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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm such a sentimental fool most of the time.

There are things in life that I will never ever forget… and there are memories that will always bring a smile on my face, or a twinge of sadness in my heart.

I don’t think I'm the only one.

I doubt I will ever get to the point when I am completely a different person from who I am a decade ago. I may be a tad more sceptical, wiser and older now… but there are certain ways that I am which can never be changed by time, or worldly experiences.

There are certain traits about ourselves that can never be overcome by the harshness of life and reality.

Sometimes I still cannot get over the dreamy me.
The one who will always dream of things that would be, could be… and have faith enough to try to make it happen. The one who would always strive to see things through, to try to make things happen - even though the odds may be against it. The still carefree and ‘whole’ me… one who have never felt the stab of the knife of betrayal, the bleed of an aching heart that’s forced to continue beating despite the wound - and the dull ache of a perpetual scar to constantly remind what it leaves behind.

Perhaps I’m a sucker for nostalgia.
It’s not about not being able to let go… or not wanting to move forward. I still have text messages from 1999 - Post-It notes from 12 years ago, and my journals before the net. Sometimes I find myself looking through them, looking behind even as I move on. I find myself smiling at the memories of as certain time and place, even though I know that what has come to pass can never be relived again.

I think back and I smile. Memories - even the bad ones, can sometimes do more than remind me of what has transpired. It also brings back the emotions in my heart.

Time doesn't really heal.
All it does is just bring on more memories to suppress the old. It has a miraculous, almost imperceptible way of letting us move on, subduing all that hurts and saddens us, somehow.
I doubt I will ever let go of this tightly woven tapestry of the memories in my mind… maybe because I never want to let it unravel - and leave me alone with a certain emptiness. I will never get over the fact that certain things in life seems rather serendipitous, almost pre-ordained, even. It’s like these things are meant to happen the way they did - regardless of how we may attempt to steer our paths around it.

If there’s one thing that I've learnt so far from Life, it’s that I have found that no matter what we go through, the Earth will never stop spinning, people will still go about their daily lives… and time will never come to a standstill - even if it can often feel that at times, we are the ones who do. Nothing will ever stop moving so that we can solve and get over whatever obstacles that we may face… that’s why we simply have to move along with it.

Time and people will move along - with or without us.

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  1. Why so emo? Don't emo and don't be a hoarder! :p

    1. Where got emo. This is my ahem 'serious' side leh!

  2. yes time will not really heal. Though the wound will not hurt that much after sometime, it will still hurt. No one is indispensable - the world will still revolve with or without the someone. But hey! We still have our memories!!
    We can still laugh at our past, smile at the memories and learn from our mistakes :)

    Hey mummymoo, i have grant you access to my blog so that you can take a peako using this email :)

    1. Look forward to reading!!

      But you're right - memories are what makes us who we are.

  3. Wow it good or bad, I am sure a sentimental person like u will be bless with lots of happiness....shoo away those things that is not worth to think about :)

    1. Memories are good and bad - but I love them all! :D

  4. To think to remember to reminisce
    Not to dwell or wallow in sorrow

  5. Beautifully written, Regina. I do recognise that dreamy quality you speak of in myself. And on some days, I just wish to sit by a roadside cafe and watch the streets go by, the people, the bags, the shoes, and just ponder on what life is, what life has been, and what is to come. Maybe we should do that together some day. If time allows... :P

    1. We definitely should!

      Nowadays it's hard when we get that 'reverie' constantly interrupted by little voices who demand attention, eh? :)

    2. Yes, totally. That's why I gotta take myself and my thoughts outside! ;)

  6. Memories do not fade. They just become less frequent. The emotions tied to the memories do not change. They just become less frequent. Thankful for the memories for they shape who we are! :) Stoppin by from Thoughtful Thursday :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree... memories make us who we are.

  7. Maya Angelou said,

    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

    I thought you would like that quote. Great post. I found you on the thoughtful thursday blog hop, I'm Leslie @ Gwen Moss blog.



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