The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk is officially open!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

We have visited quite a number of indoor playgrounds, and have dropped by The Polliwogs at East Coast on a number of occasions. BabyMoo loves the place, so when we found out that they were due to open another branch at Robertson Walk, we were pretty excited. When we dropped by the first time, we were met with shuttered doors and the promise of a whole load of fun. We were luckier the second time round - no doubt helped by the sign-age at the doors on our previous visit - and BabyMoo got to enjoy the place (almost) to himself, perhaps because most people were not aware that they have opened!

It was a pleasant surprise when The Polliwogs sent me an email and invited us to its Robertson Walk's branch Official Opening on Friday, the 31st of August. Initially, we declined the invitation because neither DaddyMoo nor I were able to take leave on that particular Friday. I asked if we were able to 'transfer' the invite to BabyMoo's 5 year old cousin instead, who would be thrilled to bits at the opportunity. The Polliwogs' representative, Maxine, did not only reply in the affirmative, but went one step further and invited both BabyMoo and his cousin to visit on another day to our convenience! How's that for customer service?

So I asked if we could drop by on Saturday, the 25th of August, which also happened to be Daddy's birthday and the extended family will be going out for lunch. Maxine was really gracious enough to inform me that The Polliwogs would be happy to host us, but since it may be crowded on weekends, she was afraid that the boys will not be able to have the fill of fun.

We took the risk anyway... because being full time working parents, the only time when we get to bring BabyMoo out to play is usually during the weekends, and we're pretty used to the crowds.

The boys had a blast!

BabyMoo gingerly makes his way into the arena...

He requires minimal supervision now, although Daddy still has to keep an eye out for him.
The two cousins having a friendly scuffle in the pit
While the adults had frozen yoghurt and coffee - compliments of the wonderful people at The Polliwogs!
We're so going to visit more often - before BabyMoo turns TWO in January! :D

Poopy mess? It's a  perfectly reasonable cost, given that the whole section will need to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitised.
Look at the boys all tired out from play!!
BabyMoo is crazy over indoor playgrounds, as most pre-schoolers are, and so we always reserve a playground visit (or two) over the weekends as a treat. No matter how tired DaddyMoo gets (yes, Mummy can't keep up with the boy!), the smiles and happy shrieks from the boy always makes it worthwhile.

Thanks again, Maxine and The Polliwogs - for the invitation, and for being thoroughly accommodating to us!

The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk

11 Unity Street
#02-18/19 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Opening hours: 10.00am - 7.00pm

Admission charges

Below 24 months
Monday - Friday: $13.00 (unlimited play)
Saturday & Sunday: $13.00 (2 hours)

Above 24 months
Monday - Friday: $20.00 (unlimited play)
Saturday & Sunday: $25.00 (2 hours)

Value Play Pass

Below 24 months
$65.00 for 7 visits, over a course of 6 months

Above 24 months
$125.00 for 7 visits, over a course of 6 months

Tel: 6442 2805

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