Cleansing and Rebirth

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BabyMoo got baptised yesterday.

When I got married to DaddyMoo, I did so on the full awareness that should we have children, they will be brought up in the Catholic Christian Faith, which was part of the conditions stated upon marrying in Church.

I am not baptised as a Catholic, but I grew up amongst Aunts and Uncles who are staunch Catholics, so going to and being in Church is not a new thing for me. DaddyMoo has never forced me to go with him to Church throughout the entire time that we were going out (pre-marriage and post-marriage) but after some time, it seems entirely natural that I be with him for Mass on weekends.

When BabyMoo was born, I enquired about the Baptism ritual as required for newborns, but DaddyMoo told me that he would prefer that the rite be done only when the bub is slightly older, and would therefore understand more of its significance.

We will never try to impose any manner of lifestyle or religion on our kid, so in the fervent hope that he will grow up to be a morally aware (upright is too strong a word!) person, we will always try to educate and introduce, but the choice will be entirely up to him. Baptism does not equal conversion, it signifies it; it proclaims it, but it does not achieve it.

It was fine until of course, Grand Aunts, Grand Uncles, Aunts and Uncles started pressurising us to. Baby's grandparents leave the decision up to us, but after awhile, we decided that we will go ahead with the baptism because the ritual simply signifies cleansing and rebirth as a child of Christ, and a confirmation of going into the Faith will only take place much much later. Their questions did not have much bearing on our decision, we simply felt that since BabyMoo has gone with us to church every single week since he was 3 months old (except when he is unwell), we might as well go with the flow.

So at 14 months, BabyMoo has an Uncle that he will call Godpa from now on, and is welcomed in the Kingdom of God.

1st rite

2nd rite

3rd rite

Happy bub!

Guardianship candle

At the end of it all, what BabyMoo really wanted to do is explore the Church surroundings!


  1. Congratulations and welcome to the Catholic family, BabyMoo :)

    Although Norway is a lutheran state, we have baptized our children Catholic. Just like MammaViv :)

    1. Thanks, Auntie Viv!

      Mummy says I'm free to choose after I turn 18 :)



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