Weekend Wanderings #7: Animal Planet Come Alive!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

BabyMoo wears graphic tee from Guess kids, black cargo shorts from Pumpkin Patch
and red Skeinie sandals.

This weekend, we decided to visit the Singapore Zoo at the invitation of Missfors, who mentioned that her Granny would like to visit the zoo and see the kids as well – whom she usually only gets to see at Chinese New Year, during extended family visitations.

We jumped at the chance because we thought that it would be a perfect time as BabyMoo is now more mobile and aware of his surroundings, as opposed to when we first brought him there at 10 months old. Back then, he was extremely frustrated by the heat…and unable to walk yet – didn’t fancy not being able to go where he would like to.

Coincidentally, DaddyMoo didn’t have to book into camp until early Sunday morning, so we left the house bright and early to meet the rest at 10.00am… only to take a wrong turn on the expressway and ended up all the way at Tuas.

When we reached there, S was having breakfast and grumbling because 2 sets of Kaya toasts at Ah Meng Cafe cost S$17.00. Should have pre-warned her about it. Meals at any of the F & B establishments at the zoo cost higher than average… even the KFC outlets there charge more for their regular fare!

DaddyMoo queued for tickets, and we were pleasantly surprised that zoo admission is at 30% Off with the NTUC Plus! card. This discount also applies when you purchase Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park tickets. Not too shabby a deal!

He had such a fabulous time!! Now that he’s older, he’s intrigued by a great many things and is able to appreciate the zoo and its offerings. He was fascinated by the monkeys, and managed to stay riveted for a good fifteen minutes at the Elephant Show before he started getting restless. He drew our attention to the giraffes, and didn’t seem to mind the ‘smell’… much.

He wasn’t too keen on having his photos taken throughout the entire trip though – and made his preference known. He gave the pout on all of his photos!

Well… he managed a cheeky smile for me on one photo, although I suspect it was purely a shaddap tactic.

The Accidental Tourists. Armed with caps, map and the touristy camera.

Now she's roaming around. Be afraid...Be very afraid!!

S, when she’s not busy monkeying around – with her totally adorable daughter, A. Looking at A really made me realise how different little boys and girls play. BabyMoo seems such an impatient busybee as compared to his cool, calm and collected friend!

"Mummeh!! Look!" 
I nearly freaked out before realising that the spiders were in locked cases.

I think the highlight of the visit for the two kids must surely be Kidzworld. 

BabyMoo finally had the opportunity to come up close and personal to the animals which he usually sees on tv or in books – and even patted a goat! Mummy is too much of a city girl (read: wuss) to come near the animals, so it was fortunate that Aunty S was around to guide him!

With Kevin the Kambing. I stayed away.

I have just been informed that the Waterworld play area was closed earlier this year for upgrading works (after our visit), so it was great that we came by to a new and ‘improved’ play area!
Little wonder then – that everything looked clean and well-maintained. I remember thinking that they were also very well-equipped in terms of changing facilities, plus whoever designed the water play area really put thought into segregating the areas into those which were more suitable for toddlers, and another part which the older kids would enjoy.

We didn’t bring BabyMoo’s swim bag as we actually didn’t think that we would have the opportunity to indulge in water play as we were visiting with more ‘senior’ members of the family… BabyMoo looked crestfallen when I told him that he can’t play because he doesn’t have any swim wear. In the end, Daddy didn’t have the heart to refuse him. He had a change of clothes, so we had to make do with just that.

He was elated.

We then took a super s..l..o..w boat ride round the Upper Pierce Reservoir. BabyMoo started out all excited, but halfway through the ride, he became extremely fretful. The water play, rocking motion of the boat, breeze and hot sun made him a very sleepy boy. It was a pretty expensive 10-minute boat ride for S$5.00 per adult just to see nothing but trees along the embankment and water all round.

We left the zoo a short while later, and BabyMoo fell asleep the moment he was strapped into the car seat. There will be more zoo visits in the future, since BabyMoo enjoyed himself so much and was thrilled to see that animals existed in their natural environment, well beyond books and TV shows.

We then headed down town for lunch, after which we did a spot of window shopping before BabyMoo decides that he would like to visit the Baby changing room. He squirmed and refused to keep still - which resulted in Daddy having to get a brand new tee to replace the soiled one!

Choosing Daddy's tee.

He then insists on carrying the shopping.

DaddyMoo mentioned that the bookstore at Ion Orchard is having a sale, so we decided to have a look. I was thrilled to find out that they have such a wonderful Children's section! I never knew that Prologue is owned by Popular bookstore. Their range is totally different from the usual titles which Popular bookstores carry, but I'm pleased that they have both English and Chinese children's books and learning materials in-store! Needless to say - I went rather happy crazy, and would have bought more if BabyMoo didn't decide to need to visit the changing room again. Yes... the 2nd time! (I suspect he wasn't finished the first time round)

Classified sections for Board Books and Picture Books. They even have a wide range of Dr.Seuss books!
Best of all, they have kept their prices low.

Came across this pop-up shop at Takashimaya’s Basement Food Hub… and the store display really caught my attention. Windowsill Pies. Even its name is pretty.

I was actually more interested in the Asparagus and Bacon quiche, but while ordering that, we were offered a bite of the Banana Cognac and Almond Brittle pie. DaddyMoo tried it… and immediately asked for a slice to go. Now the hubs is not much of a dessert person, so I was surprised when he insisted that I order one for him. BabyMoo (who had a sampler bite as well) kept on pointing to the whole pie at the counter as well… but that boy has a soft spot for bananas and I thought he was just being greedy.

So curious, I took a bite. Seriously though. I never thought that a pie could taste THAT good. Totally awesome out-of-this-world-I’m-in-heaven kinda good. Don’t take my word for it… try one for yourself and see. Imagine a crunchy base, topped with a layer of Almond Brittle (if you like Haagen Dasz’s Macadamia Brittle, you would love this), with a twinge of cognac in the sponge finger, topped with a banana mousse. The S’mores pie was also good… they have taken marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits to a whole new level.

Windowsill Pies
#01-206, 2 Pandan Valley, Pandan Valley Condominium Singapore 597626
Tel: 90047827
Open from 12nn-7pm on weekdays, 10am-7pm on weekends. Closed on Tuesdays.

**I'm not affiliated to the owners of Windowsill Pies in any way, and have not been compensated in any way to post this. We even paid for our pies and quiche in full :)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

BabyMoo wears camo top from Fox Kids, loose fit jeans from Old Navy and black sneakers with red trim from Adidas Kids.

The hubs came back from camp only at 2.00pm, so we went for the 5.00pm Mass at Church of The Holy Cross. BabyMoo was so well-behaved during the service... most probably because we sat next to the choir and he was transfixed by the songs and music.

It was Father's Day, and all Daddies received a Tupperware water bottle as a present from church.

Inside the bottle, was this scroll:
We then decided to go to Bugis+, which was previously Illuma, with the intention of having dinner there. Revamped and renovated... but most of the stores were still closed. They brought in some big names, so I think it will be far more successful than Illuma ever was.

Not that many restaurants, so we crossed the road to Bugis Junction for dinner instead.

Choosing his dinner

After dinner, we then went to Frolick for BabyMoo's froyo treat. 50% Off the 2nd cup on Sundays, so Daddy gets one cup too!

The boy loves his Frozen Yogurt, and has taken to feeding himself successfully, with not one spoon, but two!

We chanced upon an initiative 'Building a Loving SG' by Nanyang Polytechnic students in the run-up for Singapore's 47th National Day at Bugis Junction's atrium. We can purchase a pair of Lego figurines for S$5.00, and one will be placed on the giant replica of the floating Marina Bay platform where the National Day Parade will be held. We can bring the other figurine home.

Proceeds will be donated to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. DaddyMoo purchased 2 pairs... and BabyMoo helped to assemble the figures. Only 25,000 figurines are created for this purpose, so please get a pair for a worthwhile cause!

DaddyMoo and MummyMoo, with our clones.
Such a pity that they don't have 'baby-looking' ones!

Can you spot us?

Twelve Cupcakes has also recently opened their 2nd store at Bugis Junction's Basement, so I had to get some of my favourite Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes. BabyMoo gets his Chocolate cupcake, too! They are the only store bought cupcakes I will eat, simply because they aren't too sweet and the cakes remain soft even after 3 days in the fridge. I would much prefer to have my friend's Christina's of Baking Bees - home-made creations any day... but for one or two pieces - store bought ones will have to do.

We had a pretty eventful and fun Father's Day weekend, even though DaddyMoo had to serve the nation in between. I'm sure it was a great one for you, too.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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  1. Wow wow what a fruitful weekend! So busy neh! And u did the lego thingy too!

    1. Yah we did!!

      I tried looking for you! Haha!

  2. Busy weekends for u yeah?

    Peanut butter & choco cupcake? Does it taste weird?

    1. No it doesn't!! Should try it... LOVE!

  3. So fun....made me crave for twelve cupcakes again :)

    1. They are pretty good, aren't they?

  4. Always love reading your blog :)
    Awwww Baby Moo seems to grow overnight!! Now he is really such a big big boy :)
    Had been wanting to bring my princess to the zoo but I guess 5months plus is a tad too small to tahan the heat... what you think :p

    1. 5 months is definitely too young... we will be sweating more because we have to carry them around, and they aren't able to enjoy it as much yet!

      We brought BabyMoo when he was 9 - 10 months old, and he didn't like it much back then as it is. He was just more bothered by the heat than anything else. He wasn't yet able to comprehend the difference between animals or to find the animals in their cages.

      The difference this time round is obvious. He was so excited already at the entrance itself because perhaps he 'felt' the difference in environment - and he was intrigued by all the animals.

      Perhaps you may like to wait for a bit!

  5. Oh, my husband will love the Lego thing! I have to bring him to check it out. He's a huge Lego fan and I'm sure he has a few hundred mini figurines of his own. (I kid you not.) Thanks for sharing!



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