Weekend Wanderings #6: A Baby Shower!

Monday, 11 June 2012

DaddyMoo's reservist schedule was pretty forgiving over the weekend, so we managed to squeeze in some weekend fun!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

BabyMoo wears checked shirt from Poney Enfants, straight cut jeans from Osh Kosh B'Gosh
and 'Vail' shoes from Pediped.
(I love these shoes because they came with double insoles - so we're able to buy a bigger size for baby to grow into them!)

DaddyMoo came home from camp at around 11.00am, and after lunch, had a little shut-eye with BabyMoo. for about 3 hours. Pretty amazing given that BabyMoo's naps usually doesn't last longer than an hour! We were invited to our friend's D's baby shower, which fortunately started at 4.30pm, so the boys were extremely refreshed and raring to go after their glorious afternoon nap. 

D is expecting her 2nd child (a girl, yay!) on the 26th of June, and her cousin L has arranged a baby shower especially for her. Cousins like her are awesome, don't you think?

The happy and glowing Mum-to-be. She looks fabulous!

Pretty balloons kept the children entertained and lent a festive air.

The kids entertaining themselves. These antics are only acceptable below the age of 5 - after which the parents will worry! :)

Meanwhile, BabyMoo was more intrigued by the child safety gate. He was trying to figure out how to unlock the gate so that he can engage himself in some stairs workout.

Then he decided that since that was quite futile, turned his attention to the food instead.

...2 cups of chocolate mousse later...

D made these totally awesome chocolate mousse and pulled pork sandwiches - which even made our friend J, a non-pork lover, eat two of those. She would have had the third one if her baby didn't start asking for attention! D is a true blue domestic goddess. She cooks, bakes, teaches, minds the bub, keeps house and is on her way to adding more to that equation! She amazes me with the sheer ability to be able to do everything, and do it extremely well!

BabyMoo walked around for a little bit, before he spied Auntie L's cake. I think this baking and cooking abilities run in the family... L's cake was super duper yummy! Even DaddyMoo, who doesn't like cream cakes, gave his thumbs up. BabyMoo, of course - simply gave his approval by sitting down quietly and polishing off the slice.

Such a pretty cake... and tastes fabulous, too!

Adeline and Jennifer, my partners-in-blogging-crime, have been to the Penguin sale which was held over the weekend, and has been bugging me to check it out. They got some pretty great book deals for the kids (and themselves!) so they really got me excited. Peer pressure, I tell ya!

It didn't help that D's house was just opposite of the Singapore Expo, where the event was at... so going to the sale was a coincidental no-brainer! (So convenient... plus the two ladies undoubtedly felt better about sharing the 'shopping burden'!)

DaddyMoo said: Pigeon sale.
(Daddy-mode: ON)

Beyond the doors, it was a treasure trove of books for the very young to the very old!

While I was busy choosing books for the boy, I lost DaddyMoo. Now the hubs isn't known for his like of reading, preferring to have even the headline news read to him (apart from the sports section)... so I was pretty surprised when I couldn't find him to help me carry the books. I was carrying BabyMoo in the carrier, but the boy was giving me a hard time because he wanted to flip through his books while still being strapped to me. My one hand were busy trying to keep him calm, while lugging board books with the other. The stroller was with Daddy!

When I managed to locate DaddyMoo, I was flabbergasted shocked pleasantly surprised to see that he had more books in hand than I did! He was elated to find some design and photoshop books (which would come in handy for work) on sale, and at really low prices, too. He had spotted most of these books at Kinokuniya bookstore - and fortunately didn't get them at full price. His prized find was the Star Wars (ya the hubs is a Star Wars geek) coffee table book...which was going at almost 80% off.

After 10 minutes at the Penguin book sale.

I grew up on these 'Ladybird' books!

We had to collapse the seat of the stroller to accommodate the purchases. BabyMoo hates to sit in the stroller anyway... so it came in handy to lug the books!

Spot and his friends followed us home!

Probably the next best thing to baby fairs are book sales. Especially if the prices really hit rock bottom. Nothing beats the smell of new books, and turning crisp pages in pursuit of a great story.

"A book is a gift that you can open again and again." - Garrisson Keillor

Sunday 10 June 2012

BabyMoo wears Yoda tee (yes, Daddy chose it, of course!) from H & M Kids, Old Navy Painter jeans and black sneakers with red trim from Adidas Kids

We went to Church of St Teresa's for the 12.30pm Mass because BabyMoo decided he would like to sleep in on Sunday morning. I usually prefer to go to the Kids' Room in Church of The Holy Cross because I find that the kids there are younger and thus 'better behaved' as opposed to the ones at St Teresa's. We have realized that BabyMoo plays according to his environment, and usually observes the little people around him before playing according to their style. He plays rough when they do, and is perfectly capable of the opposite when the children are calmer. He is then so much easier to handle.

When we arrived, he surprised us with this:

He drags a stool and positions himself at a 'respectable distance', and proceeds to watch whatever is on the iPad without having to intrude onto their 'space'.
(See what I mean about bigger kids and their antics [2nd pic] - I don't think it's proper behaviour in a church, even though it's the children's room. I suppose it would help if the parents actually try to stop them)

BabyMoo actually understands civility to a certain degree. He listens to us when we tell him that the toys aren't his, and he should only play with it if the owner invites him to or tells him it's fine. He knows that he has to share his toys, although sometimes he forgets. He knows he's supposed to stop doing whatever it is he's doing when Mummy or Daddy tells him to, although he does pout at times. I think he's doing well for a 17 month old boy.

We went to Raffles City for lunch after Mass, and visited the Legoland Malaysia roadshow while we were there. I think it will be awhile before BabyMoo can appreciate the rides, and we plan to bring him only when he's ready and is able to enjoy the attractions.

Proposed design

Headed off to Parkway Parade to run some errands, and BabyMoo wanted to go onto the Thomas Bouncy train. Explained to him that he was too young for it - but of course, sometimes it's hard for them to understand. He pouted and tried to wriggle his way out of Daddy's arms.

Protesting and wriggling, upset because he wasn't allowed onto the Bouncy train.

and was only pacified by the water features. He loves water fountains!

DaddyMoo had to book into camp in the evening, so we headed on home pretty early. We still had fun, though... and I think BabyMoo did, too!

How was your weekend? We hope you had lots of fun, too!


  1. wow! looks like a great party with fun fun n more fun! BabyMoo is enjoying himself =)

    He look so "grown up" sitting on the still watching the older kids with the ipad. Maybe he sensed tt they are the rough bunch thus decides to keep a distance?

    Where are YOUR books???

    1. I think so, too. He knows they're bigger...

      My Books in my cupboard :D

    2. You were suppose to show what u bought :P

  2. I see Spot! See Spot run! weeeeeee!!!

  3. You mentioned "Pigeon Books" under one of the photos! Haha, too many baby wipes. :) thanks for sharing though. had no clue there was an expo bk sale otherwise would have gone - it's near my place.


    1. Hi Lyn!

      Yes I did... because that's what the husband said! Haha!!
      Then when I told him PENGUIN lah! He says: Both birds. Same.


    2. HAHA! too many baby wipes for him!

  4. hey regina,
    those cakes are they for sale? those lilac layers de?? looks v colorful n yummy!

    1. Hi ya!

      Actually no... they were home-made just as a hobby!
      They are yummy, too! Seriously!



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