Take a chance!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Some people have such unrealistic expectations and stringent specifications when searching for a partner that they may never find what they are seeking. They want something that does not exist, while hoping that the next one, or the next one, or the next one, might be it. They haven't the patience to appreciate the rarity of a special connection, or perhaps they never gave themselves the chance to.

I'm not saying we should settle for second best; just give things a chance - because it could well turn out to be the best thing that would happen to you. When I like someone, I don't dig around for reasons to stop liking them. I seriously weigh the possible triviality of their perceived faults. Every relationship is a balance of acceptance and compromise. Some people claim this for a motto but do not truly mean it. 

I'm sick of listening to people who claim to be non-judgemental, yet they base their perception on first impressions. Why do people have to find others' faults just to make themselves feel better? Does it make you feel better when your happiness (evil based) is derived from another's embarrassment(s) or/and sufferings? 

Life is too short for us to be too overly concerned about other people and their affairs. Cut ourselves, and what flows will be just the same. What a person goes through today may be repeated in another, tomorrow.

Live life for the here and now.
Live as though it’s your last day alive.
Live and take a chance.
Love like your life depended on it. 

You have nothing to lose. We are more resilient than we think.


  1. hmm... First impression is important to me; both for the other half and friends. When I look at the person I can sense what kind or type of characteristics they have. I will stay away from those that I dun click with. I am usually 99% correct =)

    1. Same lah. I call it women's instincts. But I always give people the benefit of the doubt - whereas a lot of others just form their impression on what they see and won't budge.

      So what you think of me the first time huh? Huh? Huh?!! :D

  2. That's kind of what I blogged about today about accepting each other's difference. And I shared this quote, "A great marriage is not when a perfect couple comes together, but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences."
    Me and hubby are so different, but that's how we add colour and variety to each other's lives, (I think I added more color into his live than he did) but it's no competition and we appreciate the different views we each bring to the table.

    1. Susan... that's so true. I have come to the realisation that if we were too alike, we will never 'complement' each other! After all, that's what getting married should be, right? Completing each other? :)

      We're fortunate that we met people who are so different from us yet fill in the missing pieces in our lives. I'm sure they feel the same way about us, too.

      What irks me are those people who are constantly looking for people whom they 'think' will be perfect for them - based on what they think they need. Refuses to look beyond 'their' personal needs. Whoever is around them needs to pander to their whims and fancies. Totally self centered individuals, who stay within their comfort zone, at the exclusion of all else. *sigh*



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