Let's do the Hokey Pokey!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flurry of activities over the weekend, glad that BabyMoo was on his best behaviour.

Dropped by Suntec City yesterday afternoon... in the hope that the place will not be too swamped with bargain hunters from the IT fair. Needed to get some stuff from one of the shops there.

It wasn't too crowded, but I'd like to think that the hubs and I have kind of mastered the technique of manoeuvring stroller, baby and shopping bags through crowds in the most efficient way. 

Walking through the 3rd floor of the mall, we happened to stumble on a mini gym of sorts which was holding its soft opening yesterday afternoon itself. Now all parents will attest to this desire to check out any kid activity centre the moment we have a young one to entertain - and so, we decided to have a look at the place. (Actually BabyMoo was the one who alerted us to it, pointing excitedly at the balloons adorning the entrance)

"Hokey Pokey" - cute logo, albeit done in pastel colours.

It was a mini gym, complete with ball pools, playhouses, kitchenettes, tunnels and padded stairs. The staff explained that they have just opened on that very afternoon, and gave us a comprehensive explanation of the charges and usage of facilities. Very friendly young staff, enthusiastic, and made us feel totally at ease. Best of all - they are young Singaporeans who gave me a feeling that they genuinely love what they do.

I love the concept of the mini gym as they are targeted for kids from 6 mths - 6 years, unlike most which are catered to the older kids. At the risk of sounding like a pedantic, worrisome parent, I have yet to bring BabyMoo to Polliwogs, SingKids or the many activity centres as I would prefer him to be stable on his feet and thus be more prepared to play with the older children on the respective play stations. 

BabyMoo is a constant bundle of activity, and he absolutely loves to explore. He climbs up and down everything - and prefers to do so unaided. We signed him up for a term at The Little Gym when he was 7 mths old, and he thoroughly enjoyed his weekly play time there even though at that age, he was less mobile than he is now.

When BabyMoo saw the expanse of space and multitude of paraphernalia at Hokey Pokey, he was enthralled. He kept on wriggling and trying to squirm his way out of my arms, while we were still trying to find out about fees and facilities!

It was quite a good deal, so we signed up.
$15 for a 2-hr play on weekends, and $15 for unlimited time on weekdays (you can even stop halfway for lunch or dinner and come back after) with membership.

Temperature check, hand and feet check, socks worn - and DaddyMoo accompanied him in. He had an absolute blast for the 15 minutes trial session that we were there. He was free to explore, climb, and wandered around on his own trying out all the different toys lining the walls. We would have stayed longer if we weren't rushing for evening mass... but I was extremely pleased with the accidental find.

BabyMoo in his ball pool

Only snag is, they did not seem to have a proper system in place as yet. I would attribute it to them being new, and hope that a more fixed system will be incorporated to ensure that there is a clear distinction between signing up for a membership and otherwise. They did not issue any member cards or MemberID. All they did was take down the parent's particulars and take a Polaroid picture of baby. (huh? Baby's faces change faster than we can change their diapers!)

When DaddyMoo asked about the procedure for future visits, he was informed that he should just let them know of baby's name, and they would retrieve the membership accordingly. We were puzzled. 50 members, 500 members, maybe even up to a 1,000 members can be done this way - but we hope that they will be able to handle it when membership hits 5,000 or more! Perhaps a more sophisticated system lie in wait after the waters are tested?

We're looking forward to bringing BabyMoo there for play soon. They have a team of young, energetic staff who are pleasant. If it wasn't for this particular aspect of service, perhaps we may have thought twice about signing up. Moreover, the play area itself caters largely to kids of his age range, and we can leave him to his own devices in a 'safer' environment, at least until he's slightly older. 

BabyMoo had lots of fun, and was a happy, smiling baby. The nice people at Hokey Pokey gave him organic puffs and 2 sticker panels on top of a goody bag filled with organic raisins, lollypop, gummy bears and a box of crayons.

Goody bag filled with organic munchies

BabyMoo enjoyed flirting with all the jie-jies there, too... and was his more than usual charming self. 


Hokey Pokey has moved to:

9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk #02-42/43/44/45
Singapore 039596

** DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated to the management of Hokey Pokey or have been paid to blog about this place. This is a blog mention in the hope that more parents will be made aware, and their children will then be able to enjoy its facilities. We paid for our own membership, too :)


  1. Oh, so interesting! I work in Suntec, and would lurve to bring my boys over there for a spin one day soon. Thanks for the heads-up! ;)

  2. Hi, dropping by from the Singapore Mom's blogger group :)
    This sure looks like a place that my daughter will love. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Ladies!

    Pleasure :) Hope your children will have as much fun there as mine did!

  4. Hey, was linked up from Sg mom bloggers. My 23 month old hasn't been to any play-gym before and I've been wanting to do so for her. Read your entry and decided this shall be it! Am gonna bring her later on! Thanks for the sharing! :)

    1. Hi ya!

      Do let me know how it goes... I'm sure she would have lots of fun!

      More pictures here:




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