Weekend Wanderings #10: Discovering new places in Singapore.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Saturday 7 July 2012

BabyMoo wears striped shirt from Zara Kids, Old Navy Jeans, and See Kai Run's "Jude" fisherman sandals.
(He doesn't want his photo taken because he woke up with 2 huge mosquito bites
on his eyebrow and cheek!)

I went to have my hair cut at Pacific Plaza, while BabyMoo had breakfast at Mac Donald's with Daddy. He ate the eggs, but still doesn't like pancakes! They were stuck at the Shaw Centre outlet when it rained suddenly, but BabyMoo was very very good and sat quietly while they waited for the shower to pass. This only confirms my suspicions that he only bullies his Mummy and Grandma!

We headed on down to the car workshop which my brother frequently goes to after that, because the car was missing a nut on one of the wheels. BabyMoo was so amused and totally loved the LED lights on display at the car accessories section of the workshop! He happily walked round and round observing all types of things while we waited for them to service the car, and didn't complain at all. What is it they said again about boys and cars?
In here, it's Christmas all year long.

We planned to go Gardens By The Bay later on in the evening with my in-laws, so we made our way down to their place near Marine Parade directly after the car was serviced as the workshop was in Paya Ubi Industrial Estate. We decided to walk to Joo Chiat Road to the bicycle shop there as they were closed the last week we dropped by.

Guess who got a brand new bike complete with accessories? The advantages of having 2 places to call home! His hand-me-down bike stays at Grandma's place, and the new one comes home with us.
Needless to say, he hugged Mummy tightly without any protestations when Daddy asked him to thank me for the bike!

On the way to Marina, the sky was ominously dark... and the hubs mentioned that we will see if the weather holds up as we were already on the way there anyway. It rained, and stopped... and started to rain again. Not exactly the greatest weather to go visit the gardens. I really wanted to have a look (plus my in-laws really love flora and fauna) after reading Rachel's and Ellena's posts on their visits, and we thought that we could experience the S$1,000 000 000.00 attraction for ourselves.

The car park was full. We were asked to park across the road, along double yellow lines by the traffic wardens who were directing oncoming cars. I suppose in certain cases, the traffic police won't be too concerned about booking errant motorists parked illegally along the road.

Further down, there was a man who was being shouted at by someone in a car - and of course, curious old me wound down the windows to eavesdrop. I didn't want to be nosy... but we were stuck in traffic anyways! The guy standing at the entrance had a jacket which said 'Security' emblazoned at the back. He didn't know where else they could park. He doesn't know if Marina Barrage's car park is also full. He got shouted at unceremoniously. Some people can be so unreasonable. 

Then it got darker... and darker.
Thunder in the distance.

We were already at the entrance when it started to rain. Heavy, fat drops which escalated into a torrential downpour and sent many people scrambling for cover. We decided to abandon our plans when we saw the queue at the entrance. I think by the time (if the rain stops!) we manage to get in, BabyMoo would have screamed the entire place down, or I would have dropped dead from sheer exhaustion trying to entertain him!

BabyMoo didn't want to leave, and kept on pointing to the main entrance!

We decided to go to the Singapore Garden Festival at Suntec City after dinner instead. Apparently, so did a lot of people who didn't manage to visit the Gardens by the Bay! By the time we braved the jam and managed to get a parking lot, it was close to 8 pm and BabyMoo needs to be fed. We had dinner at Soup Restaurant and didn't visit the festival because looking at the queue, it would perhaps be next week before we could manage to get in! :)

A pretty unproductive Saturday, with our plans shelved for another day. Murphy's Law at work... who are we mere mortals to complain, right?


Sunday, 8 July 2012

BabyMoo wears Henley tee from Zara Kids, bermudas from Osh Kosh B'Gosh and same shoes!
(He loves his new See Kai Run shoes which was shipped from the US... I've given up on purchasing the PU leather ones which are for sale in Singapore. I'm not about to pay the same amount as the pig skinned lined ones, plus the PU leather ones chafes his feet!)

We managed to go for the 11.15am Mass at Church of The Holy Cross this week, even if it meant dragging a very grumpy boy out of bed, and that he had to have his morning milk in Church. After last week's experience at the children's room at Church of St Teresa's we were glad that we managed to 'attend' proper mass this time round.

We headed on down to Robertson Walk for lunch, because I wanted to try out Boomarang Bistro and Bar there. I was told that they welcomed families, and I had hoped that it would be a place which I could recommend to many parents who were looking for a nice place out with the kids.

Let's just say I never did find out, although we saw many expat families with their children having lunch there. 

I will not elaborate more about the unpleasant experience we had even prior to seating, but the main gist of it was I still don't understand as to why we could not be given a cleared table for 4 (which was reserved at 2.00pm, and we had to wait for another table for 4 as well, to be cleared, next to it!) It was 1.15pm, and would it be too much for me to wonder if perhaps the other table could then be reserved for the 2pm expected guests? I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt given that they were running a full house and seem short handed, and maybe they have reservation and seating policies which we were not aware of.

We decided to go next door to have a Dim Sum lunch instead. It was a contrast in service, with the staff being attentive and truly ensuring that BabyMoo's needs were taken care of. He was served his own set of cutlery, and an orange juice order for him was met with a query as to whether we wanted ice or otherwise in the drink. Of course, granted that there weren't that many people having lunch, but at least the staff actually take the initiative to ensure that we were comfortable.

The restaurant is breezy, helped by the gigantic ceiling fan. Only downside is it helped cool the food faster than usual, which suited us wonderfully because BabyMoo doesn't take too well to hot or even warm food.

He loves his Barbecued Pork Buns... and got pretty irritated with me trying to take pictures of him!

We took a walk along the riverside after lunch. We haven't been down in quite some time, and we were pleasantly surprised to note that there were so many restaurants and cafes which had sprouted up, catering to families. They serve kid friendly grub, and typical Brunch offerings on Saturdays and Sundays. The place was also shady, and BabyMoo enjoyed exploring the bridges and walkways!

There were also many children on their skates and blades, and the wide expansive area meant that they were able to play to their hearts' content, while their parents grab a drink or lunch at a nearby gastrobar.

I absolutely loved the feel and vibe of the place... which made me feel like I was elsewhere instead of being in good ol' sunny Singapore! Even the weather was kind, there was a breeze and the skies were blue. We will definitely be back to check out the cafes. DaddyMoo is keen to visit Toby's Estate, which apparently roasts and brews their own house blend coffee!

Toby's Estate. The high chair parked out front is a welcome bonus!
Quaint places... perfect for dinner by the river.

We went to Canele for some coffee and cake for BabyMoo... because we were heading up to Polliwogs after that and we could afford the sugar rush!

Looks like Daddy needed the energy much more than BabyMoo does!

When we dropped by Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk last week, we were greeted by closed doors, so we decided to head on there this weekend for some tumbling fun for BabyMoo! New place. new equipment, and most importantly... there weren't that many people when we came. Apart from another couple with their two kids, we had the place to ourselves! More about our experience here.

Wheeeee!! Look Mummeh! I can slide down on my own now!

I'm lovin' the minimal supervision required on BabyMoo now, especially since there were only 2 other kids just slightly older than him in the entire place! Their website is yet to be updated, but the staff were helpful enough to give me a run-down of their charges and opening hours during our visit.

BabyMoo was a very happy (and tired boy), falling asleep almost immediately when he was placed on his car seat.

We had dinner at Canton Paradise at JCube, where he ravenously ate a big bowl of rice and dumplings. I love all those energy sapping activities. The boy has fun, falls asleep, develops an appetite, and Mummy and Daddy gets some time out just to sit down and relax over a cup of coffee. Dinner time was a breeze, because he was so hungry he was only concerned with what goes into his mouth and need not be entertained much!

We walked around for a bit, until BabyMoo decided that he had to have the strawberry cheesecake which was on display in the glass counter at PiqueNique. The place seems newly opened, and their website is yet to be updated. He dragged Daddy in, and promptly plonked himself at a table and pointed at the cheesecake which was on the menu on the wall as well.

He absolutely loved it... and I totally loved the place.

The staff deserves special mention too. They were what made the visit totally special for all of us. They seem to be part-timers (NTU is a short distance away), and from the way the spoke and communicated with us, we got the impression that they were university students. They took the initiative to offer us high chairs, and when BabyMoo shook his head to indicate that he would rather sitonabigpersonchairthankyouverymuch, they were more than obliging and informed us to just let them know should we require one.

I asked for a glass of water for BabyMoo, and used our own long straw (we always keep a few handy, just in case), but because the water glass was a short tumbler, BabyMoo kept on dropping the straw. They then produced a short straw for him (they obviously had it cut)! Can I just say how absolutely pleased we were at the extra attentiveness and initiative taken by these wait staff who were obviously non-parents yet?

In the short time we were there, BabyMoo was entertained by their antics, and they played with him and made him laugh. He was a very happy bub with all the attention... and we truly appreciated the fact that great service was found when we least expected it. I totally forgot to ask their names, wanting to actually write a commendation letter to the company, expecting contact information to be readily available online. I will definitely try to find out, because I do believe in giving kudos when the situation calls for it. They truly made our impromptu visit totally enjoyable.

BabyMoo had fun, thanks to the wonderful staff there!

A cup of tea, cake and great service. A very pleasant end to the weekend. 


The staff at PiqueNique is a source of motivation and inspiration. They appeared to love their jobs, were having fun, and took the initiative to provide service above and beyond their call of duty. Coming from young servers, I was totally impressed, and they made my day! More places should have staff like them, although I understand that the labour crunch is making it quite a challenge, especially in the service sector.

When one finds joy in what they do, nothing is ever a chore.

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  1. That sounds like a really cool tea place at Jcube. We have yet to visit that place with the kids.

    1. Dom, it is!! The cheesecake was great, too... :)

      Must make a trip down soon!

  2. What a PACKED weekend! I think my hubby will not be able to tahan haha. And C can ride bicycle already ar! My girl simply refuses to pedal & expects to be pushed.. Too princess -_-

    1. Made, my husband got koyok every weekend lah... you dunno only! Haha!!

      C can't pedal yet lah. He tries, then misses his footing, and gets frustrated. Of course, after that he will demand to be pushed. When they're supposed to assert independence, they don't! *sigh*

  3. DinoEgg does not like Mac pancakes till he was 3 or 4yrs old.

    how much did u pay for the bicycle? We (or rather ME) almost wanted to buy 1 fm Carrefour couple of years back but decided to wait for a while. If we really get one for DinoEgg, we must get one for daddy so they can go cycling together *woohoo*

    I would like to try PiqueNique. Love the name already!! coz I always pronounce "picnic" as that. And I would like to see how they behave around this boy. *wink wink*

    1. Me and Brian don't like pancakes, so maybe that could be the case? C's taste buds haven't changed much at all, apart from adding on things that he does like. Those he doesn't - he stubbornly still doesn't like it!

      Watermelon, honeydew melon, papaya, muah chee, marshmallows, glutinous rice balls, noodles, kway teow-y things, chee cheong fun. From solids introduction till now...

      Bike was $69 after bargaining. There are a few different sizes. Helmet $25, down from $35 because C gave killer smile at the bike shop auntie. I would really recommend you go here first to look for one. Best part is the frame is made of steel, unlike the ones at Carrefour. Slightly heavier, but sturdier.

  4. Your weekends are carefree. *envy* You just need to pick up the boy and he will go wherever you go. Wait till he turns 10! :p I like it that daddymoo don't mind the splurges in desserts and all. My hubs so not into it so quite deprived in that sense. hahaha! BTW, I see difference in photos taken. Nice!



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