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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BabyMoo turned a grand old age of ONE on 6 January 2012.

Quite awhile ago... but since I only started blogging in Mummy-mode recently, I am only documenting this only now. Better late than not, I suppose - since turning one is a milestone and an event which marks and changes a baby into a 'toddler', although they will always be our babies regardless of how old they are.

We decided to have the party at Modesto's @ Elizabeth since it is a place where there is abundant space to accommodate the kids. The poolside area is perfect for those who prefer the outdoors, while the indoor dining area is perfect for the elderly guests.

DaddyMoo has a huge close-knit extended family, whom we will not dream of leaving out in the celebrations. They love BabyMoo and as a mark of respect, we decided that this party should not only cater for the kids, but also for the adults.

I didn't go with any specific theme for the party. I figured out that BabyMoo will not be too particular about it now - and there will be opportunities in the future for him to state his choice as he grows older. As long as there are balloons, he's a very happy boy.

The party was held on 7 January 2012, which is a more convenient date given that it's a Saturday. Of course, like many Chinese are apt to comment, Aunts and Uncles mentioned that they didn't feel that it was wise to hold the party after the actual date (I don't know the actual reason, so I didn't bother). We compromised by having a small family dinner complete with cake and candles to mark the occasion on the actual day itself.

The Invite

We invited close friends with kids and family, which came up to about 100 adults and 35 kids, after narrowing down the selection. I insisted on sending out the invites in a traditional way (by post) and personally handed these over to immediate family members. I'm not too comfortable with e-vites, SMS and WhatsApp invites... as I feel that they lack sincerity and those who are not in the technology loop (read: the old folks who love to grouse) will miss out.

Invites designed by DaddyMoo and printed by Magic Xpress.

The Entertainment and Set Up

Balloon Sculptor from Happy Balloons
Playground props from Toys 4 Rent
Helium balloons and Paper bags for goodies from Yeo GM Trading

Irene, the owner of Toys 4 Rent, was extremely helpful in recommending suitable toys for the kids according to their age range, and ensured that the set up was done well before the party started. She understood my concerns, and was still extremely pleasant despite my multiple queries. I will definitely contact her again to rent some toys or for other events in the future! The slides, ball pool and mini bouncer was very well maintained - in fact, they look extremely new to me. A pleasant surprise, because I wasn't expecting rental toys to not bear the marks of wear and tear.

Annie from Yeo GM Trading (located at Rochor Centre as of now) made the party planning a breeze. I called her early in December and settled on the balloons package (plus bought 2 Christmas trees along with the trims and tinsels for my work place) all within half an hour. She knew exactly what I wanted just by description alone, and bundled all up in a package with a really good price. On top of that, she waived the delivery charges and agreed to separate the loose balloons into bunches along with the weights for me at no extra cost. I would recommend her for any occasion, especially since they also have a event planning department which would take care of your entire party, right down to the smallest details.

The kids had a blast!

The goody bags

No party is ever complete without something for the children to take home. I had fun planning the contents of the bags, because I challenged myself in providing a personalised souvenirs to thank the children for celebrating BabyMoo's birthday with him. I didn't want to only include chocolates and sweets (which the kids love and parents dread), so I decided to appeal to the parents by providing some other things that would distract them long enough to ignore the presence of the treats! Neither did I want to put together a few items just for the sake of having a goody bag... because I think parents already have a bit of a problem trying to stash away their children's knick knacks.

So I settled on a personalised, hand-made name chain (made of stuffed felt in pretty colours), cupcakes and the said treats to put in the goody bag.

BabyMoo is so fortunate to have a distant Aunt (my cousin's wife) who is talented in so many ways, when she isn't working full time as a PA. She makes Diaper cakes, fridge magnets, as well as stuffed Alphabets for all kinds of things. I emailed her and requested for her help in making the names of 35 children for BabyMoo's special day, and she obliged me despite having a 2 year old and a newborn then! She stays in Indonesia, but since my Mum has friends travelling to and fro frequently, shipping the items is not a problem.

Name tags shipped all the way from Indonesia!
Thanks again, Welly Liputra!

Lovely, aren't they? They can be stuck on mirrors, windows - wherever!

I ordered cupcakes from a long lost friend, Christina (who also just had her 4th child then!) of Baking Bees to put in the bags as well. I told her that I didn't want it to be too sweet (like most cupcakes are) and with happy colours. We discussed this and she suggested fuchsia pink icing for the girls, and orange icing for the boys. She went one step further and actually put cow shaped sprinkles (for BabyMOO!!) as well as fondant "C" for his name on each individual cupcake! She scoured online shops to find a plastic casing for the cupcakes because I mentioned that I want to ensure that they can be placed in the bag without messing up the entire contents. She was as excited as I am when she found the perfect cases... and she baked me the entire batch to be collected the night before so that they would be fresh.

My Mum saw and tasted the cupcakes (at 1.00am), and promptly asked me to place another order for 30 cupcakes to give to her office colleagues. They were that good - and my Mum is known to be fussy about foods and desserts. Even DaddyMoo, who has an aversion to sweet things and doesn't fancy cupcakes, gave his approval.

See the cow-lettes!!

Gorgeous AND tasty cupcakes!

We carefully selected the sweets and chocolates for the treats bag - and DaddyMoo packed these, while I nagged on how they have to be 'puffed up' and tied 'just so'. He chose to ignore me, of course.

DaddyMoo hard at work

Contents of the treats bag

Blue ribbons for the boys

Yellow for the girls!

So in the end, these was what the goody bag consists of:

The cupcake is missing because Daddy went to collect those when this photo was taken.

I think the kids and adults loved it.

The Food

We had to ensure that we have a kid-friendly menu, on top of good food for the adults. Having Peranakans and Indonesians on both sides of the family is no joke... food is always the priority, and their taste buds are pretty hard to please :) I'm glad that we had rave reviews for the 'adult' food, while the kids feasted on Fusilli Bolognese, Penne Alfredo, Pizza Margherita, Pizza with Chicken Sausages, Chicken Nuggets and Wedges.

Assorted Pizza (Kids)

Fusilli Bolognese (Kids)

Pizza Wurstel (Chicken Sausages)

Penne Aglio Olio with Seafood

The Cake

We decided to have an Ice-Cream cake for BabyMoo's party. The boy loves ice-cream, and we thought that more people eat ice-cream as compared to cake. We ordered a 5 kg ice-cream cake from Swensen's. Easily done online - and someone actually called me 15 minutes after the order was placed to confirm the delivery date and location. She also made a note to inform me that the cake should be taken out of the freezer an hour prior to being cut, otherwise there was no way we could cut or serve the cake.

BabyMoo was thrilled at all the attention... especially during cake cutting when everyone surrounded him, clapped and sang his favourite song! See that signature smug smile?!
We didn't have anything left off that 5kg cake, by the way.

The highlight of the day, for BabyMoo., was opening all his presents and playing with all the new toys! It was a fun day shared with family and good friends, and a wonderful time celebrating this important milestone.

BabyMoo... we have been blessed to have you, and perhaps, one day - you will be proud to have us as your parents too. We hope you had a great birthday, although we know that you would not have a recollection of this special day even a year from now.

Far from the day when the husband and I walked out of the maternity ward feeling apprehensive and filled with dread because we didn't know what to expect - 12 months later - I think we made it okay.

** I am in no way affiliated to the vendors as mentioned in this post or have been compensated in  any way to do a review. I linked because I had a positive experience with them, and I hope that they will be able to continue to make parties special for parents and their children!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful celebration! BabyMoo is so lucky, you and your hubby have done such a perfect arrangement for the birthday party. Well done!

    Thanks for the detailed post, photos and recommendations too. We can pick up some party ideas from here. =)

    1. Hi Emily!

      Thank you... we try :)
      And any time you need my help further on the details, send me a PM and I'll be most happy to assist!

  2. Eh, I didn't know the food was divided into kids and adults - I ate from both and it was one of the most delicious birthday party food I have ever had!

    1. We made it work both ways! :D

      Glad you, K and T could join us! We had a lovely time... and DADDY loved his present, too! Haha!

  3. What a well-planned celebration, with toys n activities to occupy the kids and yummy food to keep the adults happy. I absolutely love the personalized name chains in the goody bag, a lovely unique touch to the event!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to make sure everyone had fun because 1st birthdays are usually 'Mummy's party'. Haha!

  4. I love the names of the kids that you made for the goody bags. Such a neat idea!

  5. Wow Regina, what a party! You know with such an elaborate birthday party for his one year one, you've set the bar for yourself to outdo each one year after year :) but I'm sure you had fun too knowing its for baby Moo and seeing how much he enjoyed it.

    1. Susan... cannot lah. Baby Bonus for a limited time only! Haha!!

      We had fun - in the end that's all that matters. As he grows older and gets more expressive, that's where the challenge lies! -_-

  6. Wow, this is very impressive! Baby Moo is indeed very fortunate to have both of you as parents ;) A note to self on what I need to do next time for my son! Hehe

    1. Hi Sherlyn!

      Thank you... we're fortunate that he gave us the opportunity to be parents! :)



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