Friendship Friday: Friends I've met along the (blogging) way

Friday, 8 June 2012

I have been privileged to have met a lot of people whom I am proud to call friends through blogging.

Even though I have only started this blog recently, I am very fortunate to have been invited to join a group of wonderful mums who share the same passion as I do. Through the Singapore Mom Bloggers group, I have had the opportunity to not only be exposed to a wonderful selection of blogs, but also to have been able to meet the faces behind the thoughts in person.

These ladies write from the heart. They share their thoughts, experiences and feelings about motherhood... and open up a myriad of parenting perspectives. We may have different insights and adopt different parenting styles, but we come together with the same aim. We hope only to provide the best for our children.

Their blogs are definitely worth a visit. I have met some of the mums in the group... and they are truly a wonderful bunch!

Friendship Friday, linking up with Create With Joy.

A special mention to one of my blogging buddy - Jennifer Lim,

I love how 'real' Jennifer is. She is honest (brutally so, at times!) and speaks from her heart. She blogs with a passion, and has no qualms about sharing her experiences with her readers. She writes for herself, and never sugar coats what she feels. When I met her in person, I'm not surprised that conversing with her is almost the same as reading her thoughts. She is sincere and honest.

We banter online. We share conversations offline... and I look forward to the next time we meet. She is a refreshing change from people who make you second guess their thoughts and intentions. She is one of the reasons why blogging has been such a wonderful experience for me.

Who have you met online and instantly felt a connection with? Do share!


  1. I'm so glad you joined us for Friendship Friday, Regina! The Singapore Mom's Group and your friend Jennifer are awesome! I love authentic bloggers who write from their heart and I look forward to getting to know you and your circle of friends!

    I invite you to join us for Inspire Me Monday (our creative party) as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend as you:

    Create With Joy

    1. Pleasure is all mine! Will definitely be joining you for more, soon! :)

  2. I like how you've put knowing Jennifer in your perspective and I have to agree 101%. It takes a person to know that she is so "brutally frank" to truly enjoy her "company" online. And I'm just one of them too. *hugs* to you and Jennifer for an awesome friendship!

    1. We're all brutally frank with one another - and I think that's what takes the friendship beyond just online presence.

      Amazing how we can all click the moment we met, ya?
      Even more than 'friends' I've known for a long time IRL!

      So glad to know all of you!

  3. *takes tissue papers n wipe off tears*
    awww~~ u girls are making me cry~~~
    GROUP HUG~~~~

    Thanks for the post about me, Regina! I'm glad I made blogging more interesting for you.

    I feel so happy to be appreciated and understood just by being "Me". I try to be subtle sometimes but its really very hard at times :P I have my fair share of pple who love to hurl some daggers my way. But, who cares lol

    You ladies (my PIC, you know who you are) are also the same. You too show people the True You.

    Birds of a feather Flock together!

    Brutally Yours,

    1. Eh... you know that song? "You're so vain?"

      You think this post is about you... HAHA!!!

      But yes - I totally agree with what you said. There will always be those who wouldn't like hearing the truth, and would rather hear what they want to hear.

      Their house got no mirrors. :)

    2. Tsk since it has my photo in it so ITS MINE! *RAWR*

      Ya no mirrors!

  4. I love the way you ladies banter on line like you've know each other for years. I love this community of mom bloggers especially when we have become friends in real life. You of course are one of those who added lots of color to the group :)

    1. Thanks, Susan!! It's been great getting to know and sharing experiences with other Moms!

      See you soon! :)

  5. Hey there! I found you via the blog hop and just added myself to your followers! Maybe you could follow back? :) Also I wanted to invite you to come enter a huge Steve Madden giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much lady!

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Who I recently know online?
    mummy moo!!! kekeekeke :)

    1. Wah!! :) Thanks for always taking the time to stop by!



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