Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 things I'm Thankful for.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds."
-Theodore Roosevelt

I realised today that I have so much to be thankful for, and yet I've never really given thanks for all the good things that have been bestowed upon me. For everything that I've been given, let me be grateful for the good, and take the bad incidences as a learning experience.


1. I'm happy and secure in the knowledge that my son is healthy and developing at his own pace. BabyMoo is a curious boy who thrives on love and attention, and gives as much, if not more - in return. He learns by observing, and has been a blessing to all whose life(s) he has touched in one way or another. He has made our extended family closer, and has made me realise that there is more to appreciate in life than just the ordinary, materialistic, mundane things. He has been our love, light and joy... and will continue to be so for as long as forever.
Boy at play

2. My in-laws have given so much of their time and energy into ensuring that both the husband and I are able to have peace of mind while we are at work, taking care of BabyMoo perhaps even better than we possibly can, due to their experience and expertise. That said, they have always given us due respect in how we choose to bring up our son, and have never interfered in decisions involving BabyMoo's well-being... preferring to provide suggestions only when we seek their advice. This allows us the freedom to feel that we are doing our best to parent the boy, and at the same time we learn from mistakes made along the way.

BabyMoo, 3 days old with Mama Jessie and Gong Gong Bob.

3. I'm happy to have a supportive Mum, who loves BabyMoo as much as we do. She's still working, and thus isn't able to see BabyMoo as much as she would like to, but every time Oma and grandson have time to play - they enjoy their time together. She pampers him, but at the same time, he understands that he will also get reprimanded if he's naughty... and the bond between the two is absolutely amazing. They understand each other, the 17 mth old and the 66 year old, perhaps because they are so alike in habits and characteristics.
BabyMoo, 13 months old, with Oma Kartika

3. I am grateful for wonderful colleagues and a comfortable working environment, where office politics is practically non-existent, and we respect one another's job scope. A place where people are never hesitant about helping others, and knowledge as well as experience is freely shared. A Boss who stands on the same level as his employees, and takes the trouble to understand and get to know their families. I've worked here for the past 13 years, have explored other options along the way - and have since come full circle, secure in the knowledge that as much as the company gives me, I still am able to contribute more.

4. I am fortunate to have fabulous friends, some of whom I have had the opportunity to get to know online... and has since progressed to becoming real life ones. They are there for me to rave, rant, whine and complain to... and with the wonders of technology, are as accessible throughout the day even though we are all going about our respective lives. With some friends, we go beyond circumstantial meetings and ordinary conversations. We pick up where we left off (every time!), we can stay in comfortable silence, yet walk away feeling like it was the best conversation we've ever had.

Irene Tay - I'm blessed to have you as a friend!
With Irene, circa 2006, happy high pre-mummy me!

5. I'm thankful for food on the table. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to not know the feeling of insatiable hunger through circumstance. We have a choice of what to eat, where to eat, and when to eat... while there are many others, even perhaps down the road from where we live - who do not have that luxury. I stop myself from buying more food than necessary, although sheer greed sometimes does make a fool out of me. I have known some hard times in life, but I was still more fortunate than those who are left constantly wanting.

6. I appreciate the opportunities which have come my way, those that has enabled me to experience more things, and others which has enriched my existence. I am also thankful for future windows that will hopefully open in time, for as individuals - we should never ever stop learning through experience.

7. I have come across so many wonderful and helpful people... those who has restored my faith in the spirit of humankind. They offer to help and give so much without asking for or hoping anything in return, and are willing to share their knowledge and experience so that others can benefit from these as well. They take the initiative to pave the way... in order that others can walk the cleared path without having to navigate through thorny brush and traps.

Dominique Goh - Thank you. For your selflessness and for sharing your knowledge.

new button

8. We're able to watch BabyMoo grow in relatively peaceful times, and there is no looming threat of unrest and suffering where we are. Being privy to suffering and pain can break even the most resilient spirit, and there are some days where I would prefer not to open the papers or watch the news when I'm not in the best of moods.

9. I am happy that Singapore has at least gone to great lengths to provide a conducive growing environment for children and families. For a small island, there are a number of accessible attractions and places which allow children to understand nature, and learn through play. Furthermore, more and more places are also finding it a necessity to equip their premises with child-friendly amenities, and this has gone a long way into ensuring that the logistics of bringing the family out is not too daunting.

Susan Durett: I appreciate the reminder to be thankful - for the times when I complain there is nothing much to do in Singapore!

10. I am thankful for YOU! - yes... you who are reading this right now, for you are my motivation to write. Writing is my outlet to vent, rant and put things in perspective, to relax my mind; so that I can always greet the days with renewed strength and energy. As mothers, we all know how impossible some days can get, and a welcome reprieve in whichever form that suits us best is always what's needed to go on.


It's nice to know that in this crazy world, there are small random things which make us happy. So often, we take these for granted... and I hope to always remind myself that for every thing that happens in life, be it good or bad, let me take comfort in the knowledge that I give love, and I am loved in return.

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  1. beautiful post.. I'm thankful that we too have our parents who take care and dote on our little girl so much too. Certainly helps ease our minds and "burden" of being new parents :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes... I don't think I am able to chance his care to others!
      They've really helped to seamlessly integrate the boy's presence into our lives :)

  2. So many things to be thankful for, the list is never ending.

    One have to be Thankful to be Humble.

    ok i dunno why i write that but tt just pop into my mind.

    1. I'm humbled by the people and things that have reminded me to always be thankful.

  3. What a great list of things to be thankful about. I should start thinking about a thankful post too. It's so great to have supportive and understanding family and friends who stand by us. You are blessed indeed!

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes I am indeed grateful for all that I'm blessed with :)

      I'm also thankful for helpful friends and a supportive 'group' on FB!

  4. Love your list Regina and thanks for your mention.. It has been wonderful having you as my friend.

  5. Regina! Thank you for linking up! It certainly is a great list to be thankful about, and those photos put a smile on my face. :) Have a blessed week ahead babe!



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