One is a lonely number.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lately many of my friends are expecting / have been blessed with a 2nd child.

I recall in the days following childbirth, waking up every two hours and having to take care of a mewling, crying, fussing newborn, the thought of it will be the furthest from their minds. Well - 'perhaps in a few years, we'll see how it goes.' seems the regular mantra.

Ask me then to get a sibling for BabyMoo. I bite.

It's weird now that a year later... the idea doesn't seem as far fetched as before. Or have I forgotten how physically tiring, emotionally draining, and completely depleting having a new baby, taking care of them and charting their developmental milestones can be? Maybe when I see siblings looking out for each other - I come to the realisation that I would be depriving BabyMoo of a chance to have someone whom he can look out for, take care of, play with and be a partner-in-crime to conspire with against Daddy and Mummy.

It doesn't help that my friends are busy extolling the benefits of having children who are close in age, and that putting off another child till a few years later will mean starting all over again when BabyMoo is already (half) independent as his own person. Have one now, they say - while we're still sterilizing milk bottles, dicing food, carrying diaper bags and pushing strollers, so that they younger one can capitalise on the ready existence of baby needs.

I totally agree with them.

Moreover, even my friends who are single are all for the fact of having more than one child. Just recently, one of them faced a disappointment. It so happened that she, being the youngest and farthest in age to her two older brothers, found herself in a situation whereby all seems hopeless. It was her brothers whom she turned to, and it was they who helped her through. She was pleasantly surprised at the onset of it, since she has always felt that her brothers seem to take her presence more of a nuisance as they were growing up.

When it came to the subject of the high costs of bringing up baby, we all agree that no matter what, even if we have to cut lots of corners, we will somehow manage - but once we have passed our prime, it will be even more difficult to have children, not to mention the complications that may come with age.

So I've been thinking about it. It will be nice for BabyMoo to have a permanent playmate, and it will be nice to be 4 instead of just 3.

My friend, JW has even proposed a 'method' to tweak the gender preference.

"90% Accurate! My Gynae's nurse taught us how!" << on one of her check ups for #2 boy.

Your age (during the year which conception is expected) and last menstrual cycle (Jan - 1, Feb - 2, etc).
Should both numbers be even / odd, a boy is likely. And should one is even and the other odd, a girl should be expected. 

We counted everyone in our circle (I was on WhatsApp with her, and laughing like a monkey to myself in the office). Amazingly... all the babies' genders are as per the calculations!

Since DaddyMoo and I have always joked that only IF it can be a confirmed girl would we even attempt another baby, JW told me this is the closest we could attempt to get one. Tikam tikam... but with night vision goggles!

DaddyMoo is just excited at the prospect of having a reason to get a phil&ted's inline™ buggy for 2 kids.

Seriously though, every child is a blessing. BabyMoo has been a god-send, and a constant reminder that I am truly blessed despite all the wrongs that I may have done in life.

It's definitely not easy being a parent. To have to watch what we say, what we do, and to ensure that our kids understand right and wrong without having to practise double standards (too much!). We have to find answers to questions which seem so simple yet is complex beyond a child's comprehension, and we have to provide valid reasons as to why certain things aren't done.

I get frustrated, I get angry, I remember times when I could just make spontaneous decisions to travel, eat and drink everything, anywhere.

Then BabyMoo smiles and holds me tight - and the world revolves around him again. Gladly.

It's been said that one smile makes two.
I think we can manage with two smiles.


  1. It was my GP's nurse who shared the "night vision goggles" with me... but more importantly, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND START MAKING #2 NOWWWW!!!! :D Diana's TLB and Gabriel look forward to having another play mate!

    1. Ayoh... have to wait till after March's cycle leh! Hahaaaaa!!!

      Then we'd be at it like bunnies < as DaddyMoo says!

  2. I'm happy to hear the good news :) I have loved all my 4 times being pregnant and deliverng and caring for a newborn! As you can tell, I do not know any gender prediction methods :P
    I too often pray for more love and patience when I deal with my boys, I'm no perfect mom but it's ok. Seeing how Aloysius, Ignatius and Ascensius love baby D, we know he is indeed a gift from God :)
    At 6 months, he will call out if I happen to walk past without acknowledging him. It's really so heartwarming! I'm convinced that he lovese the most! Hahaha

    1. Chris!

      No good news la... just 'contemplating' it for the time being!

      I *still* dunno how you manage with 4, though. Seriously :)

  3. Good on you Regina. I am still *ahem* resisting. My Dumpling only wants a baby sister!

  4. Oh, btw, the calculation is correct for Dumpling! :p

    1. I must have missed this comment! :D

      That takes the count to 10 out of 10 correct genders. Hmmm... Hahaaa...

      Maybe *You* can attempt a baby sister first for Dumpling, and if correct - I'll get on it! ;)



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