Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 reasons why it’s cool to be my kid.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dear BabyMoo,

Even though most of the time you may not feel that Mummy is the coolest person in the world to hang out with, perhaps one day you will realize that you’re already way up there in the cool-scale just for having a Mummeh like ME!

I kid you not – and here’s why.

1. I let you eat or drink whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it’s within reason.

That said, you're only going to be allowed to know how beer or wine tastes like after you understand the concept of alcohol and it's effects. I will not tell you that alcohol is bad or it is the source of much evil in the world - because it isn't. Alcohol abuse is, and that is brought about through the fault of general mankind.

For the time being, you're just going to be happy that Mummy gets you your froyo treats and isn't too bothered about what you should eat vs. what you prefer to have.

He prefers frozen yoghurt over ice-cream any day!

2. I don't attempt to govern your life with the help of a timetable.

I didn't sleep train you, apart from making sure that you know the difference between night and day. You were a good baby and slept through the night from the 2nd month onwards, so I guess that makes you a pretty cool kid in my books, too.

I don't tell or force you to nap at certain times either... because I figured out that you will sleep when you are tired. I also understand all too well that you are a head strong child, and forcing you to do things against your will is akin to trying to teach a pig how to sing. It wastes my time and annoys the pig, which in turn will create a lot of frustration and angst on your part and mine.

It's my party and I'll sleep when I want to!
3. I make sure that you get to experience all the things that kids your age might enjoy.

All work and no play makes BabyMoo a dull boy - so we're always happy to see you have fun. You get to explore and discover more about the world around you, and we will always be around to make sure that you play safe and adapt well to situations.

Water baby!
4. I don't treat you like a baby.

I have always believed that you understand more than you let on, and that is precisely why I never did the 'GooGooGaga' on you. I've always spoken to you in full sentences, and never have I told you that you should not do something without giving you a reason why.

As time goes by and you begin to absorb more, you never cease to make me proud with the depth of your understanding. In multiple languages and dialects, too. I'm sure we can work on your apparent aversion to the Chinese language in time. You completely understand, but at times you choose to ignore people who speak to you in Mandarin.

Having a serious conversation with the rest of his mates
5. I don't make you wear clothes which make you look like a stuffed toy.

Have you seen your clothes and shoes? Seriously... you have cooler stuff than both your Mummeh and Daddee put together! Apart from my personal feelings about trying to make you look as cutesy and babylike as much as possible, I wouldn't want you to tear up all your baby photos in disgust when you're older.

The only 'oh no!!' garb which I 'relented' to letting you wear is the Wong Fei Hung Mandarin suit which your Oma got for you (against my warnings) for Chinese New Year. But I think you carried it off pretty well.

BabyMoo and Oma Kartika

6. You have enough toys to open a toy store.

You're a very lucky boy to have 2 doting Grandmamas, a Grandpop who will bend over backwards for you, very generous relatives and not to forget the fabulous people whom Mummy and Daddy count as friends. You have all kinds of stuff to play with at both Oma's and Mama's houses, and you have also taken over Daddy's old room and made it your play room.

You have a cousin to play with during the day, and you have conveniently inherited all of his toys - both old and new!
A bike to add on to his collection!

7. You owned a car at 16 months old!

Mummy and Daddy never saw the need for a car until you came along. It then became more of a necessity than a luxury, since we have to journey East-West twice daily. When we're at work, you are in the capable hands of your Grandmama, and we pick you up in the evenings. A car would also make it more convenient (not to mention so much more cost-effective as compared to taking a cab to and fro) for us to move you around, and so - after much contemplation, we decided that you will get your very first car!

I wonder why you will always point to the car when we ask: "Where's BabyMoo's car?" and totally ignore us when we ask you: "Where's the car?"

Mummy thinks you're too smart for your own good sometimes.

8. You get a huge section of the bed.

And we really don't mind. Even if Daddy ends up sleeping on the wood platform and Mummy gets kicked in the ribs more often than not, we love to have you sleep with us. We think that you will want to move to your own bed when you're ready. As with most things, being a strong willed child, you progress at your own pace, and we're happy to always give you the opportunity to find yourself.

I think given that we're at work most of the day, we don't get to spend as much time with you as we would like to. Co-sleeping is just one of the ways we bond, and it's a personal choice.

9. You make Mummy do silly things.

We dance together. You in the carrier, giggling away while we bop to the beat. In shopping malls, stores, and wherever the music is. I sing off key - to nursery rhymes, making up silly words as we go along. You make me crawl tunnels and climb after you... not really child's play for an old bag of bones. You pull me along and make me go on see-saws and swings with you, things which I was never interested in, growing up... but I gamely do because your happy face makes it all so worthwhile.

I've shed the glamazon image since then - and I've never looked back, because it's more fun to boogie along with you.

10. We will always be there for you.

Know that you are loved, and whatever you choose to do, your Mummy and Daddy will always give you our unconditional unwavering support. As much as we try to give you in life, be it in material things or lessons learnt, please understand that you will also have to experience things on your own. Things will never be as plain and smooth sailing as we hope they would be, but we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Thank you for making our lives complete.


As much as I try to convince you that it's pretty cool to have me as a Mum... you're a pretty cool kid yourself.


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  1. Love reading this list, I can relate to so many of them, like the co-sleeping, no timetables and boogie parts. =p Thanks for sharing and I bet you are one of the coolest mums!

    1. Takes one to know one :)

      If you can identify - you're super cool too! Haha!

  2. awww... *melt* I am thinking back and missing those times my babies had the opportunity to bunk in our bed. I am sure babymoo thinks you are a cool mum as I think you are one too! :)

    1. Tell you make some more you don't want!

      And thanks, you! ;)

  3. This is a really sweet post...and I totally agree with the co-sleeping part (like I have any choice at this moment). But I am really thankful that I am still able to have the little boy cuddle up close to me and able to help him to feel loved and secured when he sleeps. Really, this journey of motherhood really makes alot of difference when we are able to feel thankfulness for the little things and learn to have less hang ups along the way. Definitely agree that u are a totally cool mom to have ;) Me also trying to be less 'anal' a mom too these days.

    1. When the hubs went for reservist and I had to sleep by myself for the first time in almost 4 years - I couldn't sleep! Haha! I missed the little warm body to cuddle with, and have you ever noticed how they 'fit' perfectly with our body no matter how we hug them? :)

      Sometimes I feel I'm a 'lousy parent', like I'm not saying 'No' enough, not educating him enough, not observing great sleep and feeding practices, etc. Then I realise that there aren't any lousy parents in the world... just people with different parenting styles, and parents who understand their kids best.

      I suppose that in itself, makes a hell lot of difference.

  4. It is super cool to be your kid indeed! I mean with the whole eating package and getting the biggest share of the bed, any kid would be happy! :))))

  5. love all these great pictures!

  6. Great life young master has. But the smiles on all your faces assured me it is well worth it. Even sucking up and wearing traditional clothes :)



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