Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 things I would (not) miss if I die today.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Before you think I'm being morbid and everything, sometimes it's more practical to be practical. Death is relative. It does not necessarily mean leaving life, body and soul per se - in some cases, it can also signify embracing a new change, and welcoming each day with a brand new outlook on things.

I'm enjoying every day as it comes now, perhaps due to the fact that I've come to a point in my life when I'm more relaxed with my expectations of myself, and I'm not really (too) bothered by what people think about me, or what society requires of me. I realise that I'm only able to give the best of myself to people around me when I'm happy being me.

I'm thankful for the unravelling support which my family has given me, and I am filled with gratitude with all the things that I'm blessed with, and people, be it good and bad, whom I've encountered. Every step has been a learning experience, and I'm looking forward to discovering more!

We all have to go one day... and when that day comes, I hope to have been able to have done the things I wanted to do, go to places which I've dreamed of going, and loved as much as I possibly can.

Life is good.


10 Things I would not miss if I die today.

1. Creepy crawlies and rodents.

I know all about the purpose of their existence, but I *still* don't like to have to co-exist with them. Given that cockroaches are as old as time itself and has seen the prehistoric era, I think I will just give them due respect and let them be. Just keep them away from me, thank you very much.

2. That pesky post-baby weight.

I've been trying to get rid of that extra 5 kg gained post baby which has stubbornly hung on to my body  for the past 17 months to no avail... and I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may have to live with it after all. Worse still, it attracts more poundage like bees to honey.

3. Bad hair days.

I have a love-hate relationship with whoever coined that term. I admire the ingenuity for putting into simplistic terms those times when your hair just refuses to even remotely look presentable regardless of whatever you do to it - and at the same time, I'm angered that there is such a simple term for such a valid reason for throwing a hissy fit.

BabyMoo @ 7 months - hating bad hair days, too!

4. Bad drivers (who think that they are rally drivers)

I don't drive (apart from driving the hubba up the wall) but I've come across my fair share of Sunday drivers, road hogs, and rally drivers wannabes on the roads. They change lanes without signalling, decides to change their mind at the very last minute, and is basically an accident waiting to happen. I don't care if you want to do a bungee-car jump near the Singapore Flyer, but don't get me involved.
(How ironical in a listing for a death related subject)

I wonder how the driver even managed to park this way... when it's a one-way road.

5. Overly intimate displays of affection in public.

At the risk of sounding like a prude, maybe budget hotels and motels should really consider having 'student rates'. Sex is legal once you hit 16 here anyway - so please spare my eyes and help me keep my lunch and dinner down. I don't know why escalators almost always seem to be the preferred place to try to eat each other up in broad daylight.

6. Alcohol.

I used to drink socially... and drinks were the ice-breaker of sorts on many occasions, but spirits and cocktails have long since lost their appeal to me. You drink, get happy high, do stupid things, and wake up with bar-room breath, vowing to never drink again. And spend almost half your pay check doing it almost nightly. Well done.

7. Humidity

It makes cookies soft... creates bad hair days, and makes you hot, sticky and bothered. I can do without those.

8. Wrong tenses, and grammatically challenged individuals.

People who can't differentiate between 'to' and 'too', say 'Wed-NES-day' instead of 'Wens-day' and put me in the past tense (I'm not dead yet, hellooooo!!) because they simply don't get the usage of tenses.

"Did you went and see the movie?" 
"I go with my hubby last Wed-NES-day"

Kill me now.

9. Self-righteous individuals.

If you want to be law-abiding, politically correct and religiously observant, by all means - nobody is stopping you. But please don't try to ram your beliefs down anybody else's throats, or preach what is right according to what *you* feel should be the honest to goodness way.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be it good, or not-so-good. If you can't see eye to eye, at least give the other person due respect and leave it alone. If you think it should be "My Way or the Highway", then you seriously should take a good look at yourself, first.

*cue Louis Armstrong's "It's a wonderful world"

10. Famine, hunger, suffering and poverty.

I don't like all these... for reasons that speak for themselves.


10 Things I would miss if I die today.

1. My son. 

I would miss being with him. His smiles, his hugs, the way he looks up to me for approval, for guidance, or when he feels that he's done something wrong. I would miss his arms around me as he sleeps, his smell, and his hands in mine.

And I think I'll miss his tantrums most.

2. Growing old

I am old already... but I would definitely miss getting older. Laugh lines, wrinkles, crows feet, whatever you may call it - I feel it gives character to a person. Sort of proclaiming to the world: Been there, done that - and nothing much surprises me any more.

Oh... and I want to grow old with Daddy and BabyMoo!

3. Laughter.

I like to laugh. Over stupid, silly things and things which make me happy. It's food for the soul, and keep me alive. Some days, via Messenger FB chats or WhatsApp messages, I would look like I've lost my marbles... laughing and smiling to myself while staring at the phone screen. I blame my partners-in-crime.

4. Love and happiness

I love to be loved. I'm happy when I feel loved. Such a simple word, yet with such an abstract meaning. Sometimes we can't even begin to describe love. Where does it start, and does it ever end?

5. The future

I'm never afraid of what the future may bring... and so, I think I would definitely miss being able to experience it as it comes.

6. The rain

There's something oddly therapeutic about the smell of rain, and of freshly washed earth. It's almost liberating, and gives me a feeling that all sadness can simply be washed away with the coming of rain. A little bit like the effect of tears, perhaps?

Img source: mindbodysmile

7. My Family

I still want to be around to argue, laugh and witness special moments. They have made me who I am now, and without them, I would be nothing like me - and that's a scary thought! :)

8. Getting called up by the boy's school

Regardless of whether it's for something bad or good. The hubs and I have talked about it, and told ourselves to get prepared to be called up (more) to apologise. I want to be around for that... because that's what mothers are there for. After the disciplining's done, they still need us to run to.

9. Time

Maybe it's all relative, but with the ending of life, time stops, too. There's something oddly comforting about the ticking of the clock, and to see the hours and minutes pass. It's a sure indication that we're still moving on... and going ahead.

10. Life.

I would miss being me, most. I'm loving my life now... and I thank God for being blessed with all the things which make it worthwhile. I want to live life to the fullest - and for the many many things which I would NOT miss if I were to go today, there are a great many more which I will miss.

I'm thankful to be alive.

As I live and breathe... the main reason I feel 'alive'.

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  1. I had that pesky 5kg post-baby weight for 1.5yrs. Add that to the 5kg post-hubby. And 5kg post-dating... err I'm just glad I am not great with maths. So I'm still (someewhat) (borderline) "slim"
    (getting quite stressed with the tenses and spelling...)

    1. I think weight also comes with age lah! Harder to shed... :(

  2. Regina I love your views on life and death. The bad hair and humidity go hand in hand in SG right?
    Your boy is beyond cute. Love these two lists.

    1. Yes Stasha... they do. Unfortunately!

      Thanks for coming by :)

  3. Wow, so deep! I've never thought of all these. need I? Nah. Just be happy as each day comes and enjoy my camaraderie with my new found virtual friends. :p And oh about the grammar challenged individuals, you forgot one important word - nowSaday.

    1. NowSaday I'm udderly entertained by the two madcaps on my messenger box!

      Ya lah, I also don't think about these, until I had to make a list, and check it twice!

  4. Love your list, Regina...and I find it funny that you're already thinking about being called up to his school, although he's barely 2!

    1. June,

      Have to be prepared! And the antics he gets up to now, the possibility is extremely high! Haha! when you put the mummy and daddy together, the resultant product can be double trouble :)

  5. about the extra weight... well poppy has recently asked me 'mama, meimei is already out right? then why are you still so fat?'. thanks.

    about mispronounciations: how about 'are-rer' for "R", 'apper' for "apple"



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