Top Ten {Tuesday}: BabyMoo's favourite Read-Aloud Books.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BabyMoo loves me to read to him. He would usually rummage through his book 'bin' (where I keep his current reads) and hold a book of choice aloft. He then toddles over and snuggles close to me with the book - as part of his bedtime routine. I'd like to think that this is the basis to the love of books, but I suspect he just loves Mummy to act all silly and make funny voices.

After all... what are read-alouds without the voices, right? In fact, I find myself enjoying the books as I get into the spirit of things.

BabyMoo has always been particular about things. He will not cast a toy a second glance if he doesn't find it interesting, and can never be persuaded to do things which does not strike his fancy. This goes to books as well... and there are a few titles which he holds dear to heart.


BabyMoo received this as a present when he turned one... and loves it to bits! This was the first book which actually piqued his interest in books, and engaged him long enough for him to wonder about other stories. 

"Daddy calls me Doodlebug... it's time to play Yippeeeee!!"

Then I will make up other rhymes as we go along - and BabyMoo waits in suspense for the actions which accompany the stories. He's usually tickled pink while anticipating the stories before I even start.

From the same series, and a book which I purchased for him after I saw how much he enjoyed 'Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug'.

"Mommy calls me Monkeypants... just why I do not know."

"Would you like to sleep, asked Mom,
Like a snug little snail curled up in a garden pail?"

I will then ask BabyMoo to fetch me his plastic pail... and turn it over on his head. By the time we get to snug as a bug in a rug, we will snuggle under the covers with a torchlight while I read aloud to him.

"Who Says Moo?"
(BabyMoo will then point to himself)

I don't know why he always points to me when he sees the hen and hears: "Who goes Peep?"

Thanks to this book, BabyMoo knows where his belly-button is way before he can correctly point to his eyes, nose, mouth and ears (at 12+ months). He will even make sure that his shirt is lifted up and his finger points exactly into his belly button whenever he's asked.

After he knew where his BB is, knowing all the other key body parts came naturally!

6. I Love You Through and Through - Bernadette Rossetti-Shushtak and Caroline Jayne Church

"I love your top side. I love your bottom side..."

Made teaching him 'up, down, in and out' so much easier. He even knows which button to press when I tell him to go 'Up' or 'Down' when we're waiting for the lift after I read him this book several times.

BabyMoo loves this because I made sure to teach him about expressions by showing him the portrayals and facial expressions to suit different moods.

Not that he needed help in the 'Angry' department.

Boys and Cars and Trucks. What's not to love?

9. Yummy Yucky - Leslie Patricelli

"Spaghetti are yummy, Worms are yucky."
There may not be a connection... but BabyMoo has started Mmmmmmmm-ing everytime he sees spaghetti ever since we got this book. Not that he prefers it over rice. He still has a true blue Asian palate.

10. Are You A Cow? - Sandra Boynton

Self-explanatory. BabyMoo knows how to say his family name, and does it with aplomb.

I don't know if I would rather he say "MamaMaaaaaaamamaMa" first instead. That's supposed to transcend all language and is universal, right?


Those are currently the boy's favourite reads. This Motherhood business has been an entirely refreshing experience. Without the pleasure to be a Mum, I doubt I would have known how to make weird animal sounds or start rhyming words anywhere, everywhere - subconsciously! Motherhood has also given me a chance to sometimes be a child again. After all... how best can we see their perspectives than through their eyes?

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  1. It's great that C loves reading.. My girl loves reading too and I've amassed a relatively large collection of books haha.

    1. Reading is good!! I loved and love to read - my friends always say it's easy to get me presents! :D

  2. OOh the Boynton books and the Belly Button book sound familiar! Have not decided what's going to be on Z's read-list as yet! For now I've been proofreading my blog by reading it out loud to him :)

    p.s. The first books that Layla actually seemed to like were: Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus (Mo Willems), The Lonesome Puppy (Yoshitomo Nara), and Freight Train (Donald Crews). For me, I used to love picking stuff off the Caldecott winners' list!

    1. Thanks for the link!! Whoohooo!! :D

      Z is such a little helper. He will undoubtedly grow up to know what sounds 'right' or 'wrong'. Haha!

  3. Wait till u have to made up or sing silly songs with him, it will be fun =)

    1. I'm already doing that!
      His giggles make me motivated. Such simple things, huh? :)



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