As You Dream, So Shall You Become.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I've often been told that I'm a dreamer… that I have an over active imagination. I've lost count of how many times the people who know me well enough tell me that I should be more 'realistic'; whatever that means.

I don't think it’s wrong to dream.

Not when I still have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I deal with life the best way I see it, I make my own choices, I live with the tears, pain, laughter and happiness that comes as a consequence. Hard knocks may have mellowed me somewhat - but I doubt that whatever obstacle I may face in life, it will make me less of a dreamer.

I've always been able to place myself where I want to be;
through my imagination, through my dreams.

I've lived different lives, in different eras, I've drunk the sweetest nectar, swallowed the bitter pill of pain… simply because I allow myself to be taken away by the power of my own mind. Away from the humdrum of ordinary life, I dream.

Sometimes I wonder how it’d be like if I were to become totally ‘down-to-Earth’, in every sense of the word. I live my life in a bubble, protected from risks, and secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, what I choose will always be the most logical option of all.

Perhaps I’ll be content, maybe even happier without something to work toward something to hopefully achieve. It could well be that I may even be less stressed, since the burden of ‘what may be’ is lifted of my shoulders.

It may be the epitome of all that’s good and proper in life, perhaps even ‘justified’, to a certain extent, but will I be happy knowing that my spirit is stifled? Will I be able to smile with the dawning of each new day, with just the tangible things in life for company? Will I be truly content living a life less ordinary? Will my senses stay calm, shackled to the predictable, proven, stable and true?

There are far too many things in life that I don’t have the answers to… but of this, I am sure: I imagine, so that I may have something to look forward to, and I dream, so that it may one day be a reality.

My imagination and my dreams -
are what set me free.

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  1. wooot! Another post that needs me to read a second round to grasp the meaning. :p

    1. Really ah?! Hahaha!

      I beat around the bush too much izit? :p

  2. It's just mean that there are lots of option where life to live. Bring it to the fullest!!We only have one life don't messed it.

    1. I don't think I messed up my life :) On the contrary... I think I have lived life to the fullest, and still have room for more.

  3. I like what you wrote - I make my own decisions, I live with the... consequences. That is so right. Imagine away Regina! This is why being in SMB is fun, because we get to see into the mother's heart and imaginations. :)



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