Nameless Faces

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts that I don’t even realize that I'm thinking about things. It may well be that I think too much, I want to know too much, I need to know more than I should.

This particular trait may be a good thing, after all.

Being unusually tall in a country where the average height is usually a head shorter than I am… perhaps I'm used to having a different view from many others. I'm used to being able to see further than most, even in a crowd - and this is also the reason that I can easily see things that would otherwise escape my vision.

I like the view. The unobstructed view of things… and being the ‘thinking’ person that I am, this has actually enabled me to be alone even when I'm walking amongst hundreds of people. Wrapped up in my thoughts… I am only aware of fleeting images that are mere silhouettes from the corner of my eye - faces without emotions, without names.

If I want scenery, its nice to watch the world go by at that scale. The lighting behind me, falling on the path is lovely. I notice details that other people quite literally overlook. On routes that I pass by, I never get bored… quite the opposite, actually. I travel the same road daily, to work - and then back again… one would think that it becomes something to simply block out of one’s mind, but for me, there’s always something new everyday.

I see workers laying tar, everyday it’s a little bit more.
I see cars whiz past - and I wonder… where are they going? Are they rushing for that all important meeting that would change their lives? Are they dreading that face to face with the in-laws?

I hear music in my mind.

I think about that cyclist going past - is he taking part in a triathlon? The lone man walking with his eyes downcast, is he wondering if he'd get that coveted job?

I walk past tall imposing buildings that house so many people with their dreams and memories, people scurrying past.. intent on their current focus, on their task at hand. 

Nameless faces that stay as long as my vision allow them to. I look up, look out, and look around when I'm walking.

Life wasn't meant to have only one perspective.



  1. Alone in a crowded planet. We need time alone, to be away from the crazy rat race world & the endless responsibilities or obligations we have on our shoulders.

    And ya u tall lah! I see ur nostril when I talk to u. Happy? Tall enough? wahahah~

  2. I knew it! It's great to be tall! Should've eaten oatmeal breakfast daily when my dad told me to.



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