Water Fun for Dad & Son!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

**Warning: A Picture-esque post ahead!**

There should REALLY be more long weekends!

Last Easter weekend, we decided to bring BabyMoo to 'far-flung' places, so that we can get away from the maddening Public Holiday crowds that usually congregate in the city area.

We decided to go to Tampines 1, so that we can also check out the water playground that a lot of mums have blogged about, prior to its opening on 10th of March. The mall itself is nothing to shout about, in fact, I found that Tampines Mall has more to offer in terms of restaurants and shops. However, it was nice to see that they have a selection of shops to complement Tampines Mall and nearby Century Square, so as to present visitors with a wide variety of shopping and dining choices.

After lunch at Sushi Tei (where BabyMoo wolfed down an entire portion of grilled cod and his favourite chawan mushi) we decided to head up to the playground located on the rooftop of the mall. It was pretty easy to find, given that there were directional signs located just about everywhere we turn. BabyMoo got all excited seeing the animals which were chosen as the main feature of the park.

There were threatening dark clouds, but thankfully, the weather held up, presenting us with a cool, balmy almost sun-less afternoon of fun!

Daddy shows BabyMoo how it's done

After that he's on his own...

...and pulls Daddy's head down to wash his hair!

He got water up his nose in his excitement... coughed, sputtered, sneezed and grinned!

Sliding down in the 'Arctic' section

BabyMoo is one happy camper!

Daddy brought him to the dry play area - but BabyMoo wasn't too interested, preferring waterplay instead.

He loved the slides, though! It was the perfect size and height for him.

Back to the water he went... squatting at the water jets to give his bum a massage!

BabyMoo had a wonderful afternoon at the Water Park - he was initially apprehensive, but when Daddy carried him into the water fountains (getting himself all drenched in the process!) to show him that there was nothing to fear, he promptly decided he loved to splash around, toddling about on his own, after all.

On Easter Sunday, we went for mass at Church of St Teresa's, where BabyMoo decided he's had enough of being an observant during church services and proceeded to attempt to explore the church hall on this own, pew by pew.

Giving Mummy his sly grin... he loves to pose for the camera now - and will clamber on my lap to see the end result on either the phone or camera screen.

We then went for lunch at Plaza Singapura, where BabyMoo (in his fish craze) ate half a grilled fish with his porridge at Manhattan Fish Market. He pulled my camera out and 'requested' for a photo taken, too. (And they call Mummy the vain one!)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We shopped around for a bit, and BabyMoo, who just turned a grand old age of 15 months last 6th of April - wrenched himself free from our grasps and insisted that he is perfectly able to toddle about confidently on his own. He crossed his arms, and did his walkabout.

Who says men don't need skin care?

The fascination with Mickey Mouse continues... he spotted MM and refused to budge!

He loves colourful window displays, too!

We stayed to watch the X-Box Kinect Dance Championships that took place at the atrium. BabyMoo loved the dancing and music - and Daddy was tempted to get him a set (although I suspect it was more for Daddy's entertainment than anything else!) I dragged the boys away before Daddy could sate his fancy whim.

BabyMoo's in a good MOOd!

We then proceeded to make full use of the extended weekend and brought BabyMoo to IMM at Jurong for some water fun.

The place looked and is definitely older than the brand new grounds at Tampines 1, but BabyMoo had fun, nevertheless. I didn't like the dirty shower stalls (don't understand the use of wood panels in a public water facility!) but he was already squirming to run towards the water spouts - and I didn't have the heart to deny him. Daddy just has to carry him while hosing him down the best that we could. We figured that since we will be on our way home after that, we can manage with the less than pristine facilities. There are no entrance charges imposed on these water playgrounds, so I really had nothing to complain about.

Both boys had a blast!

It was an fun-filled weekend for us... quality time spent doing things as a family which made BabyMoo happy. Now that he's walking more confidently on his own, he's absolutely delighted at his new-found mobility and realising that he's an entirely separate person on his own, with the ability to think, move and do things by himself.

He now knows that he is his own little person who is able to do a great deal of things just by watching and imitating the actions of people around him, and there are times when I catch him observing us, deep in thought - perhaps storing away information for use when the opportunity arises.

There are days when it can be terribly frustrating to be a parent. It's hard to have the warm fuzzy feeling when BabyMoo is throwing a tantrum or decides that he wants to test us beyond our limits and patience.

It is also the most rewarding event in our lives. It's an amazing feeling to be privy to the world through his eyes... and not a day goes by when I don't give my gratitude for the chance to enjoy motherhood and the multitude of things which come with it.

To be in his memories tomorrow, the hubs and I have long ago come to a pact, that we will always do what we can to ensure that we are in his life today.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

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