Photo *Heart* Friday: Happy 47th National Day!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Singapore celebrated its 47th National Day yesterday. 47 years since we achieved Independence.
This little nation, like the little red engine that could - has persevered and overcome all odds over the years. BabyMoo is still too young to grasp the concept of National Day. Right now, to him, it just probably means that Mummy and Daddy doesn't have to work on that day - and it will be one extra day of fun with us!

He loves to stab Daddy and Mummy with wave his little flag, though... which the pump lady at the East Coast Road Esso station gave him when we stopped for gas last Monday evening.

This flag is great for stabbing Daddy while he drives me and Mummy (up the wall)!

We promised BabyMoo we'd have some water fun during the National Day Public Holiday. We tried to visit Sentosa's Port of Lost Wonder, but were turned away because the place was packed!

Poor BabyMoo was upset... especially since he could see all the fun happening inside!

There were more adults than kids!

So he tried to drive away from the crowd, using the golf buggy just outside the grounds.

When the engine refused to start despite him making 'Vroom Vroom!' sounds for as loud as his little lungs could manage... he walked away in a huff.

He did cool down eventually, because he was hungry and needed to eat.

In the spirit of National Day, we also decided to change his stroller seat... to a bright, happy RED!

Hope you had a wonderful 9th of August!
We sure did enjoy the extra day of fun as a family.


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