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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Every weekend is a challenge in terms of how best to entertain the bub. For full time working parents like us, the weekend can't come soon enough - it's a time when we can truly enjoy bonding as a family without having to worry about work and waking up early!

Now that BabyMoo is more agile and loves to explore his surroundings, we're happy to bring him to places where he is able to touch, feel, and experience the world around him. It's amazing how simple things that we often take for granted, prior to having a child - suddenly take on a new dimension when viewed through they eyes of a child. BabyMoo gets excited around flowers and plants, and squeals in glee when he sees airplanes, trucks, cranes, cement mixers, buses and trains.

He loves taking his toys apart... and gets frustrated when he can't put them back again. He unscrews lids, uncapping covers of his talcum containers and basically creates a mess when left to his own devices. He hums to himself when he's happy, makes 'vroom vroom' sounds before he even learned to talk, and danced (or bopped his body) following a musical beat even before he could walk. He never tore pages off a book / magazine after the one time he tried and I explained to him that books aren't meant to be torn, preferring to open the book and shove it under my nose with an 'Unh!' so that I would read to him (while he flips the pages with gusto)

My baby is growing up.

Last Saturday, we decided to bring BabyMoo to Hokey Pokey at Suntec City again... so that Mummy can 'run some errands'. Thank goodness for a hands on husband who's close to the kid - so that Mummy can have her nails done next door! ;) There was a birthday party ongoing which finishes at 1.00pm, so we decided to go for lunch first. I love that the owners recognised us on sight, which gave the place a very family-oriented feel to it, and made us feel welcome.

We went to Changi Airport to introduce BabyMoo to airplanes, and he absolutely loved the vast space, sights and sounds! He was laughing and running everywhere, exploring to as many nooks and crannies as his little chubby feet can take him. Where previously a trip to the airport would entail just check in and boarding a flight, we now took the time to see the beauty of the gateway to Singapore through a child's eyes. It was a revelation!

Zombie mode...
Daddy loves his zombie movies - so there!

Wanting to go nearer to the waterfall... banging his head repeatedly on the glass.

Mummeh!! I love it here!

Trying his luck...

Trying to get closer to the airplanes

Mummy's cheeky monkey having loads of fun...

while Daddy keeps a watchful eye on him.

Sweet endings! BabyMoo loved his ice-cream treat!

We then decided to visit the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, a part of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. BabyMoo loves nature, so until he's older, we felt that the exposure in a 'controlled' environment will be good for him. 

The children's garden is styled like a wild garden or backyard in days of yore - where children can roam about safely yet are free to explore on their own. A luxury in land scarce Singapore, and one of the ways we could manage in terms of providing him with the freedom to be close to nature at his age.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, entrance via Evans Road.

Mini suspended bridge

Shaded walkways all round the garden

There is a mini water park there, which got BabyMoo all excited! We've never brought him to any before, because the kids are usually older at most of the big ones we've seen. This water park is more suitable for kids between 1 and 3, as it is a small place with just a few fountains, without the fancy slides and structures.

He wriggled and tried to squirm his way out off my arms even as I was changing him... and Daddy let him loose at the water fountains.

An excited boy thrilled to bits!

Huge smile throughout... and toddled around with arms outstretched, zombie style.

Wanted to go near... didn't dare to, and asked Daddy for help.

He got rather alarmed when water dripped down his face... and since he has yet to be able to clear the water off his face on his own - he couldn't see us. His face turned a bright crimson red as he thought of whether he should cry (he was having so much fun!) and in the end, he mewled softly and settled for asking Daddy to carry him while they navigate the water fountains together. Never mind that Daddy got all wet and he had no change of clothes. The laughs and genuine joy on BabyMoo's face was all worthwhile.

Then when we decided he's had enough as he started to sneeze - the hubs put him down so that I could change him. Before I managed to sit him on my lap... off he went again, on his own, braving his fears. This time, he steered clear off the centre of the fountain, and played around the spout... catching the water sprays. Perhaps he figured that way, the water wouldn't blind him too much? He kept on glancing at us every now and then, as though to ensure that we're still around.

One of BabyMoo's awesome trait that we've noticed (yes, I'm allowed to be biased because I'm his Mummy!) is his ability to always manoeuvre himself around any given situation which works against him, and turn it in his favour.

A very happy, tired boy.

I love spending time with the boys, as a family. Seeing the world with a fresh, new perspective, courtesy of our not-so-little bundle of energy.

Simple joys, simple pleasures... and a whole lot of laughter.


  1. good...still can do nails ??!!

    I havent try any manicure or pedicure yet

    1. Can!! Must make time... I cannot tahan chipped nails :D

  2. Wow... what a fulfilling weekend! Every weekend I get a headache wondering where to go with the girl and it can be quite a challenge. :)

    1. We rack our brains too... and I spend hours poring over blogs for ideas! Haha...

      My son loves the outdoors (and I don't!) so it's lucky that he has his father to do the outdoorsy stuff with him while Mummy stays in the shade!



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