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Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday - start of another week after a weekend of fun with my two favouritest boys.

BabyMoo and Daddy

Thank you to Dominique for the great start to the week... BabyMoo won a portable sterilizer!

We recently got a car. It was a decision made after a year of contemplation... when we've finally decided that getting our own set of wheels cannot be put off any longer. Pre baby days, having a car would be an unnecessary expense on our part, viewing that the husband and I need not drive for work related purposes. We work long hours, and that would only mean that the car would be sitting idle most of the time, incurring parking charges or just simply collecting dust. Going out on weekends is also easier with public transport... there is no need for parking woes, and given that we're mostly out in the evenings having drinks or at clubs, having a car does not make prudent sense.

When BabyMoo came along, my in laws were nice enough to offer to take care of him during the day on weekdays while we are at work; and we know that we are far luckier than most people in this aspect. There was only one slight problem.

My in laws stay in the East, while we stay in the West. Journey via AYE - ECP takes about 20 min during non-peak hours.

When I finished my maternity leave, we tried to take BabyMoo to and fro in the mornings and evenings, but I think the travelling took its toll on him. We finish work pretty late, and by the time we reach home, it will be about 9 in the evening. He fell ill after the 2nd week, and so we decided that we will only take him back on alternate days, as heartbreaking as the decision was. I shall not even start on the travel expenses via taxi, made worse by the recent fare hike.

DaddyMoo has just recently started on a new job, which is located in the East. Viewing that the company is located in a quite remote part of the island, we thought that getting a car would mean that BabyMoo can come home daily, and Daddy will not have to leave the house too early. He will drop Baby off and Grandpa will drive him to work. The car will then be parked at my in laws' place. This would also mean that Grandma and Grandpa can use the car for errands, rather than having it remain idle for the better part of the day.

BabyMoo's taxi.
Mama says: "fire engine red!" Mummy says: Valentino Red!" Daddy says: "It's red, lah."
BabyMoo points: "Unh!!"

So with a car, now we have to figure out a way to make BabyMoo sit by himself in his car seat at the back, without being too much of a distraction to Daddy. I start work at 10.30am - and my office is in town, so leaving with the boys would mean that I would be 2 hours too early.

BabyMoo has no need for transient items. He's so easily bored and distracted that there was never an opportunity for him to develop an attachment to a toy or object - but he needs an elbow when he's sleepy. Yes... an elbow. He needs to rub a dub dub the elbow, and that will send him off to la la land. Another thing about him is that he almost always falls asleep during car journeys, which obviously presents another headache for me. Seems that I would have to go with them for a few days, or risk having to chop off my arm in order for him to be quiet.

We tried to 'train' him to sit by himself over the weekend. He wasn't too happy initially, but the feeling of sitting on his own, in his 'big boy chair', won the day.

Grumpy baby!

He was all quiet... sometimes even humming to himself, until the habit of having to sleep - kicked in. He whimpered... yelled Mamamameemememe (or something that sounded like it), cried huge, ploppy tears - until I relented. I reached out my arm toward the back seat, stayed in that awkward position for the next 60 sec, and looked behind, to see him out like a light with the tears drying on his face.

Happened the same way this morning, too.
Looks like I'd have to sacrifice 2 hours of sleep every morning for the love of my life until further notice. The alternative, which is chopping off my arm - is a rather grim prospect.

In other news, BabyMoo enjoyed himself tremendously at Hokey Pokey last Saturday afternoon. He had a ball of a time (no pun intended!) exploring all the toys, playing with musical instruments and being exposed to many girly stuff that he would otherwise have not been privy to. A great place for toddlers of his age range. Glad that we made the decision to sign up last week!

Leaving you with the weekend in pictures...

Lovin' the Koi Pond at Suntec City

Peek-a-boo with mummy

"Mummy... there's no more food in the larder!"

Washing dishes! He got angry when he couldn't get water to flow from the tap.

My action-packed maestro performing for a make-believe audience...

Spoiled for choice by the array of toys available!

A cacophony of clashing cymbals, tinkling bells and xylophone.

Enraptured by the antics of Mickey and Daffy.
(this rare moment of quiet lasted all of 60 sec!)

"Wheeeeee!! I'm on the big slide!"

Ice-cream at Andersen's.
A sweet ending to a fun-filled Saturday!


  1. Haha I so so relate to the elbow part. Guess Sophie's way of soothing herself is not so peculiar after all :)

    1. I really felt that Caden was weird in this aspect... but glad to know that it's more common than I originally thought!

      Now I'm trying to find alternatives - do you think those cut-off arms sold at magic shops would work? :D

  2. Oh my thankfully my girl is only attached to her pillow and pacifier! And I seriously doubt any other elbow but yours would work.. just 'smells' different to them haha

    1. Hi Madeline,

      I tried - yes... you are right! Daddy's arm? He slapped it away.
      Only my MIL seems to have better luck since he stays over with her.

  3. I guess all kids need something to soothe themselves. My girl just needs her thumb and my boy, well maybe I should have offered the elbow to him when he was little :)

    On hindsight, he was probably not an easy baby because he never found a way to soothe himself. Or perhaps screaming his head off when he's sleepy is his dramatic self-soothe method!

    Oh and hokey pokey sure looks fun! My baby girl will be entertained. But do you think a 6 year old will be bored there?

    1. Hi Joce!

      I thought initially it was a passing phase, but I think the elbow thing could have stemmed from the fact that I use the Manduca carrier to carry him around since he was 4 months old. He was already heavy at that age, and he's just continued gaining instead of losing weight when he became more mobile. Fortunately he's a very active boy and he became taller than most babies his age, so he's lean BUT heavy!

      With the carrier, baby is carried in front, and my hands usually go around him. His hands is right at my elbows... so I believe that could have encouraged the habit since he loves being a Joey and almost always fall asleep.

      On the screaming dramatically... he does that too, at times - elbow or otherwise! :D

      I think Hokey Pokey is more suitable for children below 3. They don't have high climbing structures, more toys and stuff that would entertain a toddler endlessly. Kinda like the 'below 3' area at Amazonia at Great World City. So I suppose a 5 or 6 year old may not find it as fun or entertaining. The last two times I was there, the kids were all below 3, and they sure had a whale of a time!



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