Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

Monday, 24 September 2012

We have been meaning to check out Sentosa's latest attraction for kids since it opened a few months back, but our last trip there was in vain since they were running at full capacity and had to turn away visitors for logistics and safety reasons. Although BabyMoo was disappointed, we totally laud their efforts in trying to ensure that the kids play safe and are able to enjoy themselves - without parents having to worry about the things which could go wrong due to overcrowding!

Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is touted to be Singapore's first kids club by the beach, and is designed for kids under 12 years of age. Opened in conjunction with Sentosa's 40th year Anniversary, it promises a whole load of fun for the family.

We finally managed to bring BabyMoo to POLW last week... and what great fun it was!

BabyMoo got all excited when he caught glimpses of the water play area while he made his own ticket purchase. Mummy and Daddy gets to go in free! Whoohoooooo!!

There is a signature play area which comes in the guise of a pirate ship, complete with slides, gang planks, nets and sprinklers. I actually expected it to be bigger and higher, though... and wondered if kids above 8 will be entertained long enough in the 'not-so-challenging' play scape.

BabyMoo loved the water feature! Daddy left him to wade about on his own, while he maintained a discreet distance. BabyMoo is at his I'm-a-big-boy-and-can-do-everything-on-my-own stage, and so he was more than happy to explore 'all by himself'!

While the boys played, I took the opportunity to walk around and check out the place.

'The Deck' - a themed islet for picnics, complete with sun beds.

There is the 'Curiosity Island', a little garden where kids can do some gardening.

Kids activities are payable in Curio Coins, which are presented upon admission (in value according to admission ticket). Should you run out of these coins, you can purchase some at the retail store.

I also checked out the 'Celebration Island', a place for parties - perfect for little ones and adults! Out of curiosity, I enquired with a passing friendly staff regarding birthday parties, and was informed that there are three basic birthday packages to choose from. Pretty steep prices... but imagine how much fun it will be for the kids!

I also like their amenities for kids, but it would have been much better if they made provisions for more than just one changing table and one nursing area (the big space can be partitioned into at least 3 comfortable units). It would be great for them to also have changing sections in the shower / restrooms... but I suppose since the attraction is targeted at kids 3 years and above, I may well be grousing to no reason! :) 

When I got back to the periphery of the Pirate Ship, that was where the um... 'trouble' started. BabyMoo ran to me and beckoned me to play! 

Now, my friends will attest to my worry and constant complaints about BabyMoo being a baby of very few words at 20 months. He understands things said in 4 different languages and responds accordingly, but he just refuses to speak, and not because he isn't able to, either. He is just selective over what he says and chooses when to say it for maximum impact. 

When he started pulling me toward the pirate ship, I told him that I can't go with him because I am not appropriately dressed, and did not intend forgot to bring swim wear. He then played his Trump Card.

"Muhmee!! COME! COME!"  *melt*

How do I resist?

So off I went to purchase a tankini at the store, which thankfully did not cost me an arm and a bikini bottom. In fact, it was cheaper than if I were to purchase one at a normal swim wear department!

And boy oh boy... we had a blast!! BabyMoo refused to go on the slides or anywhere else with Daddy after that, cos he had Mummeh to play with!

After the 3rd time on the slide with me, I asked him if he would like to slide down on his own... and after a few thoughtful seconds, he nodded with a 'Yah!' and a grin.

So down he went - all by himself. I was rather fearful the first time round, but he not only showed me he can, he even did a few flips after that to up the mummyfear factor!

After all that fun and play... of course, the boy got hungry, and munched on biscuits while we waited for Daddy to shower and change.

We had an awesomely fabulous time at POLW, although at 20 months, BabyMoo got bored after a mere hour and a half of play. I suppose there would be more appeal for the older ones when they role play with their friends on the ship. I definitely think that for the kids, the wonder is definitely not lost at this port!

I've been conscientiously trying to make an effort to engage in more active and outdoor activities with the family. I started off not really liking the outdoors, but I find that it does get easier the more I get into the scheme of things. I suppose trying to be a 'Funner Mother' plays a very big part in motivating me, too.

I am looking forward to more fun and play with the little one!


Weekdays: $8/ child*
Weekends: $15/ child*
Parents will be granted free admission with a hug from your child!
*For child aged 12 and under

10am to 6.30pm daily
Last admission at 4.30pm
(Water play area closes at 6pm)

Restaurants opens from:
10am to 7pm (Sun - Thur)
10am to 8pm (Fri - Sat)

Retail opens from:
10am - 6.30pm daily

Getting there: 
Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram
Siloso Beach Tram
Beach Car Park

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated to the management of Sentosa / POLW, or have been compensated to
write this review. All opinions are based on our experience, and 100% my own.

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  1. Me too, I keep striving to be a funner mudder. How sporting you are to go get a swim suit!!! BabyMoo looks so big now. They grow so fast. Sigh.

    1. Have to lah... If not wait kena the: 'Mummy you no fun' jibe!

  2. It was great fun right? I joined Sophie the first time and now the both of us are always looking to visit POLW wonder :) Glad to see this fun loving side of you Regina! Hurray for the fun mummies.

    1. If only it wasn't so crowded! Weekdays best, I think... cheap to enter Sentosa, cheaper parking, and not too crowded!

  3. wee-weet! looking great in a wet suit. :p

    1. Wet suit seh! ;) Looked better before leh!

  4. Wow!! Such a brave boy!!! My girl refused to go down the shortest slide.... Haha.

    1. Hi Angie!

      I think boys are generally more curious... and so will overcome their fears to satisfy that!

  5. Yeah! A Hi-5 to mommy for being so game to join in the fun with BabyMoo... He looked so grown up in the first shot that u took of him by himself. Looks like these fun moments will be the very moments u are going to get BabyMoo to talk alot more, so where's the next fun place you are going to check out next?

    1. Let me recover from this first! Haha!!

  6. You're such a sporting muhmee! And BabyMoo sure knows how to use his "cards" right :p Looks like so much fun. Now I can't wait till my LO is older to indulge in such fun. kudos to mummy Moo!

    1. 6 more months, Nat! And enjoy this time while they aren't as mobile yet! I couldn't wait back then, either... now I can't wait to be able to sit down and relax!

  7. Way to go, Regina! BabyMoo is very daring indeed. I was at Sentosa last weekend, and I was contemplating to go to POLW or not. At the end, I didn't cos the sun is crazy.

    1. Yah! He got dark despite sunblock AND long sleeved rash guards!

      Me and the hubs kena from the grannies, lah, of course! Haha!!

  8. You're a sporting mummy, buying a swim wear on the spot! :P Looks very fun!

  9. I really feel motivated with your actions as a mom...you're very inspiring....

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you! I'm sure we all try :)



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