Weekend Wanderings #4: The Flu Bug shall not get the better of me!

Monday, 28 May 2012

I wasn't in the best of health last weekend, but of course, that didn't stop me from having fun with the boys!

Chasing after BabyMoo with a stuffy nose whilst sneezing my head off made me a very exhausted Mummy, but seeing the smile on his face made it all worthwhile. Doesn't matter that Mummy caught the flu bug from him - and while he only had a drippy nose last Monday... I got it in a much worse way!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

BabyMoo wears checked shirt from Gap Kids, navy shorts from Chateau De Sable
and navy sandals from Little Colettee.

We decided to go off the beaten path and check out Rochester Park. Have heard about Seb's Bistro housing 'The Playhouse' there, so we thought that we'd have a look. The place was pretty easy to find... and I like that their website provides a detailed direction to the place either by car or by public transport.

Seb's bistro is a great place to chill out... and on a Saturday morning, there was only 2 families having brunch at the al fresco dining area. The patio is huge and surrounded by cicada calls, almost an unspoilt natural existence. Thankfully, the weather was cool and balmy, otherwise I think Daddy and BabyMoo would have melted despite the rotating fans!

We decided to give brunch a miss and proceed to The Playhouse located within the premises.

Please ignore the 'Socks On Please' blurb... we brought socks but the staff didn't mention anything about it... plus the children and adults in the area weren't all wearing socks!

It was like being invited for a play date at a huge child's play room. There weren't any climbing structures apart from a mini slide at the centre of the hall with a meagre count of balls in the pit. There was a selection of toys and ride-ons, though... but most of it are either spoiled or in dire need of a thorough cleaning. The floor was not padded (although from what I've heard - it previously was), but since it was covered with laminate, it was still safer than hard ground.

There were a few mums sharing a mid morning tete a tete, while their toddling children were left to roam free. Since there weren't any structures which needed supervision, they were left in relative peace. I found the run-down conditions pretty sad, really... because with the luxury of space and the surrounding community as regulars, the place has so much potential to be a great destination for both mums and babes while they are still at that age where they are curious to explore, yet not old enough for regular playgrounds.

BabyMoo got bored after about 45minutes (thankfully it wasn't expensive for a two hour session!).

We headed down to Tampines Mall for lunch because we had to attend a friend's brother's wedding at Pasir Ris in the late afternoon. We met up with a friend for coffee and cake before heading down... and BabyMoo was thoroughly taken by Uncle Birdie! BabyMoo is extremely particular about being friendly to males (he is a regular Auntie killer, and reserves his sweetest smiles for sweet young things).

Uncle B made him laugh and entertained him till he chortled non-stop... and showing him that picture of the topless Anime girl on his phone sure made him a happening 'friend' to BabyMoo! He shook his head with gusto every time we showed him the phone with his favourite apps on-screen after that. Birdie... Imma gonna keel you!

We went to F's brother's wedding, and I was thoroughly impressed by the pomp and pageantry of the Malay wedding that took place. It's been a long long time since I attended one, so I didn't realise that such a grand setting can be arranged without the benefit of a fully equipped function / event hall.

BabyMoo was so intrigued at the music and celebrations...

He stared transfixed at the wedding couple... and wanted to go nearer the stage for a closer look.

So this was where he and I stood for a good half an hour!
(that's our friend in white)

He made friends at the playground...

... and had his first taste of Biryani (he loved it!)

We went to Changi Airport since it was on the way... intending to have a late dinner there. BabyMoo loves the airport for its wide open space and things to see - while we loved it because he can run around in relatively safe surroundings without running into people or tripping over structures.


Candy, chocolate and chips section at NTUC Supermarket, T3

We wanted to have dinner there... but the insane queues at all the restaurants meant that we had to order dinner to take-away instead. While waiting for our orders, we went to Planet Traveller - which sold all kinds of travel essentials for both adults and kids!

Love the backpacks... but DaddyMoo glared at me when I wanted to buy one for the boy, because guess who will end up carrying it?

Spotted a travel pillow for kids - and I thought that it would be a great solution to support BabyMoo's head when he's asleep on his car seat.

It doesn't work. It just makes his head flop forwards instead of sideways! An expensive mistake with the best intentions (I tell myself).

Meanwhile... BabyMoo yelled and screamed in hunger on the way home - not surprising since it was close to 9.00pm and it was a pretty long while since he had his last meal. The last time we visited the airport for dinner, we thought that the crowds were due to the Mother's Day weekend, but apparently not. No more attempted airport dinners from here on!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

BabyMoo started off with this:

Linen shirt and shorts from Underwater World, Singapore, purple high tops from Asics kids.

We went to Church of the Holy Cross for the 11.15am Mass, but halfway through the service, BabyMoo decided to crouch at the corner of the children's room and do his 'thing' with a preceding gas emission which made the parents in the room stifle a smile and made his parents embarrassed beyond words. He made sure to complete the deed with little grunts as well. Happy days.

Since there was no changing room in the premises, we decided to drive home instead since it was much nearer than going elsewhere. He protested upon reaching home (because he hasn't had his share of fun, and thinks that we aren't going anywhere else) and struggled, so he and Mummy had to take another bath in the process!

So he ended up wearing this:
Long sleeved tee from H & M Kids, Jeans from Gap Kids and navy sandals from Little Colettee

We went to Ion Orchard and ended up at Food Opera there for lunch, because DaddyMoo wanted to eat the Fishball Noodles. It really is tasty and the fishballs bouncy - and apparently we weren't the only ones who thought so. Long queue at the stall, so DaddyMoo had the Beefball noodles instead. I ordered Roasted Duck Rice to share with the boy... and ended up with only 4 slivers of duck meat. He practically finished the entire bowl of rice plus a good portion of the Duck drumstick - so I suppose we would have to start ordering his own portions from here on. Either that, or Mummy goes on diet.

We went to Sony service centre at Wisma Atria because my camera was jammed (the lens was half in, half out, and I couldn't switch the camera on). Daddy did the queuing, while the boy entertained himself.

Went to Ngee Ann City next, and decided to check out the new French bakery, Donq and see if it lives up to the hype. There was thankfully, no queue... so I went to make my selection. I was quite surprised at the prices... so I told the hubs that since I'm paying $2.80 for a smaller than usual regular type of bread (with tuna / sausage / ham filling) and $4.00 for an onion and ham piece - they better be good.

At $12.40 for 4 pieces of bread - they are really nothing to shout about. I'm still disappointed as I write this. I've had better ones from Pullman Bakery at Millenia Walk and Maison Kayser at Scotts Square for a fraction of the price and triple the taste!

Passed by Ngee Ann City Square and BabyMoo was entertained by the line dancing event held by Anlene, no doubt as part of their Active Ageing drive. These women and men were dancing with gusto... and I doubt that I could have matched their stamina! BabyMoo bopped to the music from the sidelines... prompting the Aunties to ask him to join them.

Headed on down to Great World City after that because we thought of giving Amazonia another chance after the previous unpleasant incident there which didn't allow us the opportunity to check out the place. We have to at least try out these places once, and let BabyMoo decide for himself if he likes the place or otherwise... and not deny him the options just because the grown ups didn't like it.

Full house!

There were 2 birthday parties going on, so the place was packed to the rafters. The toddler area was pretty small, but BabyMoo made the best of the structures while we waited for the main area to clear out (for the birthday activities) so that he can have a go on the big slide with Daddy without having to get in the way of the big kids. 

At the toddler area (below 3)

Daddy took him out on the big slide next. BabyMoo wanted to get into the ball pit, but since there were big kids who were fighting in there, he didn't get to jump in.

He loved the slide!

Up and down they went... and BabyMoo squealed with delight each and every single time. We prefer Polliwogs for its structures and space. Although Amazonia seems bigger, it was vertically more so as opposed to Polliwogs. More fun for older kids who are able to run around and be safe without much supervision. The structure at Amazonia is not fully accessible by adults, so if we have a younger kid, we aren't able to go to the higher recesses.

BabyMoo was exhausted at the end of the day... and went to sleep after a very full dinner.

It was a fun weekend for the Moos...hope your weekend was as fun as ours was - if not more so! Do share!


  1. We had a fun weekend too..went bowling and to the Army Open house. Will blog about those later when I get the pictures uploaded.

    1. Have heard about the Open House! Look forward to reading about it. :)

  2. Wah... what a long post! I like that you blog BabyMoo's OOTD (outfit of the day)! What a cute idea (gives me shopping ideas too)!

    1. Hi Sandra!

      I'm a rambler... can't help it! Haha!!

      It's a challenge to shop for boys here. The stuff are either cutesy or make them look like a walking stuffed animal :D



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