Talkative Thursday: We went to see Francy Fish and friends!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

We've been meaning to go to Sentosa's Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) but wanted to do so on a weekday when it hopefully won't be too crowded. From what I've heard and read, the attractions are more suitable for older children (3 years and up) so we thought we will go after the school holidays.

Yesterday, since DaddyMoo had some time off from his reservist schedule and I was on leave for the day, we thought we would pay POLW a visit. I was a tad concerned because BabyMoo seems to have caught a slight chill on Monday evening and was sneezing the whole of Tuesday. We decided to not aggravate the situation and bring him there another day.

We did, however, go to Sentosa in the end, and went to the Underwater World!

We brought BabyMoo there when he was about 10 months old, and back then, he was enthralled by the moving fish and marine life. I was curious as to what would hold his fancy now that he's slightly older, and we felt that he's at an age where his curiosity is rapidly developing. He can also indicate his thoughts, and we looked forward to 'seeing' the attraction from his perspective.

We intended to have lunch at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), but since we parked at the wrong end of the humongous parking basement, we got to enjoy a leisurely walk through the more 'secluded' part of  RWS. We've always seen and passed the signage, but we got to walk through the man-made cave this time!

BabyMoo was excited, and wanted to run about in the vast spaces... but I managed to cajole him into having some lunch first. We walked into Aston's, seeing that there were only 2 tables occupied there at lunchtime, which is quite a weird thing, given that there is always a queue at their other outlets. The hubs attributed it to the fact that they were located at the very far end of Resorts World, and would be easily missed given the wide range of dining options at the centre atrium. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, all I can say is I will not complain about the food - for the price we paid.

He got impatient while waiting for lunch... and I usually don't allow him to run about in restaurants - but seeing that there weren't any other tables, I let him be.

Wanted to take a photo at the 'iconic' Universal Studios globe, but of course, BabyMoo was more interested in looking AT the globe instead of at Daddy who was holding the camera.

We headed down to Underwater World next... and at the open air carpark, this awesome sight greeted me.

Phwoar... Reflections at Keppel Bay. Bee-yoo-tee-fool!

Note: If you're driving, it would be best to park at RWS and take a bus to the Underwater World from Imbiah Station. We learnt a very expensive lesson driving to Underwater World and parking there!

BabyMoo was so intrigued by the peacocks strutting about... and couldn't contain his glee. He also couldn't wait to enter while Daddy bought the tickets.

He observed the marine animals, and was quite frustrated when he couldn't touch any of them! He loved the jellyfish the most. He also finally relented to having his pic taken with Mummy - although I suspect it's also a shaddap tactic.

We went round and round the travellator 5 times, because BabyMoo loved the fishies so much! He was also pretty excited about being allowed on the moving belt, as we're very particular about always carrying him up escalators for safety reasons. It was unfortunate that after awhile, the place got a little too crowded for my liking... and they really should look into providing better ventilation in that enclosed space, which had an almost greenhouse effect courtesy of the sun shining through the glass case at certain areas.

The reverse Sushi conveyor Belt!

We didn't catch the Dolphin Show, but we managed to walk into the dolphin pool area to catch them frolicking in between shows. I was quite sad to see them in such a small area given their agility and speed... but then again I suppose they would not be able to survive in the wild after being in captivity.

Mummy wanted an ice-cream to beat the heat. Sentosa can be a killer when it comes to buying refreshments, so we figured that since it was close to dinner time, we might as well adjourn to VivoCity. Brought BabyMoo to his favourite Froyo place, Yigloo, and he shared a cup with me.

Walked about and brought him to the playground, which is still looking mighty dull even after the minor renovations which the mall did. Given the large space, I thought that they could have utilised it more and draw more families to the mall. That said, I suppose the playground is only an added incentive for them because judging from the way the mall rents have been sky-rocketing (and with a waiting list of tenants!) the mall is running effectively on its own, even without any more added attractions.

BabyMoo has started wanting to do big-people things, and apart from insisting on trying to feed himself, he has also taken to carrying his own shopping, and pushing his own stroller (without ever wanting to sit in it!). He's a great help... when he's not trying to bulldoze everything and everyone in his path because he can't see past the handlebars!

Ended the day with dinner at Modesto's, where BabyMoo ate pasta, ice-cream, and had his first taste of Chuppa Chup (thanks, Mandee)!

It's always a fun day with the Moo boys.

Underwater World Singapore (UWS)
80 Siloso Road
Singapore 098969

Tel: +65 6275 0030

Opening Hours:
Daily from 10.00am - 7.00pm (last admission at 6.30pm)

Admission Charges:
Rates include single admission to Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon.
Adult: S$25.90
Child 3-12 years old: S$17.60
Child below 3 years old: Free

Value Packages:
Submarine Package allows for 2 times admission into Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon (within a one year validity period), plus a host of benefits and privileges such as F&B and programs discounts. Please click here for the terms and conditions.

Mini Submarine Package: S$26.40
(2 x child admission)

Jumbo Submarine Package: S$102.20
(2 x adults + 2x child admission)

More info here.


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  1. My boy loves the Underwater World too... and I usually have to give up after 2 rounds (and let Daddy carry on for the 3rd and 4th time) cos it gives me a headache! LOL!

    Haven't had the chance to meet BabyMoo face to face leh... Looking forward to that chance! ;)

    1. There will definitely be a chance to!

      Looking forward to meeting you again as well :)

  2. Oh... and thanks for linking up to my very first Talkative Thursday parteeeee~! ;)

    1. Pleasure is mine! Now there is 'purpose' to everyday blogging! HAHA!

  3. Aww.. we are going to the Underwater world this saturday. You guys must have had a really fun outing there last week.

    1. We did! I hope it isn't as crowded with umm... people... over the weekend. The weekday crowd is like totally tourists!

  4. wah I love that pic of the Keppel bay building!! Great shot!!! And I love babymoo's pic of him pushing his own pram. He looks too cute.

    1. I love that shot as well... easy when the actual view is as is!

      He's crazy about pushing prams and trolleys now. His favourite is the auntie-market shopping trolley! Ayoh!

  5. Wow looks like you guys had alot of fun! When we went to Underwater World the last time, Poppy was running around on the travellator like a treadmill!

    Ahem, when I strike lottery and move into Reflections, you are most welcome to visit :D

    1. If we didn't stop him... he would have done the same! Just that it was sooooooooo blardy crowded (yes, even on a weekday) I was afraid that he would get into other people's way.

      Maybe we can be neighbours. Then Poppy, the MooBoy and Calla can be neighbour play-mates! WAH! :D

  6. Underwater world!!! Another place which I wanna bring my princess too! Hmm but I am afraid she may be too small haiz...hey by way possible to share where are good hideouts for 6 month old babies...other than Botanical Garden (which is not weather-proof), no idea where to bring.. :p

  7. Dolphins can be returned to the wild if they are re-trained to do so. But in the first place, they should never be caught from the wild to entertain human beings.



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