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No, thanks!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

If I see another store with cutesy baby / toddler clothes in all imaginable sweet pastel colours, I'll scream.

Powder blue for boys and cotton candy pink for girls... it's as though we have to enforce the gender identity thingie on our children the moment they are born.

Sometimes I think I'm one of the very few mums in Singapore who have problems finding 'funky' clothes for BabyMoo. I can't seem to find many stuff in black or dark colours for the boy. I'm not even asking for skeletons or skulls and crossbones as accents - just clothes without Doraemon / Thomas the Train / Barney (Ack!) / Lightning Mc Queen / Pooh / Spongebob / cartoony-stuff-that's-so-run-of-the-mill to adorn what he wears. There are polo tees and shirts without these, but do they have to come in stripes or patterns which will make the bub look like an Ah-Pek?


DaddyMoo has totally given up. He says just let BabyMoo wear what he has now till he grows out of it, doesn't matter that they will fade, fray and thin through wear and tear. Of course, he knows his wife wouldn't listen to him :D

I tried googling. Lots of sites which have clothes to my liking...and got me excited. I was even prepared to pay astronomical shipping costs to have these for the bub. These sites either only ship within the US, or everywhere else apart from Singapore. Emailed them, and only one site replied - they have stopped shipments to Singapore due to the large number of items which have gone missing.

(I can totally understand, because my Finance Dept at work has highlighted this fact due to the insane number of cheques which have gone missing in the mail as of last year.)

That would mean I have to find alternatives to shipping.

So... apart from these few tees that I managed to find via an online site which ships to Singapore, I may just have to be content with the not-so-cutesy stuff from Zara Kids or Chateu De Sable which sell them at pretty reasonable prices...

Love the Mummy and son Punisher tees!

Shopping at H & M - shirt from Zara Kids

Henley tee from Zara Kids

...OR just make the boy go topless.

My little hunk!

If you have any shopping sites that have funky clothes for tots to recommend... please let me know! I'm running out of ideas - and the mummy boy *needs* new clothes! :D


  1. Hi there, came by via the Singapore Mom Bloggers page. I share your pain re the selection of boys clothes available locally! I online shop a lot :) I get a lot of my 3.5 year-old son's clothes from Gap & Old Navy online. They frequently have sales and I use the free US shipping and use vpost or borderlinx to ship back to Singapore. Threadless is also very good for tees.

    1. Hi ya! Thanks for stopping by :)

      I started shopping at ON and Gap online when I got pregnant... just because the maternity stuff are great and cost a fraction of the clothes sold here!

      Then of course there's the "Kids" tab, and I was hooked. Haha!!
      Was also trying to source clothes I can get here - minus the hassle of shipping, but I suppose I'll stick to the tried and true :)

  2. Hi you can check out rebel babble a local brand by a Singaporean designer. The tees have a rock and biker kinda theme.and they're affordable too.

    1. I think you just may have given me the answer to my clothing woes! Thanks! :)



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