Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 Things I’ve become since I became a Mum

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Positive Changes

1. I have mellowed down.

I find myself less likely to lose my temper, and when things don’t go my way, I let it slide. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I got used to not getting *my* way with BabyMoo! I do get frustrated, but my reaction(s) will be far from what I used to do prior to motherhood.  I still surprise myself on this note – because I’m hardly a pushover or a doormat.

2. I have become more tolerant.

I used to have very little patience for things which I find belies good sense, but I’ve since learnt to enjoy life more by laughing at them. I have also managed my expectations, and in the process stopped being too affected when things don’t work out as expected. I think this point came about largely due to #1.

3. I stopped being selfish.

Motherhood does that. When once upon a time it’s all about my hopes, my dreams, my wants, my needs and what makes me happy, now it has automatically been channelled to BabyMoo. The ongoing quest is to ensure that he has a happy childhood and is guided in the right direction.

4. I have become more easy going and friendly.

I never needed to talk or be friendly to people unless they make the first move, but since the boy came round, it seems almost a natural thing to acknowledge strangers who smile and coo at him. I found that the smiles are projected more often and more easily... sometimes even without me realising that I was doing so.

5. I have learnt to laugh at myself.

I make mistakes. I put his diaper on backwards. I do stupid, absent minded things like put his toys in my bag, and put salt in my tea. No big deal. I used to get upset over things like that, because I didn’t like being careless. I was a bit OCD that way, but now I laugh it off. And laugh at my own silly antics.

6. I stopped caring about my image, and what people think of me.

I dance with BabyMoo and sing silly songs with him in public. He laughs at me, with me, and I pull silly faces to make him laugh. Anywhere, everywhere. I don’t care that people cast me sideway glances and wonder if I’ve gone bonkers. I didn’t need to project any image to anyone, anymore. Not when I have loads of fun with my baby being spontaneously silly.

7. I share a silent solidarity with other mums, strangers or otherwise.

A knowing glance and a sympathetic smile when the kids are bawling their heads off and creating a scene in public. We move out of the way to accommodate prams coming through. We hold the elevator doors open and let them enter or exit safely with the kids. We smile at each other, perfect strangers, when the kids choose to socialise without any pre-empting on our parts. We share stories, experiences, the funny and trying times of parenthood. We’ve all been there, done that, and although each child is unique and parenting styles differ, we unite in the common knowledge that we worry, laugh and cry too much for our kids... and would do anything for them in a heartbeat.

8. I stopped judging other parents.

Isn’t it funny how the single non-parents are the ones who seem to have the most advice to share on parenting trials and woes?

‘My friend’s sister’s nephew’s child was this and that. My sister’s neighbour’s cousin’s PD said that you should not give a child Formula because cow’s milk is for cows. You should not feed him this / you should try not to give in to him / you should toilet train regardless of whether he’s ready’.

And so on.

Admittedly, I never knew how difficult it is to be a parent and to grapple with parenthood until I became a Mum. I stopped thinking that the parents are at fault when I see a child throwing a tantrum. I stopped thinking that children can be well-behaved with proper guidance. Each child is different, and sometimes – as adults do, they all have their moods. Some days they are angels – the rest of the days they try our patience.

9. I suddenly possess strengths which I never knew I had.

I carry him everywhere. Even with a sturdy carrier, the weight bears down like a ton of bricks (or a sack of rice) after some time. When my back is close to breaking and my legs almost give way, I still can carry him that extra distance.

I suppose metaphorically, it will always be that way for us parents. As long as they are our children, we will always find enough strength to go on with some to spare for them - even during the darkest days.

10. I stopped resisting change, and embrace it instead.

The boy changes physically and mentally right before my eyes. With every change, there is always something new to learn and discover every day. Change is good. Positive ones are always easier, but the negative ones are dealt with as they come.

The Not-so-positive Changes

1. I started sounding like I belonged in the Military.

I hear words coming out of my mouth in staccato and high pitched intonations. I sometimes remind myself of a commander trying to round up his stubborn army of one. See #2.

2. I tend to use ‘Stop it!’ as a punctuation mark.

I used to pride myself on being able to manipulate the English Language for entertainment purposes. Big, powerful words to illustrate and emphasise points. Sad that my vocabulary has since been reduced to “StopIt”! “No”! and other single syllable simple words for maximum impact.

3. I became a worry wart.

When I became a Mum, I think I signed a contract with Worry Inc. There are no expiry dates stated.

4. I can’t travel light.

Diapers, wipes, water bottle, snacks, change of clothes and toy cars – and this was after we stopped having to lug around a thermos full of food, another thermos filled with hot water, milk bottles and formula.

5. I stopped wearing heels.

Between trying to teeter tall and the boy’s safety – this is a no brainer. When he started walking and running, I can’t supervise and run after him with sky high heels. If you are able to do so – kudos for mastering the art of running in heels without twisting or breaking your ankle running after a Duracell bunny.

6. I started gaining weight.

When we stopped having to pack porridge in a thermos for BabyMoo’s meals, I didn’t realise the effects of having to finish off the remnants of his restaurant sized meals on top of struggling to eat what I’ve ordered - adding on to that extra weight which I’ve been meaning to lose, but always get sidetracked upon.

7. I have started powdering bums more than my nose.

Who has time to look in the mirror when we are busy trying to entertain, sing with,  attend to, give a hug and cuddle, kiss boo-boos (some of which are imaginary) and play with the kiddo? I leave the house looking presentable, but that’s just about it. I don’t bother with touch-ups during the day. After all, if you have the kid as an accessory, people’s attention will usually be diverted long enough for them to barely notice Mummy’s shiny nose.

8. I am usually always tired or frazzled, or both.

Aside from the fact that I work full time, I try to allocate some ‘we’ time doing whatever that BabyMoo wants daily. At his age, this would usually involve making me run everywhere trying to keep him within sight. At *my* age, this is pretty strenuous on the old rickety bones.

9. I spend most of my pay check on the kid.

He can’t have enough clothes or shoes – never mind that he outgrows them faster than they arrive from overseas when I choose to shop online. Then there is the subconscious need to always feed him with the best... never mind that Mummy and Daddy eats his leftovers, or comparatively ‘inferior’ food products.

10. I started to N-A-G.

When I first realised that I was ‘nagging’, I stopped short, looked at the hubba and exclaimed: “I was nagging!!”

He just looked at me, laughed - and told me that I have finally become a confirmed ‘Mum’, and motherhood rather suits me. Whatever that means.

I'm thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a Mum, and I'm also thankful for what I've become since I've been blessed with the coolest kid in the world. The positive, and the not-so-positive ones.

I love being a Mum, despite all the bodily changes and mental challenges. I think you do, too.

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Photo *Heart* Fridays: Water play on a hot, humid day!

Friday, 27 July 2012

I love to see the boy at play
On a hot and humid day.
He laughs and smiles and grins with glee,
With wild abandon - carefree.

He runs around against the wind;
The breeze a brief respite --
Under the blazing hot sun.

He spied a water gun,
But it's too big for the little wee one,
So he turns to look for help,
and asks Daddy to play.

They turned the sprinkler this way and that,
with Mummy as a moving target.
I shrieked and yelled with warnings aplenty,
But they didn't care -
and got me all wet!

The boy then took a little breather,
and made music along the way.

Water in their eyes
and water on their face,
They really don't care.

Joy and mirth abound,
As far as I can see -
As they sing their aquatic melody.

Water fun for everyone!
Especially for Daddy and his dear little son.


WIKKI STIX (Review): Shape, Stick, Play and Learn!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I was first informed of this product, I was admittedly intrigued. From the looks of it - what could possibly make Wikki Stix different from plasticine or play-doh? 

Wikki Stix is made of knitting acrylic yarn which has been coated with food grade, non-toxic wax (used in bubble gum and lipstick). Safe for young, nimble fingers and child's play. It is a product which has garnered many awards in the States, is made in the USA, and has only recently been made available in South East Asia.

Twistable, stackable, buildable and playable creatables!
It claims to be an educational toy which unleashes creativity, and I'm always charmed by the idea of learning through play. Since Wikki Stix is encouraged only for children from 3 years and up and BabyMoo is thus 'too young', I had the perfect excuse to try it out myself! :)

A closer look at each individual piece of Wikki Stix.
They are pliable, and can easily be bent and shaped - but they are surprisingly not sticky to the touch. Waxy, yes - but unlike play-doh or plasticine, it doesn't 'merge' together, nor does it stain. It sticks to any smooth surfaces, which includes paper, mirrors, glass, plastic or wood without any problems. There are no residue left on any of these surfaces (apart from creating smudges on the mirror and glass, which was easily removed using a clean dry cloth).

It supposedly does not break or come apart either - so I tried to pull it, yank it, and whack the hubba with it. True enough, it still remained intact. However, it can be cut easily with a pair of scissors. Best of all, it's reusable, even after moulding, bending, sculpting and sticking onto surfaces. So there really are no limits to creativity with this!

This is also a useful tool for introducing numerical and alphabet sequences for kids. Get them to join the numbered dots with Wikkies, and make learning creatively fun!

Join the dots using Wikki Stix!
I couldn't resist 'unleashing the inner child' in me and made all sorts of pictures using Wikkies by joining the dots. At one point I didn't even realise I was counting out loud! 

Chirpy Cheep Cheep... A chickadee for BabyMoo!

This product was designed to keep kids entertained. Being lightweight and handy, it also means that it can be packed and carried anywhere. Going out with kids can be a test of patience and wills - and we are constantly finding ways and means to keep them entertained, especially when there is waiting time involved. It is a mess-free alternative to play doh, plasticine and crayons.

I think these Wikki Stix are perfect for independent play, and play dates can also be more fun when they are encouraged to create things for one another! Best of all, Wikki Stix play encourage the enhancement of motor skills and sensory involvement.

Wikki Stix is sold at selected specialty stores.
For bulk purchases or any queries, please contact the official distributor for Wikki Stix in Singapore:

Think Thank Pte Ltd

Adeline Woo
Mobile: 9766 0661

DISCLAIMER: MummyMoo received a complimentary set of Wikki Stix for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wordless Wednesday: Aboard the Sleepytown Express.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"It's at night, when perhaps we should be dreaming, that the mind is most clear... that we are most able to hold all of our life in the palm of our skull."
Brian W. Aldiss

When we arise in the morning,
we will think of how wonderful it is to be alive...
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. 

My Little Drummer Boys

Top Twenty(!!) {Tuesday}: A Little More About Me.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Just thought I'd share a little bit more about who and how I am... and hopefully, you'd be inclined to share your thoughts too. It's fun to know how different (and yet alike!) some of us can be!

1. If your lover / husband betrayed you, how will you react?

For every ending, there's a new beginning. I can't say that I will be able to walk away and 'get on with my life' although it may be how we may feel if we haven't actually gone through it. When I'm in a relationship, I tend to give it my all... and thus being prone to guys who have taken advantage of this trait in me. However, it's hard to get back to where we were before the said betrayal, and often - this would be the cause of the relationship breakdown instead of the betrayal itself. Trust is a difficult thing to earn, and it's more difficult to get it back once it's been compromised.

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

To ALWAYS be happy. To never worry about anything, and to be able to wake up daily with a smile on my face. It's an elusive dream, as we are all aware that life can be anything but great. Positive thinking does help, but there will be times when you'd feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

Anyone who asks. I'm pretty obliging.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

Invest on a good education plan for BabyMoo. Invest in business, stocks and bonds. Invest in property. Donate. Live life as though there's no tomorrow, and hopefully, the investments will reap returns.

Oh... and buy a couple of houses, buy a couple of cars, get two maids for Mum so she'd have all her needs attended to, go on a much needed vacation. Everything else - I'll get on a whim :)

5. Would you fall in love with a best friend?

Nope. Friends are hard to come by, and I wouldn't want to jeopardise the friendship. Furthermore... I AM in love with someone who has become my best friend.

6. Which do you think is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

I doubt we can be loved without loving that person, and love without being loved in return. Love is funny. It's only when you know all about the person's failings, idiosyncrasies and bad traits - things that in another you'd find rather repulsive - yet you're able to overlook these... that's when you know it's love.

7. How long do you think you can wait for someone you really love?

Forever and a day - if that person truly means a lot.

8.  If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

Ummm... find out if his best friend or brother is attached? :P

9. If you were to act with someone, who would it be? 

Al Pacino! (I mean... Have you seen Scent of a Woman?!)

10. Would you invite your ex-bf to your wedding?

I did - and with prior approval from the hubs, of course.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

Still myself, and still being who I am. My achievements may be more (hopefully!) but it shouldn't change who I am in any way. If life has been downhill - it still shouldn't change me. A personality is what we cannot change, it's our attitude and how we deal with life that has to adapt as things change.

12. What's your greatest fear?

Being with someone, yet feeling alone.

13. What kind of person do you think people perceive you to be?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to those whom I consider friends - I am myself. They would know who I am when I deem to call them friends, because I have nothing to hide.

I am whoever and whatever other people think I am.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?

I would rather be rich and HAPPILY married!

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Stretch... and look at BabyMoo.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

Definitely. Life is too short to protect ourselves because we are afraid to get hurt, and in the process, we may not be able to cultivate the relationship to its fullest potential.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

Not possible. Infatuation and attraction - yes. Love takes time to develop.

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?

I will forgive - but I NEVER forget.

19. Will you give up everything - including your life - for the one you love?

In a heartbeat.

20. Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?

Pros and cons to this... I wish that our other halves are like light switches, you can switch them on or off at whim! :D

But seriously - I'm happiest with someone whom I love, and whom I can share everything with. My fears, insecurities, worries, hopes and happiness. I'm fortunate to be with someone whom I can 'sit with and not say a word... yet walk away as though it was the best conversation I've ever had.

Plus I have BabyMoo - and he wouldn't have come about if I was single! (well... in the natural progression of things, of course!)

Grab the list - and do share a little more about you!

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Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings     

Family Friendly Restaurant: Chili's @ Resorts World Sentosa

Being full-time working parents, we really look forward to weekends - and as such, we try to ensure that whenever possible, we try to enjoy the day with minimal fuss. Well... this basically means: When the kid is happy, we're happy (and relaxed) too!

It used to be that we could just walk into any restaurant that strikes our fancy and not worry about anything more apart than the cuisine choice and food quality. Mealtimes as a family has since become more challenging. We have to ensure that the kid is adequately entertained, there is a suitable selection of food items for him, high chairs are available, and as a bonus - the servers are trained to serve families with young children.

We visited Chili's at Resorts World Sentosa recently, and noted that they had the 'We Welcome Families' accreditation displayed at the main door. We tried to patronise their outlet at Tanglin Mall previously, but since BabyMoo was asleep in his stroller and they couldn't accommodate strollers in their restaurant space due to the narrow walkways (we were asked to park the stroller at the entrance) we didn't get the opportunity to.

There's just something attractive about primary colours on a logo - especially for kids! It does convey the 'Family Restaurant' message effectively.

When we arrived, the restaurant was almost running at full house, and we waited for about 5 minutes while they cleared a table for us. BabyMoo was happy enough to wait as he was entertained by the football screening on large screen TVs mounted at the bar area.

Chili's are known for their Frozen Margaritas and house cocktails, so if you're in the mood for a tropical drink to beat the heat on a lazy weekend afternoon, there is quite an extensive selection of cocktails and mocktails in their drinks list.

The bar area - perfect for dining out solo.

Sports fans will love it here - the restaurant screens selected sports channels. Perfect place for a beer and bar snacks with good buddies!
We were shown to a table for 6 with a high chair already in place, and the server mentioned that he has given us a larger table so that it will be more comfortable for us. A much appreciated show of initiative on his part, and we sat down with a favourable first impression of the place.

The kids' meal selection (Pepper Pals) comes in a piece of A4 sized paper, folded to contain 2 sticks of non-toxic crayons, no doubt for the colouring page on the reverse of the menu. All mains come with a side dish (fries, broccoli, mashed potatoes, rice, black beans or corn on the cob), a drink (sodas, iced tea, milk or juice) and a scoop of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate, caramel or vanilla).

BabyMoo ordered the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, a side order of fries (more for Daddy since he doesn't really like fries), an apple juice and chocolate ice-cream.
While we waited for our lunch, Daddy shows him how to join the dots and work his way through the maze on the activity / colouring page.

We were seated next to the floor to ceiling glass doors, and so we could people watch. BabyMoo loves the water fountain which could be seen from where we were seated. He alternated between making a mess trying to draw, and colouring the page - while he stares out periodically to whatever catches his attention.

A lot of thought has gone into providing kid friendly touches. The plastic cup is capped with a very tight hard plastic cover and the little hole where the straw is inserted is very small, thus ensuring minimal spillage. BabyMoo was happy to be able to hold his own cup without Mummy hovering over him and trying to help him hold the drink!

I was surprised, however, that the main course came in a regular breakable plate. They also didn't provide any plastic spoon, although that didn't bother us much because BabyMoo opens his mouth wide enough for a regular adult metal spoon to be fed.

Their fries are baked, which is definitely a healthy alternative to the deep-fried version.
BabyMoo loved his Mac & Cheese, and enjoyed the fries as well. Perhaps the fact that the fries are baked did make a difference to him. He also got his ice-cream after his meal - but I was prompted to inform the server that we had asked for chocolate ice-cream instead of vanilla when we were served. He didn't get the order wrong... apparently the flavour selection is limited to the sauce atop the vanilla ice-cream! It was my mistake because the menu clearly states this fact.

We had a relatively peaceful lunch because the boy was entertained (and distracted) long enough for us to enjoy our meal. I like that the restaurant have gone to substantial lengths to ensure a family friendly environment. 

Oh... and to reaffirm their 'family friendly' status:
Kids dine free (with every adult entree)
till 6.00pm on weekdays! Yippeee!!


Chili's @ Resorts World Sentosa

26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-072/073/074
Singapore 098138

Operating hours :
Mon - Thurs
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 11:00 pm
11:00 am - 11:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm


Tel : +65 6835-9077

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to the management of Chili's Singapore, or have been compensated to write this review. All opinions are based on our experience, and 100% my own.

Weekend Wanderings #12: What is history, but a fable agreed upon?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Saturday, 21 July 2012

BabyMoo wears Chelsea kit with Asics shoes.
No prizes for guessing what's Daddy's favourite football team!

We decided to discover more about Singapore's history over the weekend, in conjunction with Children’s Season at the Singapore National Museum!

DaddyMoo is a history buff, and have visited the Museum several times over the years, both for recreation and work. I, on the other hand, have never been inclined towards the past (let sleeping dogs lie – is my excuse), and I’m not proud to admit that I’ve never been to the National Museum, so this was as good a time as any to visit.

I remember this iconic scuplture which was placed fronting the National Museum when I was growing up. Such a pity that it's been moved to another area, and we can't see it from the road.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was Open House at the Museum when we arrived, so there were no admission charges for all the areas. The Museum's atrium and foyer is a wonderful place with natural light filtering in, and it was indeed wonderful to note that the original building's structure has been preserved, although it was evident that the place has undergone massive renovations.

Reminds me of Da Vinci's code!

BabyMoo absolutely loved the wide open spaces, and was busy running around exploring the different sections of the Island Adventures programme. In between, he was intrigued by the swinging chandeliers. He stood transfixed, almost hypnotised - and had to be dragged away before he would move on.

The Island Adventures programme appeared to cater more for older kids, with story telling activities and hands-on activities to delight the children. It brought history to life for them, and I sure hope that there will be more of such events so that history will not be as tedious as it was for me when I was growing up! BabyMoo had his share of fun trying out the different navigational items on display though. He was especially drawn to the telegraph.

Kids are encouraged to colour in the picture, which was then made into a badge for them. BabyMoo helped Daddy by lending his moral support! I think it was a nice souvenir for the children to help remember the event.

We then proceeded to the main historical hall. At the entrance, they provided us with a hand held device complete with headphones (so high-tech!) which is to be used in place of the information plaques in days of yore. There are numbers placed next to displays or on the floor... and we had to key in these numbers to get a running commentary and description of the item in question. While I agree that it is a useful gadget, I think that a brief description should still be present on the exhibits, and it should remain as an option. The again, I suppose the majority of visitors come without a feisty toddler whom I had to keep an eagle eye on!

Inspired by X-Men?

Prior to entering, I was rather concerned because I didn't know how BabyMoo will take to the darkened areas and larger than life exhibits. I need not have worried. It appears that he was in his element! He didn't display any fear or apprehension, and I had to go around chasing after him as he makes his way round the rooms and maze-like areas on his own... for fear that I would lose sight of him!

Totally loving the experience.

Police station in pre-war era.

I was rather spooked by this feature wall!


DaddyMoo needed a hair cut, so we decided to have a late lunch at Holland Village as well. BabyMoo is familiar with the place now, and has taken to entertaining himself while he waits. The hubba loves this place which we found by accident while we were walking around... it's quaint and old fashioned, but the 3 elderly barbers there do a great job, are friendly, and best part is - the price is right!
BabyMoo was asked by the barber if he would like a hair cut - to which he replied not only by shaking his head vehemently, but also by waving his hands top signify 'No' vigorously! Looks like we'll keep his curly locks long, after all.

We did a spot of window shopping around town next (yes - back there because I needed to run an errand at Lucky Plaza and I completely forgot to do it before we went to the Museum). BabyMoo and Daddy had an old fashioned treat! You can't buy that many things with just a dollar now!

We had dinner at Ion Orchard, and ended the day at that evil place!

That place where you go in intending to buy 1 item and end up with another 9 (useless) ones.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

BabyMoo gives his best moody face in Dinosaur tee (gift from his Uncle from Bangkok), Gap checked pants (only kids and Ah Peks can get away with these pants!) and SKR's Jude sandals.

We were at church pretty early because the boy decided that he wants to wake up at 8.00am on a Sunday morning, and made sure that his Mummy and Daddy doesn't get any extra shut eye as well. So we entertained ourselves while waiting for Mass to start.

We decided to have Dim Sum for lunch, because my Mum has been raving about the selection at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant. It's been around for decades, and the place is seriously a throwback to the 60s. This involves the decor, furniture, and even the rickety lifts which go up from the 1st floor to the 9th floor, where the restaurant is located. And yes - the name is not just a name... the entire restaurant really revolves.

We had a very peaceful lunch... because BabyMoo was more than entertained by the birds eye view of all the ferries, tankers, cranes and container trucks down below! It has been a long time since we had really nice Dim Sum, and we were extremely pleased to note that good food can be had without costing us an arm and a leg. BabyMoo loved the crab meat, fish and century egg porridge - and gave his stamp of approval by finishing up the entire big bowl along with a barbecued pork bun and some rice rolls.


BabyMoo needs new pajamas, because he has outgrown most of his and now wears hip hop pajama bottoms. His Grandmama sews most of his cotton PJs, so we thought that we would try to get some material to make more. We bought the last batch from Joo Chiat Complex (where they still have quaint textile shops) so we made our way there after lunch.

We didn't know that being the Hari Raya Puasa season, the shops only stock material suitable for Baju Kurung, kebaya and traditional wear! There aren't any 100% cotton material to be had, and so we left the place empty handed.

Since it was a very hot day and we were just nearby... we made our way to I12 Katong for some water fun for BabyMoo!

He had so much fun... and was running about despite our warnings to be careful. He slipped and fell on the ground, grazing his cheekbone on the mat. Daddy just looked on and told him to get up by himself and that he's fine - while Mummy took pictures of his 'plight'. Talk about sadistic parents! Haha!

He was more than happy to get up and continue, and was none the worse for wear. We try to teach him to always be accountable for his actions, and we find that it is extremely effective when we put it into effect at play. He knows that he was running about recklessly despite our warnings, and he got into a minor accident because he didn't listen. He was far more careful after that.

Mummy was far more upset by the shiner than he was! :)

DaddyMoo suggested going to Chinatown to see if we can get the material needed for BabyMoo's PJs. Tired out from play, our dear boy fell asleep on the way there.

MummyMoo's angel (only when he sleeps!)

It's been awhile since we've been to People's Park Complex in Chinatown - and although the vibe is still the same, the quaint Mom and Pop shops have actually started selling different stuff from what they did before. Where previously they sold textile, home needs, beads, accessories and diy implements, now they are more geared up towards ready to wear clothes, undergarments and home fix tools. There's even a fancy dress shop there - with some items guaranteed to raise eyebrows or waggle them, whichever floats the boat.

No material for Pajamas, but we did come across a bargain hunter's dream come true.

I saw a lot of people carting a number of items at one go... it soon became apparent to me that people who come here don't really just buy one piece of something. Upon closer look at the prices, I went into auto-Auntie mode.

I shopped carrying BabyMoo, asleep blissfully in the Manduca carrier (thank heavens for that carrier... it's been our best investment to date since BabyMoo hates the stroller!)

Some of the great buys are Baby Powders, Soaps, Liquid Cleansers, Detergents and Softeners. There are also regular toiletries, soaps, shampoos, and every day needs. Don't take my word for it - I actually made a comparison of some of the product prices in store as opposed to the same items sold elsewhere.

Sold in-store - Oral-B Stages toothbrush: $2.30.
Kodomo Kids Toothpaste (banded with a smaller tube): $1.90.
Johnson's Baby Top to Toe wash: $4.50 
Kodomo Laundry Softener: $3.50
Kodomo Laundry Detergent: $6.00

Part of the loot... and I spent about $60.00 in total. I was extremely pleased with myself. Massive savings for the family! Quaint shop, with almost everything that we need, at great prices. I know where I'm heading to the next time we have to stock up on toiletries!

We went to Clementi Mall for dinner, because the hubs remembered seeing some textile shops at Clementi Central. BabyMoo ate plenty, most probably because he was hungry from all that energy spent at the water park earlier. 

To think that we searched almost round Singapore for 100% cotton material for his pajamas.
... At the end of it all, it was found almost at our doorstep. 

Till next weekend - have a wonderful week ahead!

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