirty, had pages missing, and always came with a funky, musty smell. She offered to buy me Barbie Dolls (!!!) instead, which I 'graciously' declined.

Parents!! There is no pleasing them. *looks at self furtively*

2. Pashmina wrap in choke cherry red

I get cold very easily, and this wrap comes in useful for chilly days or in cabs reminiscent of a mini walk-in freezer. It also doubles up as a light blanket for BabyMoo when the weather gets too cold, on our way to and fro my in-laws'.

3. Samsung Ace

Not a fan of the iPhone, so I got this instead. Battered and scratched, courtesy of BabyMoo practising his shot putting skills - but still works marvellously.

4. Furla wallet

5 years old, and none the worse for wear. Compact yet holds a great deal of things - from cash, credit cards, discount cards, membership cards, appointment cards and loose change. I don't like long wallets because it can be cumbersome and wouldn't fit into my other bags! Plus I have a tendency to need to equip long wallets with crisp notes... and would withdraw more cash (thus spending more) than necessary. Psychological issues!

5. House / Office keys with a de-constructed Mickey. 

I suspect I have the mind of a serial killer. I love Mickey's torso, head and legs hanging separately on the key chain. Mum bought this for me from Svarowski 7 years ago, when we moved to our new house. It holds the house / room keys, as well as my office key. 

6. Card reader

Purchased for $5.00 at an 'Ah-Boy' shop. They only have it in pink (and as much as I hate pink, it would have to do). I use it to transfer pics from the camera to my laptop / computer.

7. Sony DSC WX-7

The husband bought this when he thought he misplaced my previous Canon Ixus. We found the Ixus immediately after he got this for me. I use the camera to photograph BabyMoo antics and in various states of growing up. This camera goes everywhere with me... because I suddenly discovered I love to take photos of that one particular subject of mine! Most of the photos in this blog is taken using this camera.

8. Make-up pouch

This Kipling pouch is ten years old - and I love that it can be thrown into the washing machine as and when it gets dirty. It holds a lipstick, lip balm, mascara, compact powder, a butterfly clip and some Panadol.

Just realised that I don't have tissue packs or wet wipes in this bag. I don't know why... but every time I diligently put one in my bag, I will never remember to replace it once that pack's used up. On weekends, those items are in the diaper bag because they are essentials when we're out with the bub!

I also have this Sophie keychain won in some contest - hanging off my bag. BabyMoo loves to play tug with it, but he hates the original-sized Sophie teether. It always reminds me of him... and when I'm at work, I tend to look at it often as my source of comfort.

What's in YOUR bag?
Busybody me wants to know!
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  1. I swap from my backpack to a slouchy tote from time to time, both my go to bags :D And I always make sure either have:

    1. Lipbalm
    2. Tissue
    3. Tampons/pads
    4. Keys
    5. Phone
    6. Wallet
    7. Lipstick/stain/gloss

    Boring things... :D

    1. Wait till you have a bub.

      It becomes exciting :D

  2. Urm... I have some embarrassing things in my bag, like wrappers and random dried leaves and twigs! And Layla's ballet slippers, because I always forget to slip them in for her ballet class!

    1. It's wonderful how the kids' stuff gets included... They've officially taken over our lives. :)

  3. I have EVERYTHING in my diaper bag! From plasters to scissors to extra clothes, extra diapers, socks (in case she wants to play in a play gym) to lip gloss to mosquito repellent & sunscreen! It's no wonder the hubby always complains my bag is heavy but when u need it I have it so he stops grumbling so much nowadays! Haha

    1. I also have everything in the diaper bag... including lotion, powder - even a small comb!

      But that diaper bag is carried by Daddy... :D

  4. My own bag (when I go out alone) has these must-have stuff:
    - wallet, keys, tissue
    - bottle of water (too much aircon dries throat)
    -scarf (on cold days)
    -olympus ep1 (when visiting nice cafes)
    -ipad (to kill long waiting/travelling time)
    -snacks (if I have too much at home that I can't finish) :p

    1. I really must drink more water. I absolutely loath to drink plain water, even though my husband has been nagging me forever!

      Now BabyMoo also takes after Mummy...and I force him to drink! I sometimes feel bad about practising double standards. Haha...

    2. Same here about plain water.. sometimes I will add green tea or other flavoured drinks into it :)

  5. I thought my list was going to be a really short one, but when they're listed like this, it apparently is longer than I expected. No wonder my bag is always stuffed.

    1. wallet
    2. keys (house, car, houseshed, bike, (car) skibox)
    3. phone
    4. compact camera
    5. lozenges
    6. pen
    7. agenda
    8. wetwipes
    9. diapers (if the 'baby' is with me; am so glad we're no longer lugging the diaper bag since she was 2,5 *bliss*)

    <3 Mammaviv

  6. Lets see my list goes like this
    - wallet
    - name card holder which doubles up as EZ link card holder
    - diary to record my appt which doubles up as a food diary
    - panadol
    - lip balm and 2 lipsticks
    - portable hp charger
    - tiger balm (super auntie but oh so effective when I have headaches)
    - staff pass to get into the office!

    1. Tiger Balm... I agree it works! But it leaves 'black spots' on BabyMoo's mosquito bites - when I tried it last :D

      Kena scolding from my MIL after. "Too strong lah, girl!!"

      Pssst... I also have a Vicks inhaler in my make-up pouch. THE quintessential ah-beng accessory!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Let me guess. It must be a different bag now..since we are more than 1 year from the last time u post this :P I see some similarities in your bag with mine -hairclip, lip balm, lip stick and hobo *slouchy' bag! I got no compact powder and mascara though, cos I am still rather lazy with my face. You forgot the sunglasses :P

    1. Hahahhaha!! Yah! Different bag. And this was when I was still cabbing everywhere, and thus had no need for sunglasses since it's hop off cab and into the office, then by the time I'm done, no more sun!

  9. I'm not a fan of the iPhone either!



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