Perfection in imperfections.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It’s been said too many times that no one is perfect - and that perfection can never be achieved in anything. Such is life that when we achieve something, we would always think that we are capable of more… and perhaps it’s simply human nature to be on that perpetual quest for the elusive idea of ‘perfection’.

That’s just about it. Perfection is but an image, a form of perception one imposes in one’s mind. What if we are all already perfect just as we are? What we have been given, what we have learned, and what we have been blessed with; have contributed in one way or another toward the creation of this perfect being. One that exists as a single unique individual, a personality that no other can completely imitate or emulate. We are perfect as we are… only that most of us don’t realize it.

No matter how we project ourselves, and how we would like others to think about us, we can never lie to ourselves. Whatever mask we choose to don in our everyday dealings, regardless of the facade that we attempt to create to protect ourselves, I believe that none of us have any desire whatsoever to be cruel, evil, or simply do things that go against our conscience, especially when our actions can hurt others deeply. It doesn’t matter the psychological effects certain events may have brought upon us, I see every individual having to battle their own personal demons - and as we are all painfully aware, the most fearful thing to be faced with in life is fear itself.

We are all afraid to be ourselves, let our own emotions and feelings shine forth and open ourselves to being easily understood by others. We will never allow ourselves to be vulnerable, for in so doing, we run the risk of being far too easily manipulated or hurt.

There are opportunities, chances, people, events and circumstances.

Each of these elements of life are perfect all the time, but we just fail to see the perfection in them when we are faced with a problem. We only feel that everything seems perfect when that veil of doubt, shroud of mystery, and blanket of fear is lifted - and everything appears to be fine once again.

We plan our charted life course, we make our own choices and steer our own fate toward destiny’s door. Sometimes it may feel that things will never be able to get better - it may be very difficult to - given the present circumstances. However, I do believe that everything that we experience in life serves as a guiding tool, and whenever we turn over a leaf in our book or start a brand new phase in our life, every change is a step toward better and more positive things to come.

Look at it from outside the glass bubble jar we so often ensconce ourselves in… and we may find that beyond the distorted images that can often disguise the truth, it’s not hard to actually feel the perfection, magic, and wonder floating all around us. People often tend to overlook the minute details which they may never be able to find, and look for it where they will never find it.

Let the fine gold faerie dust settle, and we may find perfection, after all.

We will grow, we will become something new and grand one day - not better than who and what we are now, but perhaps a little bit different. Just as seasons change, and the sky will be azure blue in a few hours, our state of ‘perfection and completeness’, however it may look now - is definitely not deficient in any way.

We are all perfect,
look deep into your heart - and you will believe.



  1. It's hard to find perfection with oneself. In my life, I've always known that perfection never existed except in fairy tales. So it's difficult to tell myself that deep down I am perfect. But I did find perfection before - when I first held my babies in my arms. :)

    1. Umm... Me too - although I was pretty chagrined that he looked like Daddy! Haha!!

      Thankfully he got to look more and more like me as he grows, and thus more perfect! :D

  2. When you are a perfectionist, nothing is perfect, which like u said, can be really sad. All the focus on whats not right rather than on whats good. Ah a lovely reminder for an OCD me lol =)

    1. Made, OCD is good... it's not about being a perfectionist, it's only doing what 'you' feel is perfect. Hence it's about feeding the perfect you! ;)

  3. I yearned to be the perfect daughter my parents want, later a perfect wife that I want or I think my husband want. When I have a child every thing turns upside down. There is no need for me to be perfect becoz to be a perfect mum is close to impossible. SoI become myself. I'm happier.



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