Weekend Wanderings #5: Before DaddyMoo Goes for Reservist

Monday, 4 June 2012

The weather hasn't been great of late... so we would rather not plan for any outdoor activities for BabyMoo in the meantime. Daddy also needs to get some stuff for work done over the weekend before he does his compulsory duty to the nation (no deferment this time, booking into camp on Monday morning!) so we didn't really do much.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

BabyMoo wears hoodie and black bermudas from Pumpkin Patch and red Skeinie sandals.

We went to Ngee Ann City for lunch because I had to collect my camera which we left for servicing at the Sony Centre at Wisma Atria a week ago. I'm actually quite surprised that it needed to be serviced (lens was jammed) given that we had just purchased it in August 2011... but from what I've been told, Sony products these days aren't as reliable as they used to be. Fortunately the service centre was empty on our last two visits, so there wasn't much waiting involved. The customer service staff were also very helpful, so I suppose that counts for something. Anyway - I think I would just make do with this camera for the time being, at least until my temptations get the better of me!

DaddyMoo bought this for me last August!

Tested the lens retract mode, zoom and snap functions after the servicing with a model who refused to keep still. One of the most notable functions of this camera (which I love because the usual subject is always on the move!) is that it captures actions extremely fast and its anti-shake function seems to work well given that I'm usually trying to take a picture with one hand while keeping the other hand free to ensure that I'm still able to grab hold of the boy, just in case.

Seems to work fine. Here he is trying to grab the camera.

The boy has always taken a fancy to song and dance, and he's extremely entertained by catchy nursery rhymes and moving visuals. Previously, his attention span is such that he has to have music in the background or on TV even as he's busy ransacking the house - woe betide anyone who turns off the player as long as his tunes are still playing. Recently, he is more inclined to sit still and watch the actions (thank goodness for small things!) on TV... but it only happens when he's tired out or it's getting nearer to bedtime.

Our DVD player in the room has long seen better days - it's come to a point when we can only watch images in Blue and Green tones - so everything looks like an extension of Avatar. I've never thought to get it replaced because I didn't see a need to. We decided that it's time to get another one... so that BabyMoo can watch *educational* DVDs and Mummy can blog :)

DaddyMoo is more excited about the whole thing because he loves movies, and I never liked to waste my free days on watching movies previously, so he has missed out on a lot of movies. He is quite the movie buff - he can forget what he head for lunch at dinnertime, but will always be the sober one at Movie Trivia drinking games! So he's extremely excited that he can finally catch up on movies, although of course - the excitement was masked by the convenient: "BabyMoo will enjoy it!" excuse.

We headed down to Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk because they are having a 'secret sale' (the power of advertising!!) and because we had purchased a Blu-Ray DVD player as a Christmas Gift for the in-laws last year for a pretty good deal. It was well worth the trip - as the same model was going for about S$25.00 less from the previous Christmas Sale price.

 I'd better not advertise the price here because it's supposed to be a secret price! Haha!!

Daddy asked me to choose really good headphones for both of us so that we won't be able
to hear Mummy nagging away.

Bought breads at Pullman bakery while we were there too. Love their stuff... more so since I was last charged $12.80 at Donq bakery (Ngee Ann City) for 4 mediocre pieces of bread last weekend!

Took a walk to Marina Square to purchase liquid cleansers for BabyMoo's bottles and feeding paraphernalia. Kiddy Palace there sells them cheapest as compared to other places. We use Pureen cleansers because I really don't like the Tollyjoy ones (watery and we tend to pump out more than necessary because it squirts out in huge sprays from the dispenser). Other designer brands are out because I really don't see the need to spend more than necessary for washing detergent, regardless of whether they are touted to be organic / poison for germs / gentle for babies. Not using it on the bub himself - so there.

BabyMoo's bottles, crockery and cutlery are squeaky clean at a reasonable price!

BabyMoo wanted to ride on the animals while waiting for me to purchase the items. I've told DaddyMoo since when Baby was still in the stomach - that there was NO WAY I would be riding those things round and round the mall when the boy asks for a ride in the future - so of course - he gets his ride with Daddy for support. It was a no brainer, actually. I know I've lost the glam factor since I've had a kid tugging at my sleeves and having to wear flats so that I can run after him... but I'll try to push the limits as far as I possibly can!

Happy bub and his Daddy!

We decided to take home Roasted Duck for dinner as the boy fell asleep at around 6 - and he absolutely adores the dish! The last time I was supposed to share a plate with him - I ended up with only 4 slivers of duck meat and not a single grain of rice. Daddy had to have work done... so we were home pretty early. Wanted to go for an evening swim, but it started to drizzle - so plans were abandoned for another (non-rainy) day.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Not too happy because he thought that Daddy was leaving without him. Not being able to put his thoughts into words yet just results in colourful 'expressions'.
BabyMoo wears khaki Henley tee from H & M Kids, beige shorts from Osh Kosh B'Gosh and 'Vail' shoes from Pediped.

Attended the 11.15am Mass at Church of The Holy Cross, where BabyMoo sat down quietly and chomped through half a pack of cranberries. He doesn't like raisins at all - but loves cranberries... I suppose that's a good thing because cranberries are apparently more healthy than the usual snacks for tots.

Tubby fingers reaching into the pack!

Had lunch at Tampopo at Liang Court because DaddyMoo has had a tonkatsu craving for the past few days. I ordered the Tonkatsu Donburi because I think BabyMoo would enjoy the egg, onions and pork cutlet combination on rice. We realised that the prices have gone up considerably, and the dishes weren't as good as the previous times. Nevertheless, BabyMoo enjoyed his lunch tremendously - and that is good enough for us (along with a lot of other parents out there!)

Hmmm... what shall I have?

Initially wanted to take a walk around Clarke Quay because BabyMoo loves boats and ferries - but during lunch, it started to rain, so we told him that we will bring him again another day. He wanted to visit Royce gym when we passed by as well - but it was pretty crowded so we convinced him to play elsewhere instead.

We went to Audio House while there because we found out that the Samsung Blu-Ray player we purchased the day before does not come with HDMI cables. Surprising... even my helper mentioned that it should be included (from her experience of purchasing electronic products to send back home) and proceeded to turn the packaging inside out in search of the elusive cables! Looked through the set up manual... and nope - not inclusive!

I love the renovated Audio House. Unlike other brightly lit (and garish) electronics stores, it was cosy with appropriate lighting and ambience for the different products. BabyMoo loved it there too... just because most of the walls were plastered with HDTVs and there were buttons to push!

Actual ambience. Non-edited photo.

They were having a promo whereby you can get a soccer ball of a team in the Euro Cup 2012. On top of that, if you purchase a product and guess the winner correctly, you get a 50% rebate off the purchase price. BabyMoo wants a soccer ball... so when I told him that the balls can only be obtained if we purchase a product from a participating brand, he led us to this:

Incidentally, LG is a participating brand - but why would we need to spend close to S$3,000 for a washer and drier (although it promises dry clothes in 60 minutes!)?. I would consider it if it washes, diapers and dresses a kid up! It's big enough to fit BabyMoo anyways.

So - no ball for baby.

Went to Suntec City because we promised BabyMoo that we will bring him to an indoor playground... and gave him a froyo treat because he has been extremely well behaved over the weekend.

Sitting down quietly in anticipation of his froyo. About the only time he sits down without squirming around is when there is a favourite food at the table.

Stumbled across a DVD fair at the atrium... and managed to get some Disney productions as well as an old classic - The Jungle Book! for a pretty good deal. Most of the newer titles such as Dora, Timmy Time, Handy Manny and Jungle Junction were going at 2 for $20 - but the older classics were at 3 for $25. BabyMoo is in his Mickey Mouse craze phase, so I got some titles for him.

My loot!

Headed on down to Hokey Pokey for some indoor play fun for BabyMoo. I think our days there are numbered - because now that BabyMoo is agile and able to climb up and down structures without help, I suppose he is happier at a play gym rather than a playground with toys. He got pretty bored after about an hour - and did not protest at all when we asked him if he would like to go home. Just when we were getting used to not having to 'watch' over him (and adopt more of a supervisory role)... it looks like more back breaking times ahead squeezing through tunnels and structures in pursuit of little feet!

BabyMoo definitely does not have a hat face.

He still had fun, though... and the staff at Hokey Pokey always makes every visit worthwhile.

Suntec City is undergoing renovations... so the convention halls section of the mall assumes a shuttered ghost town look. Don't park at the Convention Hall carpark section if you're planning a trip there - the one and only lift up from the car park stops at the 4th floor - and you have to make your way down by the escalators. Best part is, there weren't any signs around the lift lobby... whether at the car park or in the mall itself! We met so many people who were going up and down the lifts trying to press the 1, 2 and 3 buttons... somehow the automated voice that says: "Only lighted buttons are accessible" when you try to press other levels did not provide necessary information, especially if we didn't know that the mall was undergoing a face lift in the first place.

DaddyMoo set up the Blu-Ray player when we reached home... and BabyMoo had fun watching his new shows. He didn't want to sleep - but I was pretty adamant on setting some ground rules now that he understands the concept of entertainment.

The pleading look doesn't work all the time, darling!

He finally went to sleep - exhausted, and I think - happy.


  1. Wow you guys sure get a lot done over the weekends! That amount of activity would have taken me about a month to cover! LOL! :P

    1. We try and squeeze in 5 working days over the weekend! Only about time we get to do stuff as a family, so every minute must be utilised! Haha!!

  2. Jungle Book is one of my son favorite Disney movie. I think the older production are better. More songs for them. My boy likes Lion King too. And I just introduce Little Mermaid to him.

    1. I agree, Jac! I was pleasantly surprised that the "Everybody loves Mickey!" DVD contained Disney classics! Stuff that I grew up with... when Mickey and the rest of the gang didn't have fancy dance moves and still looks unpolished :)

      I'm waiting till the boy grows slightly older to introduce more Disney stuff to him. I remember I watched those on videotapes back then!

  3. wow Regina!! what alot of activities! So envy! For us, even if we managed to sneak out during the weekends, I will be a panda aka zombie mommy due to lack of sleep :p

    1. We try - although there are some rainy afternoons when I would like nothing better than to be curled up in bed under the covers!

      Then again... it wouldn't mean that the boy sleeps when we're sleeping :D

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Kelly-Marie!

      Thank you :) and for stopping by too!



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