Weekend Wanderings #1: "The style is the boy himself"

Monday, 7 May 2012

Starting today, I think I'm going to try to make Mondays more of a day to look forward to by recounting the worthwhile moments experienced over the weekend.

Sometimes as a narration, at other times in pictures, but always with happy thoughts of a weekend of fun with my two boys. We can do everything and nothing, but when we do things as a family - every place visited seems to have its magical appeal.

As full-time working parents, me and the hubs live for the weekends. Not because Saturdays and Sundays are days of rest, but these are the 2 days we can spend doing wonderful things as a family. Well - not so wonderful, sometimes, when the boy has mall melt downs or we can't decide on where to go or what to eat... but apart from the fact that it can be challenging to look for kid friendly places with activities for the boy in (almost claustrophobic) sunny Singapore, making BabyMoo happy makes us happy, too.

Now that he's more aware of his surroundings and the people around him, BabyMoo needs no prompting to take his Saturday morning bath, and allows us to dress him without his usual acrobatics. This change is imminent after that one time when DaddyMoo told him that if he wants us to have to chase after his naked self to get ready to go out, we will all jolly well stay home. I remember he looked at Daddy balefully then and scampered to the bed, where I was waiting (almost frustrated after chasing him round the house 2x) with his diaper in hand.

He even takes out his comb after he puts on his shirt - because Mummy told him that he would need to have his hair combed again if I did it pre-shirt. DaddyMoo just shakes his head, resigned to a life with a pedantic fash-hag has been, and her up and coming protégée.

Even though the hubs accompanies him on playgrounds and water parks, BabyMoo only wants Mummy when he's hungry or sleepy. Carrying a 13kg 16month old is no joke, and although I'm fastidious about style, etc - I don't think I would want to risk my son's safety or breaking a bone (not to mention losing the glam!) just to strut around in a skirt and 4 inch heels. Since I figured out that I'm stuck with wearing sandals and shorts whenever we're out on weekends for comfort and ease, I might as well make the boy the epitome of my personal style!

So I've lamented on the challenges of finding cool clothes for boys. I've avoided racks full of wonderful girl's dresses like the Black Plague, because they would just make me seethe for the lack of its gender equivalent. I've managed to somehow find a lot of few choice pieces that I'm sure would last for quite some time, and wouldn't make me barf for the cuteness overload. Now we all know that kids outgrow their clothes faster than we can change their diaper, so along with the weekend wrap, I will document BabyMoo's weekend wear, so that in the future, when he reads all these accounts about him, him and more him - he will either:

1) Roll his eyes and exclaim: "MUM!! You've gotta be kidding me!"
2) think to himself: "I thought I was born cool, but apparently, Mummy introduced that concept to me - way even before I could walk."

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shirt and Shorts from Chateu De Sable and red Skeinies sandals from the Elly store.

We had lunch at Modesto's, after which we picked up a few pizzas for a pot luck gathering at a friend's place.

Waiting for his Fusilli Pomodoro Con Crema and Seabass.

We went to S's house for a scheduled presentation about essential oils, which I will review in a separate post (if I ever get round to it). S gathered 8 of us to find out more about the benefits of these oils for everyday use, and I found it extremely useful in terms of discovering more about the uses of different types of oils (such as thieves, peppermint, lavender and RC, to name a few) to prevent and heal ailments as well as to aid in overall well-being.

While I sat in on the talk, BabyMoo and Daddy had a splashing good time along with the other kids and their daddies at the pool!

More than just the benefits of the oils learned, it was great company along with great food and desserts. J made spectacular chocolate and banana moist cupcakes, wolfed down with relish by BabyMoo - even before I could take a picture! Chicken and avocado sandwiches, along with a not-so-healthy fruit salad, pizza, tortilla chips and stuffed deep-fried tofu made for a pleasant afternoon.

BabyMoo had lots of fun after the swim in little A's playroom, and he protested vehemently when it was time for us to leave.

We made our way to the Singapore Science Centre next, since S told me last week that BabyMoo would so enjoy the WaterPark and EcoGarden there.

We didn't go to the waterpark, given that BabyMoo had his water fun earlier, but he enjoyed himself tremendously with all the buttons to push and interactive displays. Although the displays would benefit school going children more, he nevertheless had fun running around freely in the expanse of space and cool environment.

Being his usual bossy self. Trying to teach girls who are much older!

Never too young to learn about the birds and the bees.

I never knew.

We went to Orchard 313 for dinner and an ice-cream treat after that for BabyMoo, from our favourite store! Never mind that he was so fuelled by the sugar rush, that it was a very very late night for the tireless bunny, along with his exhausted Mummy and Daddy!

Chocolate Ice-cream from Maggie Moo's

Sunday, 6 May 2012

BabyMoo turns 16 months old today!

Timberland tee shirt and Osh Kosh B'Gosh Jumper, worn with Koura from See Kai Run.

We went to Church of St Teresa's for the 12.30pm service, and had lunch at Marche (VivoCity). BabyMoo had pasta again - and wolved down 3/4 of the big bowl! We contemplated going to Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa for some water fun, but the dark skies weren't promising, so we decided to stave off that plan for another (non) rainy day.

We then headed down to the airport to pick my Mum up, back from attending a good friend's birthday in Indonesia. BabyMoo is a happy bub at the aiport... with so many things to see, places to run around, and skytrains to ride on... what's not to love?

Fountains, too! A number of them, in fact, kept the boy enthralled.

All too soon, the weekend was over. BabyMoo was fretful as the sun went down... the way he usually gets on Sunday evenings. It's as though he knows that the fun had over the weekend was all too brief and fleeting, and Monday will herald another 5 ordinary days.

Time sure flies when you're having fun, but memories do last forever.


  1. Hi Regina, I totally understand your challenges of finding decent clothes for boys as I don't like to dress my son in cartoony stuff either! I've actually set up an online website for kids, do check out www.myecobabe.com/boys when you have some time and let me know if there is anything you like :) thanks and sorry for the self-promotion!

    1. Hi Sherlyn,

      Oooooo!! New place to buy clothes for the boy! :)

      I don't fancy the cutesy stuff either - plus I wouldn't want my son to hate me when he looks at pictures of himself as a toddler next time!



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