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Monday, 17 September 2012

I've never been much of a 'spa' person, preferring to have a masseuse drop by the home on the rare occasion during which I decide to pamper myself. It's not that I don't enjoy an invigorating massage, but most of the time, I can't really be bothered to call for an appointment and then have to be wary of hard sell when I'm finally able to fix a time slot according to my schedule.

On the subject of hard-sell, that is my pet peeve. I want to be able to enjoy a massage and just relax... without anyone highlighting my body faults and then suggesting what products I can use to remedy the situation. Come on... let's face it. Childbirth does wonders to the hips and breasts, and no amount of creams, massages or salves is going to shrink it back to teen taut times! On top of that, I'm a real woman. I don't intend to exercise myself to make myself runway fit, neither am I going to start counting calories so that I don't have to do the 'skinny arm pose' in photographs! Even if I wanted to - who's then going to finish the kid's leftovers?

Talk to me about how taut my skin will be after using this XX cream and with regular massages (sign a package with us, and you would save an insane amount of XX dollars!) how I would look 20 years younger, and I would tell you to pick the next victim, cos I sure ain't buying it. Neither am I going to be suckered into signing a package which will cost me a pretty penny just to go back there another 12 times to listen to 12 renditions of what-you-should-do-to-ensure-that-you-look-fabulous-at-50.

And I REALLY am not interested in any packages. So don't try to sell me any! If I am that impressed with a service, I will make further queries, thankyouverymuch.

So... when I was first informed of Blue Moon Valley (BMV), I was admittedly, a tad sceptical. I read and re-read through the information onsite, not convinced that it's such a simple yet extremely useful service especially for the busy working Mum!

Spa, MummyMOO
More information here: Blue Moon Valley

In a nutshell, it's a concierge service, which spoils you for choice by providing a range of services with different vendors (which are referred to as Spa-ticipants).

I kept trying to search for loopholes and packages that you would have to sign up for, apart from the S$12.00* membership fee that will immediately grant me access to a wide range of spa services.

Nope. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
It's as straightforward as it gets.

So... what are the benefits of signing up as a member of Blue Moon Valley, you might wonder. Perhaps to you, booking is done simply by picking up the phone and dialling a number - which in this day and age, is extremely convenient with technological advances. Why then, should you bother with going through a booking service?

I did think of all these, as well - and given my curious nature, then proceeded to try to find out more.
And I was impressed. And pleased. And thoroughly convinced that this S$12.00 membership fee is worth its weight in dollars, if not more.

Trial session at a special price

When you join Blue Moon Valley as a member, you are assured of three 'FIRSTS', otherwise known as the 'Shika111'

"Shika 111 is your “initiation” treatment, which can be selected from any of the items listed here. Each Spa-ticipant have put forward one luxurious pampering each for your selection, priced specially for your introductory session.

It is your FIRST treatment, for the FIRST introduction to a Spa-ticipant, booked within the FIRST month of your membership. (Regular pricings apply for subsequent bookings, after Shika 111 is initiated or after the first month, whichever is earlier).

Quality of Services and Products

You can be assured that all Spa-ticipants have been thoroughly screened and carefully selected by BMV based on the products and services offered. BMV does not believe in simply partnering a spa simply because they are well known or have more exposure than lesser known places.

You are not alone

A Spa experience can be marred by hard sell and upsell tactics. Perhaps you aren't too comfortable with rejecting offers, or can be too easily persuaded by salespersons. Maybe you have had a bad experience at another place, which instantly put you on your guard and made you avoid all sorts of spa boutiques.

Blue Moon Valley is a community... and therefore welcomes feedback. Should you have anything to highlight regarding any Spa-ticipants, do let them know and be sure that the matter will be directed to the relevant personnel.

One of the emphasis at BMV is to ensure a relaxing experience for their clients. You can thus let them know should you have been exposed to any hard sell, or if an experience at any of their partners leave much to be desired.

Management of Spa diary

BMV takes note of your bookings and keeps a record, and therefore will always make a concerted effort to place a booking according to your preferred time frame and location.

Sounds simple, right?
And it is.


Blue Moon Valley, MummyMOO
The range of services provided - image taken off Blue Moon Valley's website.


$12, flat rate

Membership fee gives you:

  • Exclusive interactive access to our website - range, choice, selection of spa treatments
  • Special discounted pricing off Retail (exclusively for Blue Moon Valley Members)
  • Friendly, attentive and personalised service to assist with information and booking confirmations
  • Email platform to exchange and learn information about BMV Spa-ticipants
  • Peace of mind
  • Joy of freedom

Check out the additional benefits you receive as a member here!
To Join, click here!

OR, fill in this membership form, and mail it to 883 North Bridge Road, #02-04 Southbank, Singapore 198785 with cheque payable to "Low Profile Pte Ltd".

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary Blue Moon Valley membership and SHIKA 111 for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Now for the GOOD NEWS!!

Blue Moon Valley has generously offered THREE giveaways especially for MummyMOO readers.

There will be ONE grand winner, who will get a free lifetime membership along with a FREE “Shika 111” treatment of their choice and TWO other winners who will win a free lifetime membership (where you can enjoy the "Shika 111” treatment at the special member rate).

To enter this giveaway, simply follow ALL three steps:

1. "Like" the Blue Moon Valley FB page
2. "Like" MummyMoo on FB (If you haven't already - thank you!)
3. Leave me a comment as to why you need a special pampering session!

Do leave your email address and the name used on your FB account on the comment.

Who can enter?
  • This giveaway is open to those who reside in Singapore only.
  • This giveaway will be open till Sunday, 7 October 2012, 2359 hours.
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, 8 October 2012.

The 3 winners will be randomly selected, and contacted via email. If the selected winner(s) do not reply in 48 hours, another winner(s) will be chosen.

Good luck!


Congratulations to Ai Lee for being the Grand Prize winner in our Giveaway!
You get a free lifetime Blue Moon Valley membership, plus a Shika treatment of your choice!

Carol Lim and Mrs. Han: you have both won complimentary Blue Moon Valley memberships.
Blue Moon Valley representatives will be contacting you for further details.

Winners have up to 72 hours to respond to the email, after which we will proceed to pick another winner should there be no response from you.

DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is in NO way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Information collected is NOT collected by Facebook. In signing up for this promotion, participants release and indemnify Facebook from all liability. 


  1. I need a spa session to ease away all the aches and pains caused by having to carry the 13kg 2 yr old who refuses to walk most of the time now.

  2. juggling between work and the household plus parents, parent-in-law, kids and a husband to be taken care of, a pampering treat sounds like a temporary escape to the heaven :)


  3. Thank you Regina, for writing about us and sharing with your friends. Whether working or stay-at-home, all moms should be recognized and applauded, for the love they give, the sacrifices they make and the battles they fight. You are all our daughters in Blue Moon Valley. The manifestation of our motherly instincts is to provide you the good stuff and protect you from the negative issues.

  4. Why? Because I need a getaway from it all from time to time. Its the perfect reason to have ME time!

  5. Because I need the once in a blue moon treat.

  6. As SAHM i definitely need self pampering treats like this!

  7. I need a pampering session badly to soothe my aches and pains away as I have been working non-stop for the past month making sure everything in the childcare centre is operating smoothly!

  8. I need a special pampering session as 8 Oct is my birthday and I wanna feel loved and pampered on this special day after chasing after my 2 lil' princesses and working my guts out for the family and at work. And lastly, I love sharing my joy to my friends too and really hope to have girlie fun together in a pampering session!

  9. Carol Lim Mei Mei2 October 2012 at 16:00

    I deserve a pampering session as I am currently in my third trimester. It will be a nice treat to make myself look and feel good for my maternity photo shoot in celebration of my fourth wedding anniversary and also to tie in with celebrating the upcoming arrival of our third bundle of joy!


  10. I need a special pampering session because I am solely taking care of my 3 kids (6, 4 and 1 respectively), mentally and physically tired! I have no ME time for such luxury but if I won it, that gives me the best reason for some SANITY! :P

    Ai Lee

  11. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for participating!
    Congratulations to our 3 winners!



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