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Thursday, 12 April 2012

When I found out that I was expecting, there was never a doubt in my mind as to how the hubs will be like as a father. I have always had faith in him as a person, and part of the reason as to why we get along despite our differences is that he allows himself to grow, learn and adapt to situations.

He's never had any reservations or qualms about helping others, and I used to joke that if we were to walk down the length of Orchard Road, we won't have enough cash to make our way home for the fact that he will always drop a dollar or two in the buskers' hats.

At the risk of making him out to be this self-righteous individual who is a paragon of virtue, DaddyMoo is far from being one. Truth be told, like a lot of women, I've always been attracted to the bad boys, and so my friends and family were delightfully surprised when they get to meet him for the first time. Little do they know that underneath that 'good boy' exterior lies a cheeky, mischievous rebel... who is a non-conformist by nature, and perhaps have done worse things growing up than the average bad boy who looks the part.

On hindsight, I was conned into believing that I've finally landed myself a sedate, stable, good Star Wars loving geek because I was silly enough to base my perceptions only on what I see. To think that I pride myself on being a good judge of character! His bad boy streak... was simply a bonus! :D

I didn't like him on sight when we were introduced by our mutual friends 16 years ago. He seemed aloof and he was the only one in the group of men who didn't make the move to talk to me first! Pffft!!

So I know who he is, he knows who I am, we've gone out as a group on several occasions back then - but we've never spoken to each other.

In 2006, a decade after those hazy, boozy days when all my friends and I did was get up, go to work, meet at our regular watering hole, proceed to a club, and stagger home drunk only to repeat the cycle all over again the next day, every day - we met again by chance. I guess it's not that surprising of an event given that we have mutual friends within our separate groups, but the events leading to it was pretty 'coincidental' for a lack of a better word to explain it.

He had just broken up with his girlfriend of 5 years, and I had just broken up with my fiancé of 6 years. She cheated on him, and my ex cheated on me. We were not looking for another relationship, and at that age - we were old enough to not be on the rebound, recognising that when things don't work out... there are a lot of contributing factors. Trying to fill a void just for the sake of companionship is nothing short of being perfectly irresponsible to both ourselves and the other party.

I heard that he was married (from a mutual friend who apparently had a hidden agenda) so when we met again, I congratulated him. He nearly choked on his beer - and asked:

"Married To WHAT?" and proceeded to grin like a silly schoolboy.
That broke the ice.

We spoke about life, experiences, dreams and loves. We argued about views, beliefs and circumstances. We made fun of each other, we laughed at ourselves and at other people. For as much as we have in common, we also had our differences... but we were able to see through those, and respect them as a point of personal view, and qualities that make our personalities.

May 2007

I told him I hated didn't like him much back then because he looked like an arrogant ***.
He told me that the others were always busy trying to impress me so he didn't bother to join the fray.

I argued that he couldn't be bothered because he was too busy with his girlfriend (although I couldn't recall seeing him with any girl whenever we saw each other)
He dead panned that I'm arguing for the sake of arguing because he didn't have one back then.

I whined "Whatever... you weren't interested enouuuuuuugh!!!" (like a spoilt brat which he always allows me to be).
He chuckles and says: "Ya... how you know ah?"

Which made me mad, and do the 'me-not-talking-to-you' crap.

Like some bad Taiwanese / Ch 8 drama - where the lead actor and actress fight each other senseless then through some sheer luck get together and then lived happily ever after - the end. Those serials which go on for like a million episodes and have a done to death storyline but still have the aunties glued to the TV set at screening time.

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Ok... now that I've made myself out to be this whiny, quite-impossible-to-get-along-with spoilt princess of sorts, I don't know why he lets me get away with it. He pacifies me when I'm being my usual short tempered self. He gives in to my crazy whims and fancies. He makes me mad - and he makes me laugh at the same time.

The 2nd time we went out, officially as a couple (phwee-weet!) but still with our 'awed' mutual friends - he asked me (more like shouted in my ear as the band at Movida played on)

"If I asked you to marry me, would you?"
I retorted: "You ask first then I think about it."
Super action-packed, me.

Two years later, on 16th of June 2009 - that's what we did.

June 2009

Which actually reminds me.
He never asked!!

No fireworks, no starry eyed moments when we walk on clouds (you come crashing down if you did, anyways!), no coy eat like a bird and watch what we say dates since both of us finish each other's curses.

It just feels like I've finally come home.



  1. This was a sweet entry. Did your hubby get all mushy reading this? Haha and he asked you to marry him the 2nd time you went out? Sometimes finding the right partner is as easy as being totally comfortable in each other's presence and I guess that's why you say it's as if you came home.

    1. All mushy? Hardly! Haha... He said 'so what is it you want for your birthday? You better tell me now so can start saving up.'

      cheh! :D

    2. Too funny! I love that you humor/teasing was always in your relationship! I think that is so important for getting through tough times too. Remembering to laugh together! So sweet :)

  2. so so so sweet! haha you are so detailed in your account! I wonder what he would put if you asked him to give an account! hahaha...
    And you are so slim!! That shot of both of u in Bali! *envy envy*

    1. HE? Give an account?
      He'll ask *me* to write it down for him instead! *roll eyes*

      Me no hab blogging hubba leh, Jiahui! Hahah!

      And slim was pre-baby days. Now I just have memories of being slim. :D

    2. haha me hab blogging hubba, but it'd be the same. they men, have selective memory and I'm quite sure, this aint part of the memory =)

  3. awww love your post on this... love kpo-ing on others love stories... :)

  4. Really enjoyed reading your love story, Regina. I think it's so encouraging how you guys started out from such an honest place, and wasn't afraid to show your true selves! I find it so inspiring! :)

  5. Love ur love story....u also reminded me that my hub also never really officially propose to me...haha

  6. Nice one! N btw the photo of u on your Balimoon is phwee-weet!!! :)

  7. This is actually the second time I am reading it, but I am still loving this post all over again. Your story is so real, and so candid. Who says that romance needs to sweep u off your feet and comes in a proposal on bended knees at some romantic candle lit location?

  8. fate sure has its way of working its magic eh!

  9. *grin* nice posting.... Mine never really asked too! I guess we let them off a tinge too easy huh?!?!?

  10. The Tale of Beautiful Babe Meets Bashful Bad Boy! hahahaha

  11. Oh... This is so sweet. Love just has its strange ways to let us find the best person who will live us the way we are.



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