Project 'Stop Drool!'

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's been said that when one splits a baby's head open... there will actually be nothing there but a huge, enormous drool gland in overdrive.

Drooling has always been associated with dirty old men and teething babies - and in both cases, it can get pretty unsightly, more so in the former than the latter.

BabyMoo started drooling when he turned 4 months, and only cut his first tooth at 8 months, so I'm not sure if the association of drooling and teething applies to him. He continued drooling, and it seemed that he had an endless supply of drool from the moment he wakes up till the time he sleeps. It was so bad that he required a change of tee shirts almost every hour when he's home - and I have to continuously wipe his mouth when we're out. Up till recently, I have had to keep a small towel tucked into my shorts pocket, and a spare one in the diaper bag. I can't complain because I chose to do so by choice, for I think that babies wearing bibs when they aren't being fed is the ultimate no-no in my books.

It didn't help that BabyMoo is a very fussy baby when it comes to cleanliness. Ever since he is able to indicate his displeasure at things, he will not hesitate to inform us in whichever way he can that he is uncomfortable in a certain type of tee, shirts or pants. He will keep on tugging at his clothes, and raise a ruckus until he's changed to something more to his comfort. Clothing labels pose a main source of discomfort to him, and he would attempt to do a Linda Blair swivel in an effort to find out the cause of the itch on his back. He doesn't take too well to polo shirts or thicker materials, and is happiest in cotton tee shirts, shorts and light shirts. Needless to say, he was extremely displeased that his tee keeps on getting damp despite my efforts to wipe him down, and will not stop fussing until he's changed.

After a few months of this, I was irritated at always having to deal with drool and wondered why he still kept at it, even as he turned one. In fact, it showed no signs of subsiding and increased in volume as he toddled around and gaped in wonder at things that held his amusement. Most of my friend's kids of his age stopped drooling already, and during BabyMoo's playtime at The Little Gym, I didn't notice any kid with as much drool as he produced. I was busy wiping drool trails on the mats and contraptions everywhere he went!

I was also tired of hearing my Mum lament that my brother and I only drooled minute amounts as a baby. If she is to be believed, we didn't have a proper babyhood - we were toilet trained before we turned one, we never caught chills because we were wrapped head to toe, we didn't get fevers cutting teeth, and were the perfect 'model' baby... smiling with two front teeth in cloth diapers advertising the wonders of Mummy's milk.

I voiced my concerns to my Mother-in-law, who cautiously mentioned that we can actually try a cure. Her first grandson stopped drooling right after he drank the 'concoction' - and perhaps it may work on BabyMoo as well. Now I mentioned 'cautiously' because she know that her son is a huge sceptic, and will scoff at old wives' tales and 'superstitious silliness' as he so succinctly put it. He believes that there's a reason for most things... until he is proven otherwise. I, on the other hand, walk on eggshells around superstitious beliefs, for I think one should always be safe rather than sorry. If it doesn't take me much, I would rather err on the side of caution.

She mentioned that boiling spring onion's roots and drinking the water may stop the drool. I asked if it worked, and she mentioned that it worked immediately on both of BabyMoo's cousins who were still drooling at 24 months (must run in the family!). I wanted to buy spring onions there and then!

Spring onions (Scallions)

The spring onions must be carefully chosen, and only those with extra long roots can be used. It must be washed and cleaned to be rid of even the most minute dirt and soil present, then boiled for about an hour or until the water takes on an 'onion-y' smell and taste. I jumped up and down in glee, and we conspired to try it out the next day. I told the hubs that we are trying it out - whether he likes it or not. He can then make fun of us only if the effort did not bear any fruit. He laughed a cynic's laugh... while I couldn't wait to prove him wrong.

Notice the wet drool patch on his neck! (12 months)

Drool on his lips, drool on his tee... drool everywhere he goes! (13 months)

The next day, she made him drink the what I assumed must be a foul tasting drink. I thought that only a hint of spring onion can be tasted - but then again, I love spring onions and my taste buds may have been compromised over time. BabyMoo made a face, spat it out - and yelled in protest. He continued getting a sip or two throughout the day, until he swatted his cup when we attempted to make him drink more. I felt a twinge of evilness of being a bad Mummy monster who's making her son drink a home remedy for something that occurs naturally... but I felt that if it worked - we will all be much happier, including BabyMoo who will not have to contend with damp clothes and discomfort! It was worth the try.

Two days later - he actually stopped drooling!! I was amazed, and of course couldn't stop telling the husband that some home remedies work, after all. He just shook his head, and muttered that perhaps BabyMoo's drool gland was shocked into shrivelling at the introduction of the vile concoction! Coincidence, perhaps?


BabyMoo never drooled again since we gave him 'the drink' two months ago.
Project Stop Drool was a big success!


  1. Hi Regina, that's pretty amazing!

    My son used to drool quite a lot too, and he's into biting his fingers as he's still teething. :(

    1. Sherlyn,

      Don't know if this really works... but I'd like to think it does :D

      BabyMoo was drooling long before his teeth started appearing, and it got worse instead of subsiding, so I tried!

  2. Amazing! I cannot imagine how/why this home remedy would work but I'm glad for you!

  3. Yeah... I'm amazed too! No Scientific explanation or medical ones. But hey - whatever works! :D



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