Photo *Heart* Friday: Blowing Bubbles

Friday, 7 September 2012

When BabyMoo wants to do something he loves, my little determined boy doesn't give up. He will get frustrated and impatient, even furious at times, but he will usually try and try again till he's able to do it.

He rarely asks for help, preferring to be able to do it without any assistance from the big people, and will usually get angry with us if we even attempt to show him how to do things. I know perhaps I should try to educate him more about listening and following instructions, but so far, I realise that he has his own way achieving his aims.

BabyMoo loves bubbles, the way most kids do. He's been trying hard to blow some bubbles, but up till recently, he hasn't grasped the exact spot where he has to blow to produce some.

Last weekend, the sight of some of his older playmates being able to blow bubbles spurred him on.


He huffed...


... and puffed...


...and finally managed to blow some sweet bubbles of success!

Desire is perhaps the key to motivation, but I'm quite proud of the fact that BabyMoo is learning that determination and persistence will enable him to achieve the success that he seeks in the pursuit of his ultimate goals.

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