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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Recently there has been a discussion about finding a distinctive 'voice' to one's blog amongst the Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) community. Jennifer has duly made her opinions known (thru a blog post, of course) and she has pointed out some important notes that I believe all bloggers should always bear in mind.

How do we determine the nature of our respective blogs, create our own style, and convey our thoughts effectively? Is there even a need to ensure that these points are adhered to, and blogging as a mode of communication to a target audience is maximised to its fullest potential? Most importantly, why do we blog?

A blog is personal, but there is definitely a narcissistic streak in any blogger. Thoughts and feelings can easily be kept in mind and in the heart, but when we choose to bare all in a public post, it would be foolish to think that it will fulfil the same purpose as writing in a leather bound journal locked and kept under the pillow, whereupon the key that unlocks those words are worn around one's neck. Bloggers write for an audience, regardless of what some claim - and there is nothing that will please a blogger more than raves about a post, except maybe finding out that it has been shared a gazillion of times on social media sites in a positive light.

Outreach is everything... so I'm not fooled by someone who claims that they blog just to please themselves. Not to be confused by someone who is not affected by whether their blog has an audience or otherwise - they write for a great many reasons, but not primarily to please an audience. It's a bonus if their blog gets more and more unique hits, but they will still churn out their thoughts even though the numbers remain stagnant.

And then there are those who blog simply for attention per se. A simple meal, outing or event can be re-created to read and look like an excerpt from Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous. With a stroke of the keyboard, they are transported into a whimsical fairy tale world where boyfriends / husbands are thoughtful and sweet, (with constant ideas up his sleeves on how to make the lady happy), friends are understanding and kind, children are angels who listen to reason, Stepford wives drop by for play dates and sip TWG tea in the kitchen which has freshly baked cupcakes and muffins on the counter top. They leave the faithful followers drooling in envy, and wondering why their lives seem so mundane and boring in comparison. After all, who doesn't love drama, right?

After awhile, we can always tell the type of blogger just by a post alone. I have the utmost respect for the bloggers who are true to life, who face the same trials and challenges that the ordinary man does, and who have the inevitable problems with husbands, kids, families and friends. They write in jest, in anger, in sadness, in happiness, in joy. They tell it like it is, just to share an experience, or to seek an opinion from a reader. They are comfortable with their words, simply because in honesty, there is no need to remember a trail of events - it comes naturally. They write their thoughts and opinions in their own 'voice', and writing aside, they will still be the same person if you were to have a regular conversation with them.

My blog posts are an extension to my thoughts. It documents observations, experiences, feelings and opinions. They are a testament to my personal space, and it's an outlet for me to vent, relate, and gush. In short, my posts are about me as well as the people and happenings around me, told as sincerely as possible. They aren't sugar coated for envy, neither are they sensationalised for sympathy. They are as is - perhaps with necessary editing to weed out the horrible words that surface in my mind when I'm in the middle of a rant, or to protect the feelings of others when I'm grousing.

Writing has always been my opiate. When I'm upset, angry, or just don't know what to do... writing my thoughts down enable me to actually put things in perspective. It seems clearer, somehow, and what upset or perplexed me initially doesn't seem too bad after a paragraph or two. I have often gotten solutions to a problem just by putting my questions and fears into words, for I find that when things are listed down, our minds are able to siphon out the unnecessary worries which can often cloud our judgement. When I'm happy and feeling good, writing makes me remember... and the documented thoughts can be relived over and over again on days when I need a nudge to walk to happy lane.

I'd like to think I have my own personal blog 'voice'. I do not hope or wish to inspire, neither do I want to be perceived as a role model, although should I be able to help someone in whatever way possible through my posts, that would be a bonus in my objectives-as-a-blogger list. I write as honestly and sincerely as I am able to - what you read is what you get.

I live in awe of words because they can be cruel and kind, alter perception and opinions, and are potent in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

Words can hurt or heal - what did yours do today?


  1. Well said! More words then mine kekeke~

    And this blog-ID discussion leads me to think of something else which I will blog abt it later.

    1. Inspired ah?!! WAH!!

      I inspired someone! :D

    2. yeah! *applause*

      Our grp are always inspiring or get inspired by some others every day :)

  2. What I like about blogging is that I have my own space. I realised that along the way, instead of raving, I dug out happy moments and reminisce it in the blog, like showcasing my digi-scrapbook:), my frustration or worry cleared right after that.
    Meeting & learn from kind stranger like you and other mind-alike is definitely a bonus to me! You all tend to walk the talk and reliable;)!

    1. Pc!! It was great to have met you too!

      And I agree about the personal space. It's a form of retreat as well, where we can be free to express ourselves, within reason, of course! :)

  3. yesh yesh... absolutely Mrs Moo! I hear you! when we write, at least impress ourselves before others right? Ok. :p

    1. Ya lor!! Sometimes I read what I wrote and I think: WOAH! I wrote THAT? :D

      Same as your photos also lah. They always have a hidden meaning, which perhaps only you (and a few discerning ones) will be able to see.



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