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Sunday, 19 August 2012

One of the most important things to me is how my hands look. You can go for multiple surgeries, put on tons of make up, and with good genes - look like half your age - but your hands will always give away your age. There is no way that a woman can hide her age when her hands are scrutinised. I think that the hands are the most 'indicative' of a woman's personal habits and characteristics. Somehow, chipped nails, chewed cuticles and dry skin would totally mar my impression of a lady who can, at first glance, look good. No amount of high-end fashion is going to help mask the ten talking fingers which are constantly in view.

That's why I am very particular about how my hands and nails look. A manicure takes about an hour - and can always be done at home. There's nothing that says more about a woman than the way she carries herself, her confidence, and the state of her personal grooming.

I decided on a lavender French manicure today...

A little glitz for glam!

Some pretty rosettes as accents.

... and here's the end product! A 'pretty' perk-me-up! :)


  1. Wah! And you still got time to take pictures some more.. Usually I don't bother haha. And yes, I'm so addicted to manicure, I do them at least once a month heh

    1. Got!! One hand idle mah! Haha...

      I love manicures - but lately I've done soft gel because they last about 8 weeks, plus they are break / chip free!

  2. Living up to your image. :p pretty!

  3. Replies
    1. "You never know who you would run into" tts my believe too! It was pushed to the back of my mind along the way but I'm back on track :P

    2. Ya la... actually it's worked for me so far, because after awhile, it becomes a habit to look presentable instead of wondering who I'll meet!

  4. Reading this post reminds me to put some hand creams on my hands, haaa~! Manicure? neh... not me, maybe it's from my family, heee.

    Love the pretty nails! and of course, love pretty you;).

    1. Ayoh... I'm guilty of not taking care of my hands!
      So sad now, there's like a lot of skin which can be pinched! Back when I was younger - so tight and taut!



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