WIKKI STIX (Review): Shape, Stick, Play and Learn!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I was first informed of this product, I was admittedly intrigued. From the looks of it - what could possibly make Wikki Stix different from plasticine or play-doh? 

Wikki Stix is made of knitting acrylic yarn which has been coated with food grade, non-toxic wax (used in bubble gum and lipstick). Safe for young, nimble fingers and child's play. It is a product which has garnered many awards in the States, is made in the USA, and has only recently been made available in South East Asia.

Twistable, stackable, buildable and playable creatables!
It claims to be an educational toy which unleashes creativity, and I'm always charmed by the idea of learning through play. Since Wikki Stix is encouraged only for children from 3 years and up and BabyMoo is thus 'too young', I had the perfect excuse to try it out myself! :)

A closer look at each individual piece of Wikki Stix.
They are pliable, and can easily be bent and shaped - but they are surprisingly not sticky to the touch. Waxy, yes - but unlike play-doh or plasticine, it doesn't 'merge' together, nor does it stain. It sticks to any smooth surfaces, which includes paper, mirrors, glass, plastic or wood without any problems. There are no residue left on any of these surfaces (apart from creating smudges on the mirror and glass, which was easily removed using a clean dry cloth).

It supposedly does not break or come apart either - so I tried to pull it, yank it, and whack the hubba with it. True enough, it still remained intact. However, it can be cut easily with a pair of scissors. Best of all, it's reusable, even after moulding, bending, sculpting and sticking onto surfaces. So there really are no limits to creativity with this!

This is also a useful tool for introducing numerical and alphabet sequences for kids. Get them to join the numbered dots with Wikkies, and make learning creatively fun!

Join the dots using Wikki Stix!
I couldn't resist 'unleashing the inner child' in me and made all sorts of pictures using Wikkies by joining the dots. At one point I didn't even realise I was counting out loud! 

Chirpy Cheep Cheep... A chickadee for BabyMoo!

This product was designed to keep kids entertained. Being lightweight and handy, it also means that it can be packed and carried anywhere. Going out with kids can be a test of patience and wills - and we are constantly finding ways and means to keep them entertained, especially when there is waiting time involved. It is a mess-free alternative to play doh, plasticine and crayons.

I think these Wikki Stix are perfect for independent play, and play dates can also be more fun when they are encouraged to create things for one another! Best of all, Wikki Stix play encourage the enhancement of motor skills and sensory involvement.

Wikki Stix is sold at selected specialty stores.
For bulk purchases or any queries, please contact the official distributor for Wikki Stix in Singapore:

Think Thank Pte Ltd

Adeline Woo
Mobile: 9766 0661
Email: adeline@thethinkthank.com

DISCLAIMER: MummyMoo received a complimentary set of Wikki Stix for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Wow looks fun! Also looks like those kind of candy that we get by weight at 7-eleven

    1. It's fun to play with! I was twisting it round and round while on the phone yesterday... an alternative to doodling!

  2. How cute! Love how you use the Wikki stix to do dot-to-dots.

    1. It's a great motivation for the kids to learn number sequence!



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