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Saturday, 3 March 2012

1st of March was a day of old and new.

It was a day to renew the ties of old friendships, and it was also a day of many firsts.

I met up with my long lost friends at Compass Point for coffee. We've lost contact for almost a decade, and during this time, got busy with Life and its meanderings.

We loved and lost, some of us got married, divorced or grew a family.
We met up, we shared experiences, we got answers to questions, and we reminisced... but we still laughed the same way, we still had the same quirky (read: sarcastic) sense of humour, the same person still got to be the butt of all jokes (and still lovin it!). It's as though the chasm of time didn't exist, apart from the major life events in each of our lives that peppered the time apart.

We're all still the same - but perhaps a little older, a little more jaded and hopefully, a little wiser.

Maybe that's what made us click in the first place.

4 hours of crazy laughter, memories, and dreams. Too little time spent compressing 10 years accompanied by a few cups of brew.

AC brought her little 2 month old son along... (our older terrors were kept away so that we can concentrate on gossiping!) and made RH contemplate kids since his two boys are already in their teens! We complain about these babies crying, fussing, and having to feed them two hourly for the first few weeks, generally the newborn woes that would come as a shock to many first time parents. Then when they slowly take on their own personalities, are more mobile, and become their own little persons with their different characteristics and personalities... we miss them being babies. The baby smells are replaced by sweaty-just-came-back-from-school smell, rebel yells will replace the baby whimpers, and we have to constantly watch what we do and say for they have a tendency to absorb bad things more than the good!

RH with 11 week old Baby J

With AC, Baby J and JT

We parted ways with a promise to not have to wait another ten years before a catch up session come to pass again, and I walked away feeling great that old ties are renewed, and that we have all achieved happiness in some way or another - despite some dark days along the way.

I went to pick BabyMoo up to meet my friends J and S and their little tots for a playdate of sorts. It was actually a chance for the Mummies to do some shopping at the Mothercare Private Sale at HarbourFront. J texted me whilst I was on the way there, telling me that the queue to enter the sale snaked all the way to the other end of the building, and there was an estimated 2 hour waiting time. since it was a weekday afternoon... there were either a lot of SAHMs in Singapore, or mums (and mums-to-be) who especially took leave for this event!

J and S went to Toys R Us instead, and we met them there.

The kids had a blast!

It was a special outing because it was the first time I ever took BabyMoo out for a day of shopping on my own. Excuse: Since outings are mostly on weekends, we tend to go out together as a family, and the opportunity never presented itself. Truth: Yeah... I'm so reliant on DaddyMoo that I put it off as long as I could!  :)

BabyMoo was relatively well-behaved - actually like a lot of times when it was only Mummy doing his diaper change and feeding him. He protested when I carried him off a toy, but never so much as to throw a tantrum like he's apt to do when both Daddy and Mummy are around. It gets worse when Granny is there.

It was also the first time BabyMoo walked everywhere unaided. He was walking for the past month or so, but I think he was a little worried about walking in open spaces. He was fine if he sees that there are tables / furniture along the sides for him to hold onto whenever he feels that he's losing his balance, but the moment he sees the expanse of floor area without any furniture or fittings, he will grab hold of our hands and pull us wherever he wants to walk to.

I think he saw that his mates are able to walk on their own, and automatically did so himself. Perhaps to him, they are not the 'big people' - so what they are able to do, he should be able to, as well!

"Let's hide so our Mummies can't find us!"

Kids are obsessed with buttons which produce sounds...

...and steering wheels...

...and posing for their Mummies!

I realised that during these outings, the children's personalities shine through. They may be alike in so many ways, but putting them side by side, they are their own little person with individual characteristics, preference, wants and ways.

As for the sale, I almost gave up - but the one-for-one shoe deal was an attractive draw, so I decided to check out the queue on my way to the taxi stand. There were only 5 people in the queue, and I managed to get in after a short 3 minute wait. However, I was sorely disappointed because they did not have size(s) 6, 7 and 8, and only selected models for size 9. All they had was boxes and boxes piled high against the glass wall of sizes 3 and 4, which were going at $18.90 each. Huge Disappointment!
Let's hope that they have stock stashed away, and if we're lucky, we might come by some size 8 and 9s for BabyMoo to grow into!

It was a thoroughly fulfilling day, filled with the revival of the old, and the experiences of the new. And now that I've had the opportunity to take BabyMoo out on my own and not only survived but had fun... there will definitely be more mummy and son dates in the future!

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