Weekend Wanderings #11: My Baby Loves Me!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Friday, 14 July 2012

"BabyMoo, do you love Mummy?"
"Unh!!" nods head (along with body) vigorously.

"How much do you love Mummy?"

-- stretches left and right arms out, extending it as far as he could --
(looks at me, and grins)

I got a huge lump in my throat, and teared up. I didn't teach him to do that, neither did I ever show him I love him *that* much (and more).

Moments like this make being a Mum all so worthwhile.

Saturday, 15 July 2012

Since DaddyMoo had to work on Saturday morning, I decided to make a Beef Pie, which I have raved about here. Amazingly - it was a pretty successful first time effort! I was quite pleased and proud of myself, although I cheated using store-bought shortcrust pastry!

MummyMoo's Deep Dish Beef Pie *ahem*

BabyMoo loved the pie too... and napped fitfully after lunch. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to cook something which meets with the boy's approval, and now I can truly understand why my Mum and Mother-in-law always make an extra effort when it comes to feeding their children and grandchildren.

It was a wet and gloomy day, and pretty much rained all morning. Daddy came home at around 2 in the afternoon, and we headed out after BabyMoo woke up from his afternoon nap.

BabyMoo wears Ghost & Ghoul tee from H & M Kids, straight cut jeans from Osh Kosh B'Gosh, See Kai Run's Koura boots, and Adidas jacket to keep warm!

We decided to have some indoor fun since the weather wasn't too great, and ended up at GoGo Bambini (yes, again!). BabyMoo, of course, had a blast... although he didn't pace himself well this time round, and was totally tired out before the 2 hours was up! One thing we noticed about GoGo Bambini is also that it's tailored more for older children, where the obstacles are made higher and the climbing apparatus are placed steeper than other indoor playgrounds. Since the play area extends more upwards than lengthwise, it proves to be pretty challenging for the below 3s, who are actually supposed to still be happy in the toddler area anyways.

I took over from Daddy for about 15 minutes, and emerged from the play area with sore knees and totally drained of energy. No wonder parenthood is encouraged for those below 30. It gets tougher to keep up when you're bordering on the prehistoric age!

We opted to go to the Ben & Jerry's cafe next door for dinner, and loved that the place has a kids menu and all the implements. Granted that the food wasn't too fantastic, but the close proximity to GoGo Bambini next door makes for a very convenient factor in the overall equation.

BabyMoo enjoying his dinner

We drove around Dempsey Hill, and realised that the crowds have since thinned out as compared to the days when there was so much hype about the place. At dinner time, most of the places were barely filled, and these were the restaurants, not the watering holes. Only Jumbo Seafood Restaurant and Harry's @ Dempsey was running a full house at about 7.45pm. Late crowd, perhaps.

DaddyMoo was so tempted to stop by the iconic durian store(?) at the Dempsey Road coach depot, but decided not to because he 'needed to keep fit to keep up with the boy'!

We went to Holland Village for some frozen yoghurt for the boy, and borrowed some DVDs from VideoEzy. BabyMoo recognises the store now, and promptly 'seats' himself down at his usual place by the window to people watch while we browse.

Waiting while Daddy makes his selection of Saturday night movies.

We had to walk down this stretch 4 times, to and fro, because BabyMoo loved all the music, hub and activities from the pubs and restaurants along the closed street.
The shape of things to come?

When we reached home, BabyMoo refused to go to bed at his usual bed time, and was still a bundle of energy at around 11.00pm. I then gave him a late night snack, and made him watch Sarah's Key with me. It's a great book to movie adaptation, and I would recommend it to help put any toddler to bed!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

BabyMoo (along with his Mummy and Daddy) overslept... so we missed morning Sunday mass. We decided to go for the evening one in town instead.

BabyMoo wears checked shirt from H & M Kids, Old Navy Jeans, and Adidas shoes.

He woke up all fretful and hungry, so we stopped by McDonalds at Tradehub 21 for breakfast because they didn't seem all too crowded. We were pleasantly surprised to see a mini playground there... but unfortunately, it belonged to the Sakae Sushi restaurant next door. The playground is accessible from both sides though, although it is in an enclosed barricaded area.

BabyMoo was too hungry to be bothered by the playground, and promptly finished up all the eggs and half a sausage from Mummy's Big Breakfast. He loved sitting outdoors, and was entertained by the trains whizzing by overhead. The drive-thru speakers and modus operandi intrigued him no end!

The very hungry boy

We decided to go to Snow City at the Singapore Discovery Centre next, because DaddyMoo thought it would be fun for the boy to be able to come into contact with snow before we decide to experience the real deal overseas.

At the Singapore Discovery Centre.
Lovely weather... which became increasingly humid with the threat of rain (which never materialised).

We assumed that Snow City is within the Discovery Centre itself, and upon following the directional signs from the main entrance, walked and walked and walked... and found that it was at another building altogether!
Thank goodness the boy didn't need or want to be carried!

When we reached the Omni-Theatre, we asked the security guard there to direct us to 'Snow City'. He informed us that it's at another building, and we can quote: "Have a look at the place first to see if we would like to enter". This made the hubs and I wonder... as he didn't seem too 'enthusiastic' and his words had a sort of 'warning tone' injected into it.

This was the sight which greeted us. The 'icicles' were almost turning to stalactites, and the place was almost eerily quiet. Didn't look too good from where we were, but we decided to head on in, anyway.

A weird, musty, stale food smell assailed us the moment we entered (and stayed on our clothes and hair) courtesy of the restaurant / cafe which had an open kitchen right at the lobby. The place needed a makeover badly, and it looked like a forgotten relic from the 80s! I stayed long enough to take a photo, and the hubs and I weren't too keen to use jackets which looked pretty dusty and of dubious hygiene standards. Call me pedantic, but we were really uncomfortable with the entire set up! The people at the area seem to be debating on whether they should enter as well - and decided to go the same way we did because we spotted them walking behind us a few minutes later.

It was really a sad, sorry excuse of an 'attraction'. Perhaps we were too quick to judge based on just general impressions alone, but I'm sure it would attract more people if they actually took some time to refurbish or renovate the main visitor's area and facade. Proper Ventilation would also help!

We took a walk at the Kinetic Garden on the way back to the Main building. BabyMoo had fun exploring the structures... while his Mummy nearly melted from the heat. Can I mention once again that parenting is best started when one is in their 20s? :)

BabyMoo insisted on turning the turbine(?) with Daddy.

Ok... parking cost us $1.00 for the hour, but one would expect that it being a 'Discovery / Science Centre' and all, at the very least they could have regular automatic gantry readers like many car parks are equipped with? The hubba had to manually insert the cash card into the slot - and I was tickled because this place really feels like a blast from the past!

We headed down to the Esplanade because we thought we could take a walk along the Waterfront. It started to rain when we reached there, so since we were stuck there, we had lunch and walked around the cavernous (and pretty boring) place.

 BabyMoo didn't have too much of an appetite, because I think his molars are sprouting out and he's feeling a tad uncomfortable!

Amazing how back in the 70s and 80s, the Government was trying to curb population growth... and now they are actually trying to dangle more carrots to encourage people to produce more babies! Are the people even listening as much as they did back then?

Loved the origami flower structures hanging from the skylight.

BabyMoo had an ice-cream treat to soothe his aching gums. Look at the pouty face!

BabyMoo was pretty fretful throughout the day, no thanks to his sprouting molars which were undoubtedly giving him some problems. We decided to cut the weekend short and head on home, but not before I made a housewife-ly purchase!

We crossed the road to Suntec City because I needed wanted had to get a hand held vacuum cleaner which is sold at one of those push carts. We actually wanted to get it last week, but by the time we finished dinner then, the store was already closed for the day. It was pure hand-held convenience, and I loved that the machine is so handy and easy to use!

The thing which sets it apart from the other hand held vacuum cleaners (yes I did a comparison with all the well-known brands) is that this vacuum has an extended suction pipe - therefore allowing it to be used like a regular vacuum cleaner. It also has 4 different suction heads which can be used for upholstery and different kinds of surfaces. The attachments also fully rotate, so it is very convenient for hard to reach places like under wardrobes, beds, etc. Being hand held and portable, we can take it anywhere without the hassle and mess of wires! It works for a full 45 minutes upon charging, and the hubs can also vacuum his car and BabyMoo's car seat free of crumbs and dirt! Cleaning is super easy without bags and small parts. Just open the dust casing, throw away whatever's in there, wash and dry.

No more stray hairs, dirt, and crumbs!

Super light and a cinch to use, too!

Most of all, I love that it's priced reasonably at S$122.00. Even if it breaks down in a year or two - I think I would have had much cleaning done between now and then!

I got all excited over a vacuum cleaner.
I've officially become a non-housewife Auntie. Whatever that means.

**Disclaimer: I have not been compensated to write this review. We purchased this set of our own accord, and all opinions are 100% my own.

Till next week - let's hope that BabyMoo is feeling better by then!

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  1. Wah baby moo's clothes so atas! My girl only wears clothes on sale lol. I saw the playground at trade21 and was meaning to check it out haha.

    And I have the vacuum too! Super good :)

    1. BabyMoo's clothes all presents and gifts! He loves his generous relatives and big KorKor cousins! Haha!

      Loving the vac so far. Underrated pasar malam product. I always love a good deal!

    2. Oh... and he has a doting Grandmama too - whom I get angry with because she never did buy for me back then, half the stuff she buys for him now!

  2. Awww.. baby moo is so cute. After all he is a boy so gotta look cool in front of mama, even at a young age :)

    1. Tell me about it... haha!!

      I rather fancy a girl, at times! ;)

  3. hello. I love baby moos blue striped pajamas. care to share where to get them from? many thanks.

    1. Hi there! My MIL made them for him... she's also made quite a few pairs for my friends' kids! Do let me know if you're keen :)

  4. :) thanks for sharing. Thanks for the offer but will pass. Paisey. You have a great weekend.



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