So you think it's easy being a woman?

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Everyday we are assailed with ads and images that can do wonders to wrecking the self-esteem. Most advertisements are targeted at women - for they are deemed to be more gullible, naive and easier to influence than their male counterparts (reasons for which totally escape me).

. You're too fat.
. You're too skinny.
. Your sex life is rubbish.
. You're not supposed to enjoy having sex.
. Your life in general is rubbish. But not as bad as hers.
. Your children hate you.
. Why haven't you had children?
. You're too young to have kids.
. You're too old to have kids.
. You're wrinkled, and therefore used-up and no use to man nor beast.
. You need a man.
. You don't need a man.
. Your hair is terrible.
. Your skin is terrible.
. You're beautiful just the way you are.
. You're ugly.
. You're not in quite enough debt. Have some more money.
. Your tits are too small.
. Your tits are too big, and they're saggy.

Organic products ad

I suppose in a lot of ways, that's true... it is by far easier to make a woman go out and buy stuff that she doesn't really need simply because it looks really good and comes in 'oh-so-many-pretty colours!'or it comes banded with a 'free' sample of a complementing product or the trial price is too good to be missed... amongst many other reasons.

Basically, it's about the marketing and advertising guys playing up to a woman's insecurities, fears and hopes. It's no big secret... and most women are aware of this fact, too. Yet they are still torn apart by the power of advertising, especially one that represents the dream of a better life.

I've been in advertising, marketing and promotions for too damn long - and I am still guilty of being swayed by a powerful image or two. I have found myself on numerous ocassions having to buy a certain thing simply because of the 'promise' that it conveys. I do so fully aware that the advertising dollar is such that it will bow down to the most difficult and picky consumers - blinding them in such a clever, stealthy way that they are rendered powerless.

I've had impulse buys, stuff that I have never worn since the day I bought it, shoes of the same design in 5 different colours, scores of nail polish in colours that I would never dream of wearing, and tubes of lipstick in every imaginable shade.

I am, at most times - a woman, after all.


  1. I feel the same way abt these ads. Studied them back in school too. It's funny cos I'm aware of the effects, but on some days I still get swayed, and on others I just shut my eyes and look the other direction. I don't think we're manipulated that easily, we're women after all. :P

    1. We ALLOW ourselves to be swayed, in many many cases! Haha!!

    2. And I tell my self that, "It's alright to pamper my self once awhile."...

  2. That's why I feel it's really difficult to raise our daughters in this media saturated world! Everyday I'm telling my girl she is beautiful and not believe otherwise!

  3. looking at your 2nd last para... oh my lady! You are WORST then me! Go shopping with me, my gfs love to coz most of the time I will stop them from impulsive buying :P

  4. So true about the insecurities part man! We all have so many insecurities its crazy! Haha



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