That Special Place

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Somewhere in our lives... there's a place that we stash away all the bad things that happen. All of us have it - a few of us realize it.

Remember that bad dream you had?
That quarrel over a stupid little thing?
Hurt, Love, Tears and Pain.

Somehow we lock them away in that special place. Given the choice, we never want to remember them. The things that caused us pain, sorrow... and the people who made us cry.

But remembering sometimes is good. When we remember past events that have made us unhappy, we wouldn't want a repeat of those. We try to keep away from them as much as possible. We hope.

In that place where we lock away all the dark things in our life, it's cold. And dark... and damp. Not a very nice place to be. There's a certain sense of melancholy even before we step into that abyss, a certain sense of foreboding, almost. It's as though we never want to walk that way again. We never want to be reminded of what caused us grief.

Then again... what would life be without a bad event or two? Would we then be able to appreciate life? Would we be able to look at someone and be able to love him for who he is, all that he makes us feel... without ever knowing how it's like to be with someone who caused those tears? Would we be able to wake up and love life, sip the sweetness of the day - without knowing what it's like to have everything go awry in a day? Would another rainbow materialise without us casting a glance and being startled by its beauty... without knowing those dark and dreary days?

Memories are good. Even the bad memories are there for a reason, yet we still push them away so that we may never have to relive the way they made us feel - ever again. Once in a while, a bad memory escapes from that designated space. We ignore it, and cast it away.... beneath the deep, dark recesses of our mind.

Somewhere in our life there is that special place. A place that we stash away all the bad things that happen. A place where we choose not to visit, a place where we shrink away... a place where we keep our fears hidden and locked away.

There's a light beyond the shadows.

I'll walk toward that light instead of standing at the periphery of my special place. I choose to walk toward the sunlight - because I can.

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