Weekend Wanderings #3: Poked, prodded and Jabbed.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Not a very fun weekend for BabyMoo. He had to go for his compulsory vaccinations while nursing a slight cough which started on Friday evening, so we decided that we'll take a break from outdoor play this weekend.

The weather has been rather erratic as well, with the sun blazing away throughout a tropical shower, so many people have been succumbing to illnesses during this period. What with the onset of HFMD which isn't showing signs of abating any time soon, it's tough being an adult through these times, more so a curious kid who doesn't really understand why Mummy and Daddy isn't as fun as usual.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

BabyMoo wears black Henley tee from Zara Kids, 3/4 jeans from Baby Gap and black sneakers with red trims from Adidas Kids.

We headed down to Dr Teoh's clinic at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre for BabyMoo's required vaccinations. He had a touch of the cough on Friday evening, but since it wasn't too bad, doc mentioned that he was good to go. BabyMoo recognised the clinic as a pretty grim place, and didn't like it much when he was called in.

Entertaining himself while waiting for his turn.

Dr. Teoh mentioned that BabyMoo was growing well, and belonged to the 97 percentile of babies according to the health screening. At 16 months and 2 weeks (I stopped counting in weeks after he hit 12 months!) he is 85cm tall, and weighed in at 12.5kg. Well done, umm... Mummy?! :)

One needle and a cocktail of MMR, Hep A, Chicken pox solutions left my pockets jingling with only loose change. A piercing scream left my ears ringing. I hate jabs as much as BabyMoo hates them, but we recognise that they are necessary preventive measures. He couldn't wait to get out of the room, and kept on waving goodbye to dear old doc while he was still updating his health book!

We had lunch at Sushi Tei and crossed the road to Ngee Ann City for a spot of window shopping. Spotted Big Ben's pies at Takashimaya's basement - and DaddyMoo decided to get some Steak and Guinness pies because he remembered them to be pretty good while they were still located at a shophouse in the East... but he mentioned that they were really disappointing this time round. Tasteless filling, and somehow the pie crust tastes manufactured; nothing like the savoury pies which were sold then.

I saw a queue at a new store located within the Basement itself (where Beard Papa used to be) and like a true blue Singaporean, I decided to check out what the fuss was all about.

Mini One Chocolate croissants
(I wondered about the Japanese origin, when the name is so Singlish it can pass off as one of our own! I want a 'mini one' - there ya go!)

Mini chocolate croissants from Japan - kinda like Mrs. Field's nibblers, but with a chocolatey glaze and filling. Not too sweet - and BabyMoo loved them! Bought 5 pieces at $5.40, which is considerably pretty expensive given that the croissants were less than a palm size each. DaddyMoo preferred the regular ones... which is savoury sweet as opposed to the regular salty butter croissants that we're used to.

We made our way to Kinokuniya while BabyMoo napped, but of course, he woke up hot and bothered just as I was making my selection, and saved me a pretty good sum of money because I didn't think he will take too well to waiting around for Mummy while she queues to purchase the books! And a long queue it was, too... which made me think that Borders closing was all their gain.

We love The Better Toy Store. Major love. If only we had more space!

Realistic, moving display. Nature and animals without the dirt and responsibilities associated with keeping a pet and cleaning up after it. What's not to love?

We walked down to 313 @ Somerset because BabyMoo is in his I-want-to-walk-everywhere phase, and we decided to indulge him. Amazingly, he walked the stretch without stopping or asking to be carried! Well... we did carry him across traffic lights junctions for safety, but otherwise, my baby has grown up! I think of him trawling the streets of Orchard Road with his friends, without the assuring hand of his Mummy to guide him along, and I am sad. DaddyMoo just thinks I'm nuts.

Went to the Food Republic at 313, and found a little corner with a (not very well maintained) mini playground. No swings, slides or structures... more interactive Science Centre fixtures which is supposedly (more) educational.

BabyMoo was more interested in the bird's eye view of the construction site opposite, with its cranes, diggers and tractors!

We went on to buy some groceries, and headed on home for dinner. We didn't stay out too late as BabyMoo needed rest, and although he wouldn't sleep at home anyways, we figured that we will do the good parent thing and make sure that he doesn't fall ill.

Well... he busied himself at home, ran away from the bathroom when Mummy was testing the water (he hates to bathe with warm water) and was caught rummaging through the grocery bags. Had the cheek to look sheepish when I told him not to bruise the apples!

Caught red-handed rummaging through the groceries - all sweaty and needing a bath... in his favourite squatting position, too!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

BabyMoo seems much better today, but we're watching out for fever and other signs due to the vaccinations yesterday. 

BabyMoo wears 'Keepin it Cool' Tee from Mothercare, Cargo pants from Fox Kids and Red Skeinie Sandals from The Elly Store.

DaddyMoo couldn't wake up in time for the 11.15am Mass at Church of The Holy Cross, so we decided to go to the 12.30pm Mass at Church of St Teresa's instead. He woke up in a great mood because 'his' team, Chelsea, won the UEFA Champions League! The Finals stretched till 5.30am with all the extra time and penalty kicks and dramatics, so that was the reason why BabyMoo and I had to wait for him to wake up.

BabyMoo got bored during the service, and was intent on running round the church hall... so I had to take him out and keep him company while he walks the grounds instead. He spotted the swings and a mini slide, and was entertained for the rest of the hour, while mummy melted in the heat.

Love the old fashioned rusty swing. Brings back a lot of memories growing up!

We then proceeded to VivoCity for lunch, and had Dim Sum (YUM!) at No Signboard Seafood. BabyMoo had the Century egg and pork porridge (Mummy ate all the Century eggs) and had some Barbecued Pork Buns as well.

Waiting for his lunch

The famous finger points again!

We walked the grounds after lunch, and BabyMoo got a battle scar on his chin when he fell and scraped it on the tar ground. Didn't faze him much - because there were just too many distractions! He wanted to wade in the catchment area, and we promised that we will bring him to a water park instead next week. 

Saw this newly opened store which sells all things vintage at VivoCity. Pretty stuff at Mono Yono #01-92. Love their whole store set up!

Check out the store front! A treasure trove within.

We walked along the Promenade because the boy wants to... and he marvelled at the ships anchored and ferries plying the waters. He enjoyed himself despite the heat - while Mummy got grumpy and Daddy melted.

We brought him to the playground as well, when we saw that it wasn't too crowded. Half of it was closed for renovations / repairs - so that could be the reason for the lack of a crowd.

We then had dinner at Dian Xiao Er. We have been meaning to try the place, but there was always an insane queue at all the outlets over the weekends, so we never got round to it. There was surprisingly no queue at dinner time yesterday, so we took the opportunity to find out the reason for its popularity.

It was a good dinner. We ordered the Braised Ee Fu Noodles and Spinach in Superior Stock to share with BabyMoo, while Daddy got some 10-Treasure Herbed Duck. All the dishes were tasty, and the duck had a crispy skin although it was braised. BabyMoo approved of his spinach and noodles, so it will definitely not be the last time that we will be patronising the chain. We just have to go at non-peak hours since I'm not willing to wait in line!

All things considered, even with the jabs and the threat of a cough and cold, I think we had a bit of fun over the weekend.

Things usually are fun despite everything else, when done as a family.


  1. Love the beautiful stuff at Mono Yono too.. wish the store was bigger! :)hope you have more fun the rest of the week too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. I sure hope so, too!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Ai!

  2. babymoo is sooooo chubby! mm.. i like keke!
    i remembered mine stood at the door of the doctor's room and refused to go in haha! because they remembered being jabbed by the doctor :D

    1. Hi Jean!

      I think as they get more aware of their surroundings, they associate things (extremely well!) and then our problems start :D

      BabyMoo was hesitant to go in as well - but he did because he was attracted to the singing toy bird that was in the doc's room. I think after this round, he won't be so easily fooled!

  3. Way to go at 97 percentile! Sophie's been an average height and weight toddler, but I sure hopes she grows up taller than me. I noticed that you're dressing Baby Moo well :) Very stylish choice of clothes.

    1. Hi Susan,

      BabyMoo was a normal height and weight newborn. He started growing fast at 2 weeks, and I was concerned because he weighed 6kg at 6 weeks old! Doc mentioned that growth spurts take place at different times for different babies, so we haven't really looked back since then. He's had a good appetite since young (he was always hungry as a breastfed baby although my milk supply was more than sufficient) so I think that attributed to his growth.

      Most important is that the kids are well and healthy, regardless of their physical development.

      Sophie looks just like you (lucky lucky you!) and I think you both will have so much fun being 'sisters'!

  4. Gosh! What a biiiiiig busy weekend for you guys!! Hey St Theresa's is near my house!

    1. Actually this weekend was more 'relaxed' than normal! :D

  5. Wow your BabyMoo is a walking fashion show! :)

    1. Hi Pam!

      Mummy dresses him up so that Mummy can get away with looking like a frump. People are more interested in him, anyways! Haha!!

  6. Long queue at Kino coz they were having a 20% discount on books for members that weekend :)

    Dian Xiao Er food depends on the branch, the one at T3 is so-so only.



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