Weekend Wanderings #9: A snapshot keeps a fleeting moment eternal.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Saturday, 30 June 2012

BabyMoo wears flower-print shirt from Poney, navy blue Chateu De Sable shorts
and sandals from Colettee.

We went to Sushi Tei at City Hall for lunch, primarily because I wanted to go to Desigual to check out the sale. BabyMoo was more than happy to hang around the fountain located at the basement while his Mummy got busy shopping. I suspect that lots of shopping centres have these water features for primarily this reason... because I saw a handful of kids all seated around the fountain accompanied by their Daddies or helper.

He was still very happy to see me when I finished my 15 minute shopping dash, though.
I love being loved!

We have heard about Polliwogs opening at Robertson Walk quite some time back, but since searching online with regard to when exactly they will be open proved futile, we decided to go to the address stated via other sites to check it out. Polliwogs should really update their website - I'm sure there are many parents who would be pleased with more current information without having to play guessing games. The last update was about 6 months ago!

In any case, when we reached Robertson Quay, we took some time to walk around the area and was pretty surprised at the number of small restaurants and watering holes which have sprouted there! The last time we were there was about a year ago, and there weren't that many to choose from.

BabyMoo was clambering up the railings at the riverside and tried to hurdle over a few times. Didn't listen to me so Daddy had to carry him off in an almost vise-like grip!

Of course, Polliwogs was not opened yet. BabyMoo was disappointed, and kept peering into the glass with a disgruntled look. From the looks of it, the soon-to-be opened Polliwogs seem smaller than the one at East Coast Park, but I may be wrong because I could only see what was visible from the facade. Other than that, they have tunnels and other climbing apparatus which is totally different from the other branch. Free wi-fi, too!

Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk

11 Unity Street
#02-18/19 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Opening hours: 10.00am - 7.00pm
(I'm not sure about weekend play time, will update when they decide to update their site!)

Tel: 6442 2805
Email: contactus@thepolliwogs.com


BabyMoo got a treat because Mummy felt sad for him... so here he is, enjoying with his Chupa Chups! He enjoyed the lollipop, but didn't like the sticky fingers it gave him. So he held the stick in between his thumb and forefinger in an almost laughable pinky lift... much to Daddy's chagrin!

We decided to check out GoGo Bambini at Dempsey. Since BabyMoo fell asleep in the car and was still sleeping when we reached there, we headed on next door to Ben & Jerry's cafe while we waited for him to wake up. Love, love, love the place. Cosy, laid back and  the high ceilings gave it a cool, womb-like interior. If, unlike me, you are into bright, open spaces, perhaps you may not like it here. BabyMoo also slept longer than usual, probably because the place was cool and dark.

We ordered Nachos and Root Beer, perfect for a Saturday afternoon snack. The Nachos came in a large portion and did not disappoint, and I like that the Root Beer came in glass bottles (Doesn't take much to impress me!). The hubba was eyeing the burgers, but since we were still full from lunch, we decided that we will come back another day for a full meal. 

Yummy nachos!

BabyMoo woke up, eventually, and discovered the B & J minivan on the way out... and was trying to figure out how he can climb in. Mummy was a spoilsport and refused to let him rattle the headlights!

We then headed on next door to Go-Go Bambini, where BabyMoo had some serious fun!


We went to Holland Village for dinner, and because there is a Video Ezy there where we could borrow some DVDs. BabyMoo was so excited to see the Lego store there.

Daddy then decided to have a hair cut because we found a quaint barber shop there while walking around. While he had his hair cut, BabyMoo waited outside with me... and we kept ourselves busy.
He waited patiently, and eventually asked me to take off his shoes so that he can get comfortable.

Ended the day with a lousy dinner at Crystal Jade, which the boy also didn't approve of, at all.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

BabyMoo shows off his Stegosaurus tee, worn with Osh Kosh B'Gosh jeans and Adidas Kids sneakers.

BabyMoo decided to wake up only at 11.00am, so we couldn't make the 11.15am Mass at our Church of The Holy Cross. We had to go to the 12.30pm one at Church St Teresa's, where we might as well not have attended church at all, since there were so many kids in the Family rooms creating such a ruckus that we could barely hear a word over the speakers! We're going to make it a point to go elsewhere in the future, as with the school holidays over, the number of kids and adults accompanying them have suddenly doubled, as they're back in Singapore after spending the holidays in their home land.

Paying respects to his Great Grandmama

Daddy's craving for a burger (no doubt because of our visit to Ben & Jerry's cafe yesterday!) so we thought we would visit Chili's. We decided to go to the one at Resorts World as we've never been to that branch, and I wanted to have a look at the place.

A very child-friendly family restaurant, and BabyMoo thoroughly enjoyed his Kraft Mac n Cheese meal. For families with kids, a restaurant which go all out to ensure that the kids are taken care of in terms of comfort, entertainment and food is definitely a place which ranks high on the list, and I'm pleased that Chili's has done just that.

Kids eat free with every paying adult on weekdays (Mon - Fri) from 12.00pm - 6.00pm at their Tanglin Mall and J Cube outlets. Nice promo in support of the 'We welcome Families' initiative.

We should have gone to the one at Tanglin Mall instead, though... because we were not aware that parking on a Sunday at Resorts World is akin to doling out cash for free. $11.00 for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Never again! Next time, we'll park at VivoCity and take the train in! I suppose the provision of the car park shuttle service came at a premium. We parked at almost the other end of Resorts World because the car park was almost full! Ka-ching!

Waiting for the buggy to fill up

On the buggy. BabyMoo wanted to ride on again and again!

Went to Joo Chiat because the hubba wanted to look at bicycles. He has grandiose plans of teaching the kiddo how to ride, and having him as a pillion to get used to being on the bicycle. I suspect it's just the fascination with two wheelers which he never got out of. My Mum-in-law refused to let him take his bike licence last time!

When we reached there, all 3 bicycle shops were closed.

Headed on down to Holland Village to return the DVDs which we borrowed the previous day, and walked around the area before proceeding to get dinner to take home. Initially wanted to hang around there dusk, but since BabyMoo decided to do his big business there, we had to head on home since the two shopping malls at Holland Village have no family rooms to speak of!

The poor boy waiting for his dinner!

We reached home pretty early, and after dinner, we spontaneously decided to go to a new shopping mall JCube, located near IMM. BabyMoo was ecstatic to be going out again!

BabyMoo is wearing 'SuperMom's Kid' Tee which was generously given by Elizabeth. Mummy wore her 'SuperMom' tee to match! Both tee-shirts are from Elizabeth's store, matchmade. Thanks, Liz!!

We were very surprised to find out that at 8.45pm, there were only 3 parking lots available. We even had to wait for cars to exit before we could enter the car park. The hubs mentioned that the main draw seems to be the ice-skating rink located within, which opens till late. On top of that, there was also a cinema to service the entire estate. Previous to their opening, between Clementi, where we stay, and Jurong, the only other cinema would be at Jurong Point!

View of the mall

Most of the stores found within are the usual stores which could be found in other Capitaland Malls, since JCube is owned and operated by them. We saw Chili's there too... and DaddyMoo mentioned that he's pretty sure parking at JCube wouldn't cost us as much as having lunch at their RWS outlet did!

BabyMoo was pretty intrigued by the action at the skating rink... and kept on wanting to go onto the ice. Too bad for him - his Mummy and Daddy can't even roller blade... much less ice skate!

My little lollipop boy!

BabyMoo was a very happy boy - with so much fun over the weekend! Hope you had a great weekend with the family, too!


I've suddenly started looking at photography on a brand new level since I have been diligently following Evelyn's monthly blog special on photography tips and tricks. I've learnt that there are various aspects to making shots work for the occasion, and how to effectively depict the subject's mood and emotions in a frame.

I actually didn't realise that I was attempting to put into practice what I've read from the guest posts in the series over the weekend... until Susan from A Juggling Mom started a 'Motivational Monday' linky party. I then realised that Ihave been trying to capture better photographs, and have been exploring new angles and ways, albeit with my humble Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7.

I'm now motivated and inspired to learn more about photography!

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  1. Maybe you can also be motivated to learn how to skate? :P
    and I'm impressed by DaddyMoo. He actually listened to MummyMoo-in-law (or GrandmaMoo) and didn't take bike lessons. :)
    That's one jam-packed weekend you've got there. I felt exhausted reading your weekend adventures
    Looking forward to more photos!

    1. Hi Donna!

      My MIL cried 2 days 2 nights... so he relented! Haha!

  2. Wow, you had such a BIG weekend! And ohhhhhhh... you guys were so near yet so far with regards to Polliwog. Just a few days more and your visit would not have been futile.

    And *ahem*, being the sua ku me, I did not even realise that there is a new mall called Jcube. *blush* ai yooooo... But I so wanna go there and ice skate!!! I have a childhood dream of being a graceful figure skater but *ahem*, I reckon I am too old and my bones are too creaky. But nonetheless, that is one of the things that I WILL pick up, hopefully in the next year so yay, I now have a new place to consider! Thanks my dear and oh, that shot of BabyMoo running towards the cam is just precious! :)

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Yes... it was pretty disappointing!

      JCube is super crowded. Every time we pass by on weekends, there's always a car queue to the car park. It's a large shopping mall, though... with many retail and dining choice. The main draws are the cinema and skate rink.

      skating brings back memories, huh? :)

  3. wow a long weekend post!! Your weekends are ever so full of activities. Do you ever run out of them? I like babymoo's pic on the holding of lollipop and especially the one where he was waiting for the food to arrive. And so happy that you are exploring ways to taking better photographs.

    1. I hope we never do! It's always fun wandering around with the kiddo lah!

      I'm inspired to take better photographs because of you :)

  4. Yes what busy weekends you have. We should plan a playdate to the Roberson Walk's Polliwogs for the kids. Am sure they'll have a blast there. I'm also learning to have an eye for new angles to take photographs. Am going to learn about how to take pictures of food this weekend. Hope I learn something new :) Thanks for linking up.

    1. Yes Susan... we really should! Although the back breaking work will be undertaken by Daddy. I don't think I have the energy to run after the boy, and he's still at an age where he still needs to be 'supervised'! :D

      I'm looking forward to the food pics, and thanks for hosting!

  5. Love baby moo's clothes. Whao.. you went to so many places over the weekend. We have yet to check out Jcube. Am intending to go there maybe end of the year or when the hype dies down. My boy can't wait to try out the ice skating ring.

    1. We went to JCube on a whim... because we thought that it wouldn't be crowded at 9.00pm. We were wrong!

      I don't think the crowd will thin out much, especially since the ice-skating rink is really pretty happening! I think the children will enjoy themselves!

  6. Ur weekends are always so fun filled with yummilious food =)
    Where in the world is Jcube?

    1. JCube is in Jurong lah... opposite IMM!

  7. *grin* How do you cover so much ground on weekends? One place per day is enough to wipe me out!

    Btw thanks so much for the mention and link-up! Will tag you in a photography free e-course that you might be interested in.

    And yes, agreed on the church family rooms. I read somewhere that they were originally intended for parents to soothe their cranky babies before rejoining the congregation. Maybe that makes more sense!

    1. Hi E!

      We try to lah... and take a very small breather when he sleeps in the afternoon for about 45minutes, tops. The young one doesn't seem to run out of energy, though!

      Thanks for the tag! Will definitely find it useful!

      There's a children's room at Holy Cross also, but although it gets crowded, it doesn't get like a mad house the way the ones at St Teresa's do!

      Can I say it's all about the umm... 'type' of parents who go to the one at St Teresa's? :)



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