A moment in my tummy...
and a lifetime in my heart.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Nothing really prepared me for the complete lifestyle overhaul which came along with becoming a mother. I suppose no matter how in-depth are the stories which other parents regale us with regarding their parenting experiences, we can't really know the true extent of it until we experience it ourselves.

I had BabyMoo at a later age as compared to many other women, and whilst there were of course, certain concerns of complications and difficulties which entail having a child after the so-called 'recommended age window', I was blessed with a very easy pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby. Passed the dreaded OSCAR test with flying colours - I remember the feeling of elation, which can never be compared to passing previous educational examinations in any form! I opted out of the amniocentesis test based on the results of the 20th week scans, and waited for the arrival of the baby with a smile.

On hindsight, I'm not sure if it was the bliss of ignorance or the fact that I did not think of asking or googling around regarding the do's and don'ts of pregnancy which made me think that growing a baby wasn't all too difficult after all. I ate what I wanted, I was still involved operationally at work (although my ground staff were more worried than I was - they refused to let me help out with menial stuff no matter how busy the situation was) and I sometimes forgot that I was pregnant during the first 6 months! Apart from the usual bloatedness and butterfly flutters, BabyMoo was perhaps content with getting used to the hullabaloo surrounding him constantly, for he did not bother to constantly remind me that he's in there. He didn't even bother protruding out too much until I was in my 25th week of pregnancy. I just looked and felt fat - which is good or bad, depending on how we choose to view it.

35 weeks

Perhaps it was also the constant activity at work that prevented me from feeling the fatigue of pregnancy. I know I slept earlier than usual after I come home from work, and I had aversions to foods which I previously loved. I ate burgers, potatoes (I couldn't get enough of potatoes in any form!), Subway sandwiches, steaks and pork. All meaty stuff, the husband's favourite, but not usual food options for me. No morning, afternoon or night sickness - and it took all of my willpower not to overeat. I went about my business as usual, apart from the slight adjustments which came about while I was growing the baby. The heels went down 2 inches, I ate my steaks medium instead of extremely rare, I went to Japanese restaurants and ordered cooked food! Those were pretty much the exceptions which I made, which came about due to the advice of my gynae, who mentioned that 'being pregnant is not something to dread, it is something to savour and enjoy. Eat what you want, whenever you feel like it, as long as its in moderation!'

Did I mention I love my gynaecologist? She is the only doctor which I went to (and I went to 4 before I felt comfortable!) who made me feel that there should be nothing to worry about, and the happier we are, the happier the bub will be. She did not tell me not to do this and that and watch the scales like a hawk, the way 2 of the previous doctors did (thinking about those made me angry all over again - they made me feel so upset and attempt to stop eating, which made my husband mad... but that's a story for another day)

Dr Choo with my Mum and MIL just after BabyMoo is out
(the Bottega is much cooler when carried with scrubs!)

I opted for elective C-Sect with GA because I'm such a wuss, and I'm truly glad that I have my entire family's support on this, including my in-laws. They mentioned to do what I feel comfortable with, and as long as baby and mummy is fine - that's all that matters. the husband and I don't think that parental bond is reduced or compromised should there be a change in delivery method, for we believe that parent-child relations are strengthened through love, care, communication and understanding on a daily basis. It was fortunate that we opted for this method of delivery, for after the entire procedure, Dr. Choo mentioned that there was no way BabyMoo would have been able to arrive safely through normal delivery. He was engaged, but he was way up high near my ribs, and since I have a long torso, she even had to use forceps via Caesarian! 

Horror stories abound regarding C-Sect deliveries... but I'm glad that I have none to contribute. I was off painkillers on the very night itself, and was walking around on the 2nd day. I even went downstairs to have BabyMoo's BC arranged. Everyone around me was more worried than I was, and although I did take extra care not to walk in my usual 'samseng' way - I didn't feel discomfort or pain at all. It was just like a healing wound, smarted a little with a dull ache at times.

Then came the sleep-deprived days and nights.
Then the waves of immeasurable love, the kind that I never knew existed.
...and Motherhood truly begins.


  1. First time to your blog... and I well... I love that Bottega (best to get that out of the way)... but also your uber cute bouncy boy! It's great to hear your pregnancy went so well and motherhood is well underway! ;)

  2. Hi ya!

    Thanks for coming by... :) and yes - I have a soft spot for Bottegas too!

    Motherhood has simply been nothing short of amazing.

  3. You are so fortunate. I had "morning" sickness all the way till I gave birth.

    1. Actually it's been said that having morning sickness indicates that your body is responding well to the hormonal change.
      Morning sickness is currently believed to be the body's way of protecting the fetus against toxins ingested by the mother.

      I was a tad worried that I didn't have any discomfort at all - but my gynae informed me that the fact I took contraceptive pills (I've always taken it to regulate and control menses pain) also had a lot to do with it. Apparently my body is 'immune' to hormonal changes. Dunno whether to be happy or worried.

      Downside is also my appetite increased hundred-fold.

      My Mum had morning sickness for both my brother and I throughout her pregnancies. Not nice, she complained... but just like her, I'm sure the 'end products' were well worth it for you! :)



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