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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

When I heard about The Polliwogs opening another branch in a 'central' area, I was pretty excited as BabyMoo absolutely loves the one at East Coast. We don't mind heading there, but the weekend crowd at the beach (where it's located) can be pretty overwhelming.

Due to the lack of information on the net and a non-updated site with regard to their new location, we took a stab in the dark and visited the place two weeks ago. We were met with closed doors and found out that they were only due to open on the 5th of July. We had a location (courtesy of a coupon deal site which had a promotion with them to celebrate their opening) but there was no information at all about when they would be open. I recently only discovered that they were frequently updating their Facebook page, so I guess that's better than nothing at all.

We decided to come by again last Saturday. I love new places. The place still smells of new polish, new equipment, and wood. Best of all, at 2 pm on a Saturday, we were practically the only ones there, save for a couple who were there with their 2 children.

The staff at the counter was very pleasant and helpful, and my queries were given very polite answers. She asked as to BabyMoo's age, and we were given the charges accordingly. When I asked if they had a brochure or a catalogue with more details, I was informed that they had just opened and thus there were no materials available as yet. However, another staff (who seems more experienced) who happened to be passing by overheard, and offered to write down the details for me when she heard that I would like to let my friends who have children of different ages know about the admission charges. I was really surprised by this show of initiative, and this small gesture actually formed a great first impression of the place for me.

BabyMoo was given a sticker bracelet, which is to signify a 'walk-in' guest, a nice term for a 2 hour visitor.

I tried to yank / tear the sticker open short of using a pair of scissors after the visit, to no avail. DaddyMoo had to bite it off. Definitely child-proof!

There was a separate area to keep our shoes and sandals at the lobby, but there weren't any seats! Try taking off a squirmy toddler's pair of shoes while he's busy trying to zoom off into the play area. And put socks on little feet after that, all while standing or squatting. I did ask if there were going to be benches installed or seats provided, but the staff could not provide me with an answer.
I had to sit on the floor and wrestle with the boy while I attempt to take off his shoes!

He barged through the swing doors, and ran to the entrance of the main play yard. He totally ignored the toddler play area, which was where little children like him should actually be!

I like that the toddler area is at a separate section from the main area, so there is less chance of the bigger children straying there. It's also of a more substantial area than many of the places which I have been to, and the 'water' slide must surely be a fascinating feature for the younger kids!

Toddler Play area

The refreshments area is also pretty spacious and bright, with a wide range of drinks and finger foods for adults and children. Payment is only by cash, and the card which they issued us upon entry only tracks the length of time which is calculated from the time we enter. Entrance fees also includes a cup of coffee or tea, and this was a very nice bonus!

I saw 2 separate party rooms there, with the main huge one having a slide on partition to accommodate smaller parties. They seem to be much larger than the party rooms at their East Coast branch, and I'm sure there will be many many happy children celebrating their birthdays there!

Party Rooms
The baby changing area was pretty great, too, apart from the fact that there was only one room. I dread to think of the occasions when Mums need to breastfeed and the place is crowded!

Main play area

While BabyMoo and Daddy got busy climbing and tumbling, I walked around and was pleased to see that while the play area does not have the benefit of extending upwards several stories, there was more than sufficient areas of play lengthwise. The bigger children may not enjoy it as much given that they cannot climb higher than 2 stories, but the shooting gallery may strike their fancy and keep them more than entertained. 

We also noticed that both DaddyMoo and I were able to walk through the play area without having to bend down (much) and we're actually quite tall. It's such a welcome change from the places where we have to practically crawl on all fours while trying to keep up with the boy!

BabyMoo, being the stickler for cleanliness that he is, was busy being a ball boy, trying to put the balls back onto the ball pit, and becoming target practice by the 2 other older kids while we were there. He would have been fodder for destruction if there had been more kids at play! He didn't care. :)

A slide onto the ball pit...

...which unfortunately, could have been made much bigger.
I don't know how it would be during crowded days!

BabyMoo had the whole slide and ball pit to himself because there weren't anyone else!

There was also a 'water' trampoline! I had a go at it, myself... and it was fun!

The tunnels extend to almost half the length of the play area.

BabyMoo made a new friend too!

There is also a padded climbing wall. I foresee more climbing for the boy.

We had fun while we were there - and it was actually nice to be able to experience an almost empty large indoor playground! I'm sure they won't remain that way for long, though, as soon as more parents are aware that they have opened. We will definitely be back soon!

The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk

11 Unity Street
#02-18/19 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Opening hours: 10.00am - 7.00pm

Admission charges

Below 24 months
Monday - Friday: $13.00 (unlimited play)
Saturday & Sunday: $13.00 (2 hours)

Above 24 months
Monday - Friday: $20.00 (unlimited play)
Saturday & Sunday: $25.00 (2 hours)

Value Play Pass

Below 24 months
$65.00 for 7 visits, over a course of 6 months

Above 24 months
$125.00 for 7 visits, over a course of 6 months

Tel: 6442 2805


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to the management of The Polliwogs or have been compensated to write this post. All opinions are based on our experience, and 100% my own.


  1. Wooo definitely wanna bring my girl there! Playdate?? haha

    1. Will arrange soon! I don't mind because I don't have to stoop so much here!

  2. I would like to commend the staff Named Shella,of this outlet. Very friendly and the way she handles children is fantastic.



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