Weekend Wanderings #8: 'Twas a sweltering hot weekend!

Monday, 25 June 2012

The heat over the weekend was unbearable. Bright ball of fire mercilessly shining down, with nary a breeze to cool the air. BabyMoo enjoyed himself though... the heat and the outdoors never did hurt a growing child :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

BabyMoo wears checked shirt and jeans from Old Navy and brown Koura boots from See Kai Run.

We had lunch at Canton Paradise at I12 Katong, because BabyMoo was due to attend a trial class at PerchingKids. Love their dim sum, and BabyMoo cannot get enough of the meatball porridge. Mealtimes when we're out now are always centred on what the boy can and loves to eat, and we're pretty fortunate that BabyMoo loves to eat just about anything, as long as it leans toward the savoury side of things. He's okay with chilli and curry too... which I found out once by mistake when I fed him without tasting the fried rice first!

We didn't know where to go while BabyMoo napped in the car, so we decided to check out Drypers' Little Day Out Family event which was held at the Playground @ Big Splash since it was on the way.

We were surprised that there weren't too many people, and I think that the heat may well have everything to do with the turn out. It was surprisingly well-organised (well done, Mediacorp!) and they have really taken pains to ensure that the event caters for families. Changing facilities are available inside 2 huge tents, and the kids are entertained by the bouncy bear and a mini ride-on train on tracks, among the numerous carnival games available that lent it a festive air.

After extensive diaper research and trials, we have found that BabyMoo suits Huggies best, but Drypers was fine with him apart from the tape fastener which loses its stickiness when there is powder on the surface, and tends to poke his stomach when he sits down. We stopped using Drypers back then (although we love the price!!) because it was heart-rending to see BabyMoo's diaper held up with masking tape most of the time!

So now that we found out that Drypers have totally changed their diapers' surface area and fasteners, we were game to try it out. It also helped that BabyMoo was running out of diapers and needed a fresh supply. To top it all off - they were selling the diapers at a pretty price!

We decided against getting the DryPantz because BabyMoo still had 4 packs of Huggies Pull-Up Pants (thanks to his stamp collecting Mummy!) but we did get 3 bags (L68s x 3) of the regular diapers. He uses regular diapers at home, and the Pull-Up Pants when we're out for convenience and ease. I'm not about to wrestle an energetic baby into lying flat down in a small changing area so that I can change him when we're out!

Then we were stopped by the Mediacorp guys who wanted to do a short interview with us. Don't ask me why.. but if you happen to catch the segment on any Mediacorp channels - give me a shout out, won't you?

BabyMoo wasn't too concerned about appearing on TV... he was just frustrated that his balloon on a string was not manageable at all!

We headed on to Marina Barrage next. Hardly dressed for it, but I thought that we will just drop by and have a look.

There were a lot of people at the Barrage... and only close to 5.00pm, when they made the announcement - it hit us as to the reason for the crowd. The National Day Parade's full dress rehearsal was ongoing, and people staked out great spots to catch the flypast and fireworks from as early as 1.00pm!

The boy had a blast, even though Mummy almost melted in the heat.

We went to Marina Square for dinner... where we chanced upon a Young Parents magazine roadshow at the atrium. I checked out Kids' Gallery 'for future reference', but found out that they accept kids from 16mths old onwards - so perhaps we may consider looking further into their programme as BabyMoo has shown an interest in arts and crafts.

BabyMoo meets GiGi
(wonder who comes up with these names - so irritating! Haha!)

We then made a trip to VideoEzy at River Valley Road to borrow some DVDs. The Lady, based on Aung San Suu Kyi's life, starring Michelle Yeoh for me - and Immortals for the hubs. Got some prata to take home for supper because Mr.Moo has been craving some for the longest time (and no, I'm not pregnant) and that's when we found out that BabyMoo absolutely loves his egg+onion prata and curry!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Daddeh!! Wait for Meeeee!!

BabyMoo wears Bart Simpson tee from United Colours of Benetton, Red shorts from Chateu De Sable, and red Skeinie sandals.

We went to Nex at Upper Serangoon because BabyMoo hasn't been to the water playground there, and I wanted to borrow some books from the library which was located at the same mall.

Another hot day... and BabyMoo was so pleased to be have some water play!

Went to the Library where I became a full-fledged member! Gone are my book buying days for practical reasons, mostly because my bookshelves are now filled with the boy's toys!

It's really sad to see the kid's section shelves bare... I'm hoping it's because most books are out due to the school holidays.

We went to Clarke Quay next to walk around... and to show BabyMoo where Daddy first met Mummy 15 years ago, and where we used to hang out before he came along!

"This looks like an extremely boring place... and my parents love to bring me to exciting places! Wonder what made them come here so often back then?"
<Ah well... the difference between night and day is stark, my little one.>

He then discovered the fountains at the main atrium - and decided that this isn't too shabby a place, after all. 

He was initially apprehensive because he knows that he isn't in his swimming gear... but when Daddy told him they can just walk through the fountains, he was happy to go. Of course, Mummy's warnings went totally unheeded. He could have at least taken off the boy's leather shoes! Duh.

So... of course the shoes got soggy, and BabyMoo a least looked contrite enough for me to not tell him: "Mummy told you so".

I tried drying the shoes, but since the insole is a padded leather one - it was still squelchy and BabyMoo wasn't too comfortable with it.

Ah well... wet shoes or otherwise, he did have fun anyway!

It was a super hot weekend... made better by the outdoors, water fun, and BabyMoo's shrieks of joy!

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  1. fwah!! super packed weekend!! And did I say before, babymoo is super duper cute lah!!!! Wanna pinch his cheeks! So did anyone catch your interview???

    1. You'll meet him soon, I hope! Haha... :)

      Dunno man - I think they might use it as ad segments.

  2. lol at the shoes at hand dryer pic!! ha, i so did not think of you as a stamp collecting mummy!!! tai tai, tai tai, you surprise me la!

    who on earth is GIGI!? looks scary too! hey i was at marina square yesterday too! at sakae sushi, teppanyaki. yum :P

    1. I collect the pink stamps one, okay? 2 redemptions already! HAHA!
      Part of growing as a tai tai is the ability to recognise a good deal! :)

      Dunno who GiGi is lah. Some weird looking wannabe.
      What time were you there? Dinnertime?

  3. my girl likes water playgrounds too precisely because of the heat. But that means she gets darker, which is not something I want!

    1. Sunblock... although sometimes I forget.

      But true lah. Boys get away with darker better than girls do. It's always 'tall dark and handsome' mah!

      My husband knows for a fact that if we had a girl, chances are she'd be out of the house only in long sleeves and a hat :p

  4. We did the masking tape too but forgot its for which diaper brand :P

    eh u not buying any more books?? So sad! My reading partner no more *sob sob* NEVERMIND! I shall pass u ALL my books when I'm done with them wahaha~

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