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Friday, 29 June 2012

When Alicia from An Accidental Homeschooling Mum suggested that BabyMoo and I take part in this project along with 14 other Mums, I was rather apprehensive because I didn't think that BabyMoo, being all of 17 months old and a regular self-rechargeable Duracell bunny, will be able to sit still long enough to contribute much to a craft session! I decided to give it a try because I feel that that is a perfect opportunity for me to start trying to stimulate his interest in the arts and see where it will lead.

Then there's me racking my brains trying to think of a craft which is simple enough for him to do with minimal help, and done with simple items which can be found in the home.

I then remembered a craft done by my friend, S a couple of months ago - for her daughter, and thought that it will be perfect for our inaugural craft session. This is pretty easy to do, and Mums who think that they may not be too 'artistically inclined' have no excuse whatsoever to not attempt this craft with the kids!


Materials required:
  • Daddy's old sock (ankle length is best)
  • Toilet paper roll insert
  • Kitchen funnel
  • A piece of cardboard (I cut 4 triangular shapes before we did the craft so that BabyMoo will not have access to scissors at the table)
  • 6 pieces of round velcro stick-ons (this can be purchased at any craft shop or stationery store)
  • A pair of wiggle eyes (also can be purchased from craft shop or stationery store)
  • A measure of green beans (any grain-like substance for e.g: rice / red bean / barley can be used)
  • Rubber band
from bottom left, in clockwise direction:
Wiggle eyes, triangular shapes cut out from a piece of light cardboard, toilet paper roll insert, funnel, green beans (and rubber band), round velcro stick-ons, Daddy's (brand new) sock!

Here's BabyMoo (still in his PJs!) getting initiated into the world of Arts & Crafts.

Mum...meh!! I'm a Uni-babybeh!

I told him that we're going to do a toy for Daddy... as a belated Father's Day Gift! BabyMoo got excited, and dragged his yellow plastic chair to the coffee table without any prompting from me. He sat down and started inspecting the items, one by one. I am not too worried about using the green beans with him as BabyMoo isn't one to place objects in his mouth carelessly, and is pretty discerning when it comes to edible / non-edible foods.

1. We started off with putting the toilet paper roll insert into the sock. BabyMoo tried his best... but he got rather frustrated when he couldn't encase the roll completely using the sock!

2. I then pasted on two half sides of velcro onto the front portion of the sock, where the eyes should be, pasting the other halves onto the wiggle eyes. I next asked BabyMoo to help me 'place' the eyes onto the velcro.

3. We did the same for the triangular cut-outs, which represents the legs.

4. I used velcro so that BabyMoo can attach and detach these to practise his motor skills. He was so happy to have pasted these on himself, and clapped every time he got the placement right. He was able to do the rest on his own after I showed him how to attach the first eye.

5. The green beans are then poured into the sock using the funnel. We got stuck halfway, so I turned the funnel over and used the wide side instead!

6. I secured the end using a rubber band, and 'fluffed' up the sock's end so that it looks more like a puffy tail.

BabyMoo trying to push the dog into the funnel.

7. Here's our Stuffed Sock Doggy!

We've christened him: "sMOOp Dogg"!

BabyMoo remembered that we were doing it for Daddy... and carried it into the room proudly, looking for his Daddy. He then whacked Daddy to wake him up. (The Bean Bag effect of the stuffed dog may well have a lot to do with that reaction!). Daddy was as pleased as punch... and thanked BabyMoo for a job well done. He held it all of 5 seconds, before BabyMoo grabbed it off him and decided that it makes a nice addition to the other items in his shopping trolley.

I'm pretty pleased that our first craft session has gone as well as it did. In fact, just to push boundaries, I played BabyMoo's favourite DVD throughout, and he was not distracted at all! I confess, I have not been overly productive when it comes to doing crafts and such with the boy... but after this, seeing that he has enjoyed it as much as I did, I'm sure that we will have many more sessions to look forward to!

Have I mentioned that I'm so proud of him? :)


Next crafty fun idea:

Sarah's going to be serving up a colourful and easy 'Crazy Box Birthday Cake' craft even toddlers can do.

About Sarah, Play Chief

Sarah is an educator-storyteller-writer turned domestic circus ringmistress. She currently runs her circus show 24/7 starring 3 males, and counting. It can be a mad yet fulfilling life.

A passionate advocate for more playfulness in life, Sarah enjoys sharing ideas and resources on
practical ways to live more creatively, artfully and playfully on her blog.
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  1. Can't wait for my girl to grow up so I can start crafting with her!

    1. She will soon be running around!! :)

  2. This is so cool! Angel loves crafts to the max and it's not only a good way to stimulate their creativity and train up their patience, it's also a bonding experience too, don't you think so? This 2 weeks of creative fun initiative is such a great idea! =)

    1. Yes it is... although depending on their age, Mummy gets to enjoy it more! Haha!!

  3. That's quite cool! So green in the toilet roll is to create sound? (like a maraca) or just as stuffing?

    1. To create a (muffled) sound a la beanbag! They love the feel of it, too!

  4. Who wouldn't be proud? :) so cute the craft and easy for Babymoo to help with it! Woof!

  5. Yay!!! Well done. I love bean 'bags/sock' items. I bet DaddyMoo must have been thrilled (whacked?) to bits! I had one with rice grains and microwave it to use it like a hot 'bottle' to ease sore muscles. Heh. Thanks for this MummyMoo!

    1. He was happy to be whacked, but none to thrilled to find a side of his new pair of socks missing! Hahah!!

  6. Love this sock idea. I'm gonna make me a sock rabbit too!

    1. Oooh!!! That sounds fun! Look forward to it!

  7. Hi! I'm following you from the Friday Blog Hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back!
    Have a great weekend! -Kat


    1. Thanks for coming by :)

      Will definitely visit you too!

  8. Such a cute idea! Stopping by from the blog hop! Am now a new follower:) Would love if you could follow me back!



    1. Hi Brooke!

      Thanks for stopping here! Will follow :)

  9. I missed this post! Sorry, been busy :P
    Cute doggy! Wish I known u earlier then I can do this for DinoEgg, no need to buy soft toy for him :)
    Seeing this, I am sure you can have more craft ideas. Keep it up!

    1. Hahaha... he doesn't really like the 'sock', though - cos he thinks all socks are dirty!

  10. Super cute! Great job mummy, especially since babymoo is still so young! :) Please give doggy a pat from me! ;)

    1. Hi Justina,

      I'm trying :) and there are mums like you who motivate me!!

  11. That sounded like a lot of fun. It was a perfect and simple craft for a starter project! Thank you so much for sharing on my blog hop!

    1. Pleasure is all mine, Nicole! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Oh #1: Oh what a cute idea!
    Oh #2: Oh @ Babymoo's cheeks!
    Oh #3: Your nails really scare me!

    1. #1: Thankees!! :)
      #2: I'll pinch them for you! Haha
      #3: Why ah?

  13. Haha Adora's comment is hilarious. But well, your nails don't scare me, dun worry. Lol. This looks fun to make at home and I think I have all the materials too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with others!



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