Weekend Wanderings #2: Mother's Day Weekend!

Monday, 14 May 2012

It was a glorious weekend of fun shared with family, friends, and a very happy BabyMoo.

We aren't really in the habit of celebrating Mother's Day or Father's Day... but we make it a point to show our appreciation to the key people in our lives, those who have made us who we are - throughout the year, and this weekend was no exception. Perhaps when BabyMoo is old enough and thus is able to understand the concept better, he would find it in his heart to show his appreciation to us, too. I hope so, at least.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

BabyMoo wears checked linen shirt from Zara Kids, relaxed fit jeans from Osh Kosh B'Gosh and Vail shoes by Pediped.

We were supposed to visit the salon to have his hair cut, but since his regular hairdresser has back-to-back appointments, we decided to visit her another day. We are considering keeping his hair long... hopefully his curls co-operate and not give him a beehive to resemble his mother's coif.

We had lunch at Canton Paradise at I12, where BabyMoo wolfed down his lunch and thoroughly enjoyed the dim sum bites. We also checked out the Rooftop Water Playground while we were there - but since we were short of time, we promised BabyMoo that we will drop by again another day.

It was then off to Polliwogs at East Coast Park to celebrate our friend's daughter's 3rd birthday!

We have been meaning to visit the place for quite some time, but it is always crowded over the weekends so we thought that we will do so when DaddyMoo and I manage to take some time off and go on leave on a weekday.  It was indeed an opportune time to visit when S invited us, and with good reason, too!

BabyMoo clambered up and down the equipment with glee - and although we were initially apprehensive about the contraptions, he showed us that he was perfectly able to manoeuvre himself around the 'obstacles', so we just trailed behind him (huffing and puffing!!) to keep an eye out for him after awhile. This was one of the times I wished I was shorter - running around bent at the waist chasing after an energetic bub isn't a task for non-fir middle aged parents like us! It was literally back breaking.

Having a jolly good time while Mummy and Daddy huffs and puffs along...

The play session was followed by story time in the party room, which BabyMoo tried to participate in, but since he was the youngest in the group and has an attention span according to his age in minutes, he got bored soon after.

The Maharajah would rather recline on a chair than sit on the floor with the mere mortals.

So it was back to the playground for him... where he had lots of fun running around by himself because the other kids were in the party room (there were 2 parties going on at the same time). He started fussing because he got hungry after about 15 minutes, so we took him in where he feasted on finger foods and cake.

We then went to Changi Airport T2 to have a Mother's Day dinner with my in-laws. All the restaurants were crowded, and the majority do not accept reservations, preferring to admit walk-ins who are there already with all members present. I actually do not blame them, as accepting reservations would usually mean that table turn over is much slower - and often, tables are left empty when they could have been sold to others who are only there for a quick bite. My Brother in law managed to secure a table at Seafood Paradise after putting his name down on the list for about an hour... and when we arrived, we were glad to be shown to our table almost immediately. The food took pretty long to arrive, though - but fortunately, it was well worth waiting for.

BabyMoo didn't mind the wait - he was happy to have his cousin for company, and the two boys were their usual happy (and naughty) selves while we had our dinner in relative peace with minimal fuss! BabyMoo approved of the fried rice with crab roe, the fish maw soup with crab meat, as well as the longevity noodles (Ee-fu mee). I plunged headlong and ignored the seafood presence in these items, because I figured out that now is as good a time as any to find out if he has any seafood allergies. Thankfully, he didn't, but what worries me now is that he enjoyed the stuff more than he should!

Cousin A trying to make BabyMoo pose, because he refused to look at the camera!

So he decided to give in, and gave us an almost pretend grin from ear to ear!
(See the dental floss eyes!)

The Moo clan

Cousin A attempting to show the world BabyMoo's big tumtum after 2.5 bowls of rice, soup and noodles!
(Gorgeous backdrop made entirely of Lego)

The boys with their beloved Grandmama.

BabyMoo amazingly did not sleep in the car on the way home... and managed to play some more after his night bath while Mummy and Daddy just watched him while wishing that he will go to sleep soon. Which he did - at close to midnight, and that didn't come soon enough for these tired old bones. You would have thought that he would be tired after a whole day of fun... but noooooo... his batteries recharge on their own, apparently.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

BabyMoo wears Disney tee from H & M Kids, black cargo shorts from Pumpkin Patch and Red Skeinie sandals from the Elly store. Orange Tupperware, a Mother's Day Gift from church.

We went for 11.15am Mother's Day Mass at Church of the Holy Cross, where they made a tribute to all mums present and gave each Mum a Mother's Day gift in the form of a very useful Tupperware container. A small but very thoughtful gesture, which I'm sure many appreciated. BabyMoo took it from the representatives giving it out - and proceeded to give it to me with a hug... which made me wonder if this boy of mine actually understands more than he's letting on!

Mother's Day gift from Church.

We headed on down to Outback Steakhouse at Millenia Walk, because we needed to go to Suntec City to pick up my Mum's gift. When we reached there, the place was packed and it was some time before we were served. Totally understandable given that they seem short handed, and I was more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case as they also had their hands full with several tables who were pretty demanding, to say the least. Coming from an F & B background, I am pretty relaxed at these incidences, as long as they don't come to a point whereby there is no customer service or that the food quality leaves much to be desired. In such cases, I would just choose to leave and not return, as I don't see any point in creating a scene or demanding to speak to the Management. It just makes us as customers look ugly for even though there is always 2 sides to a story, things said in anger can reflect extremely badly.

After about a half an hour wait, our orders arrived, and BabyMoo, who was starting to fuss, was placated with a wonderfully done pasta and thick cut fries from Daddy's plate. It was also a pleasant surprise that there was a staff going round to take complimentary photos of the families who were there - in conjunction with Mother's Day. BabyMoo thoroughly co-operated, even managing a half-smile for the lady who was cooing at him prior to taking the photo! 

Of course, there had to be a family at the next table who requested to have their photo re-taken 3x, after the guy (who appeared to, and I hope - was paying the bill for the family of 8.) asked 20,000 questions about how they are going to go about giving us the print, whether they can get the soft copy and if they are able to get 3 prints (No, but the poor girl had to relent when he offered to split the bill 3-ways and separate the tables). For heavens sakes, Uncle - it's a complimentary photo provided by the restaurant out of goodwill!! If you want to have soft copies etc, why not use your iPhone / camera and request for the staff to take photos for you? I would even gladly help you if the staff aren't free!

Well... anyways - I thought the photo was a nice touch, even though I look like I could lose a few pounds here. My left profile photographs better - I should have done what that Uncle at the next table did, and requested for a retake! :D

Mother's Day memento from Outback Steakhouse at Millenia Walk.

Went to Suntec City's Swarovski store to collect my mum's Mother's Day gift - which my Mum actually reserved to collect on Monday because they didn't have the ring in her size at the Ion Orchard outlet. My helper told me about it, and I thought that it would make a perfect gift for her since she chose it herself! We didn't go for any Mother's Day dinner this year... because she had a dinner to attend on Saturday evening and a wedding to attend on Sunday itself - but we figured that she would prefer the gift over a fattening dinner any day!

My Mum and I have totally different tastes when it comes to almost everything, but I quite like the ring choice this time round. I wonder if I'm becoming more like her as I grow older... for I remember an old saying that if one would like to know how one's girlfriend / wife will look like when they're old, just take a look at her mother. Hmmm... I'll try to keep the bouffant as low as possible before I succumb to it!

Mother's Day gift for Oma Kartika!

It was a happy Mother's Day weekend for me. Even though there were not conventional cake or presents (since DaddyMoo officially declared BabyMoo and himself non-conformists when it comes to celebrating another day which was designed for the benefit of florists, restaurants and Hallmark) for me, I think that priceless moments shared with the boys and the extended family are more precious.

In fact, ever since I had BabyMoo, every day is Mother's Day to me. Hope your weekend was as good, if not more wonderful, than ours was!


  1. Sounds like a great fulfilling weekend of fun! I love reading about your weekends!

    1. Hi Cindy! I love love love the weekends, and Im sure the baby loves it too! :)

  2. Hi Regina, Wow, you guys really go all out to celebrate! Good family bonding. BabyMoo is so cute!

    1. Hi ya! Thanks for stopping by :)

      We try to make weekends fun for the family, given that we work so much on weekdays and baby doesn't get to spend much time with us.

      Thanks for the compliment! I think he's cute, too... But Im biased! Haha...

  3. Wow, your weekend was very eventful! Am amazed on how much energy you all have! :)

    1. Hi Sherlyn!

      Actually we get tired halfway thru the day, but since the boy doesn't, his poor old parents have to entertain him! :)

      We enjoy the time spent with him, so we try our best.



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